Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blogger Tournament Part Dos 

Ready my friends for the next installment from our friends at Face Up Gaming?

They've scheduled a 2nd blogger tournament for June 30th, plenty of time to check out the site, get registered, and get in the tournament. They just finished a system upgrade this weekend to address some issues including some big improvements in the lobby and continue to improve the product each time.

The tournament will also be running at an East Coast/West Coast friendly time of 3pm ET/Noon PT. This means I can play the tournament on more than 3 hours sleep (and I still beat most ya'll to the final table). Giving away more swag and we're getting enough players to kick off a regular BBT league so we can go back to crushing each other's souls on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, drop me a comment or an email.

Tournament: Bloggers 2
Date: Saturday, June 30th
Time: 3pm ET - Noon PT
Buyin: Freeroll
Password: battle2

See you there (and don't forget Bonus Code ACH, they're tracking our results against all others).



Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 WSOP: Wait for the Book 

Sunday was quiet in the Amazon Room, if you don't count the 3,000 lemurs and random old folks railing the Seniors Event. Only a mild 105 degrees outside and the upset dealers are talking about a mass walkout.  Again. (This seems to happen every year around this point, after they've received their first paycheck). Pretty standard issues from everyone else including the players, who have never been the cheeriest bastards in the world.

The last few days have been uneventful according to my liver indicator. Spent a few hours hanging at the Hooker Bar (which, by the way, has it's own Twitter account @HookerBar courtesy of @WhoJedi) with WriterJen Newell and CaityCaity. The weekend was rounding out to be nice and slow until we got the call, a call to return to the Rio, and events which will never truly come out until I get permission and put that shit in a book.

Twas that good.

Cliff Notes version of Friday night included an early exit from the Rio, degenerate gambling at the Gold Coast before getting a call to return to rail Kirk Morrision's dad in the Seniors. That turned into a few beers, big leaguing Gavin Smith moments after he busted the Deuce-to-Seven event, weird conversations in the Rio hallways and then fast forward hours to that "oh shit balls, the sun is up and my ATM card is on fire" moment.

Things were said, promises broken, and random vomiting. All this happened when I was surprisingly the most sober and sane person in the mix. Those night/days/morning I can usually be found on the floor somewhere between my hotel room door and the bathroom or bed. Some day I'll get to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but it won't be this summer and it won't be here.

This promise needs to be kept.


Feel free to jump over the Pokerati where I'm putting up a few posts a week which do not include booze, nudity, or craziness. Just my infrequent douchebag-ness, a little snark, and a bit of poker.