Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Other Side of the Binge 

Well it was fun while it lasted, I did my best to soak as much out of it as possible. While not necessarily taking the time off, I didn't exactly exert myself to the maximum over the last month. I took my foot off the pedal during August for a little time to chill and recharge the batteries. Starting tomorrow it all ends and I go back to trying to suck every bit of pseudo-creative juice out of my amateur brain. Tomorrow starts the journey for the rest of my year starting with 2 weeks at the Borgata.

My August also meant I spent a lot of time away from booze and bars. Most of my time was spent wrapped up with a not-too-cuddly Kindle ripping through several books a week and putting stuff in my head instead of spewing non-sense from it. It also seems I might have put a dramatic dent in my alcohol tolerance. Last Wednesday turned into one of Top 5 Benders of my life and only the second biggest unintentional right after that little night were I got the AlCantHang nickname. And it all started innocently enough with a fantasy football draft.

Most of the night I can't even really explain to anyone. It started in the early afternoon sitting at the Boathouse getting ready for the draft and enjoying a few SoCo's. After everything was done and catching a ride home with Landow I made a decision that cost me some worldly possessions, money in the long run, and a shit load of dignity. I told him to drop me off at another bar, a few drinks instead of heading back to Eva's so "early". Things went drunk and sideways in a hurry.

In my tiny little town, it's not very often you run into a World Series of Poker bracelet holder. My half-drunk ass walked into the local pub to find Brian Lemke sitting at the bar with a few friends. Drinks and drinks and shots and drinks mixed with some alleged karaoke and some bad C-game flirting.

Then I woke up on the sidewalk a block from Eva's with shattered glasses, shredded skin, and a big knot on my head.

Then I woke up on her front steps, same condition but a little muddier than before.

Then I woke up 24 hours later fully clothed in bed.

Fading in out of sanity I sort of piece together enough memories to realize that somewhere in the world was a shatter pair of glasses, but I had a sick feeling my life (aka the laptop) never made it with me. I staggered downstairs trying my best to keep upright and locate it. No joy. The only upside to the entire incident was being "smart" enough to leave it at the bar instead of losing it on the mile walk home. Add that to the list of good things about being a regular, when you leave your expensive shit at the bar they hold it for you.

My arms and legs look like they went to battle with a cheese grater. I somehow managed a nice little scrape on my eyelid, figure that one out. I dropped huge bucks on replacement eye wear and had to go designer because I'm an idiot. Don't let this happen to you.

I'm just a regular Public Service Announcement for the evils of alcohol. Just keep that in mind next time you think the rock star living is full of strippers and high class hooch. Sometimes it's face down in the street.


I mentioned last week, and it was confirmed this week, that I'll playing this year on Fantasy Sports Live in the weekly series Sunday's with Dr. Pauly. Piece of cake to enter and even easier to beat my score. I'm not remotely good at the game. There's a ton of added money and bonuses at the end. You can check out the writeup here for the full story. See you there.
"FantasySportsLive.com is proud to announce our annual Sunday's With Dr. Pauly promotion with $750 in free bonus cash added. Compete at fantasy football against one of the top gaming bloggers in the country, Dr. Pauly, and earn some free cash for your efforts. Last year Dr. Pauly had a rough time and it was pretty easy to get bonus cash with about 25 different winners. This year we expect him to snap back, and make it a bit more profitable for those out there who can consistently beat his score. Simply enter weekly $11 fantasy football leagues named "Sundays w/Dr Pauly" and compete for all of the free bonus cash shown below in addition to our normal 91% and higher cash prize payouts."

Speaking of the good Doctor, he just released the latest version of Truckin'.


September 2009, Vol. 8, Issue 9

1. Tangerine Rockets by Paul McGuire
Lennie was an international legend. His father walked away from a plane crash and passed along some of those good luck genes over to Lennie.... More

2. The Red Pill by Sigge S. Amdal
She dropped the face and began to cry, as tensions rose around me. The waiters stopped waiting tables, people stopped talking; they were just exchanging knowing glances and judgmental comments... More

3. Fine Tuning by Milton T. Burton
He looked perplexed. I slipped my hand beneath my coat, came out with the little silenced .22 Magnum auto, and shot him right in the center of the forehead. The hollow-point bullet exited the back of his skull, making a colorful little jet of blood and brains as it went... More

4. On Scoring by Human Head
One look at the eyeliner, eyebrows, gold hoops and herringbone chains, and I knew this was the Angel we were supposed to see. As she drew closer to the door, the tattoo's left little doubt. She didn't say anything. She just looked at me... More

5. The Joys of Gambling by Johnny Hughes
Saratoga Springs, New York in August was the gambling capital of America in the 1920s, with the horses, the spa waters, large and ornate casinos, and America's wealthiest citizens in a gilded age, when money and wine were treated like water... More

The Daily Crutch

I'm putting another pause in posting the new girls of 2010 TV for another little time. Tomorrow morning (9/9/09) I head down to the Borgata to help cover the Borgata Poker Open. Two weeks covering tournaments on this side of the coast may be a piece of cake after 50 days of the WSOP. I'll be down there with riggstad and Gorilla, also joining us with a daily writeup will be the always lovely Lacey Jones.

In her honor I give you 5 Random Lacey pictures.

You can find us all blogging for the next two weeks on the Borgata Poker Blog.
You can get the Borgata Poker Open schedule here.