Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random randomness 

I'm going to be all over the map on this one. Just figured I'd throw up a post since there were a few different things I wanted to get out there. Of course I'll have girls at the bottom of the post if you'd like to jump ahead. Try to come back when you finish cleaning up.

My psuedo tilt lasted all of two days before I got my shit together and chilled the fuck out. I'm not used to get all fired up in the head over nothing, it was so bad I actually went on a walk for a few miles. Yeah, it was bad enough that I voluntarily excercised. Thank god I'm straightened out. Excercise would be a bad habit to get into. I'm just spending my days in the old hometown preparing for the rest of the year on the road. It's good to get some home cooking in my system before living out of a suitcase for the last three months of the year.

(Thanks to BamBam for sending me this tilt-reversing pic that is NOT SAFE FOR WORK)


There are serious situations going on around with a few poker bloggers that are tough situations and heartbreaking.

I've been following Dave over at Mondogarage as he's been dealing with his wife's sudden and very serious pnuemonia. It came on all of a sudden after vacation and they've been dealing with some bad times. I quietly track the progress back and forth on Facebook but it seems she had a set back last night. Send your happy vibes and good wishes to them both.

LJ's cousin could use your help beyond thoughts. Mitchell Brown was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in April but did not respond to chemotherapy. He is stem cell transplant in order to survive the disease. Even if you aren't a match, I strongly suggest you have yourself tested and entered into the database. You never know when you might be able to save another's life. I've been in the database for several years and it's easier than giving blood. All the information is listed on his website.


August 2009, Vol. 8, Issue 8

1. Modigliani by Paul McGuire
Rafi handed me $25. The $20 bill was crisp, but the five singles were wrinkled. One of them had the eyes of George Washington blacked out by a pen... More

2. Locust Swarm of One by Sigge S. Amdal
Bright light stung his eyes like an impenetrable carpet of white needles. He winked to dull the eyeball itch, trying to carve out some detail in the white dark. Was it completely clear or clearly a blizzard, he wondered, as everything outside the windows just displayed the distinct sharpness of a void?... More

3. Top of the World by Katitude
The road twisted and curled around the mountains with no guardrails to soothe my fear of heights, and my bike was not handling well at all. The street bike, with the tires that already had a major trip's worth of wear on them, was not made for this kind of terrain. The weight of camping gear raised the center of gravity and with every curve I thought I could feel the rear tire slide a bit... More

4. Maui Rescue by Michael Friedman
I had heard numerous horror stories about unsuspecting people being robbed on the side of highways by people they thought were going to help them. My heart almost pounded out of my chest when two 300-plus-pound Hawaiians got out of the small truck... More

5. Fish Store by Arthur Rosch
He gunned the motorcycle. He turned the amplifier all the way up and thwanged a huge chord. He was going to accelerate into the swimming pool, electrocute, overdose and drown himself all at the same time. Someone would find his corpse in the next couple weeks, sitting there at the bottom of the pool on his Harley, with his Claxton Wanko guitar strapped around his shoulder, his Boogie Amp short-circuited, his blood full of dope... More

Just having a little fun with the roverly CK yesterday, I decided to run a little NFL Suicide Elimination Pool on ESPN that's open to everyone. She twitted/twatted/tweeted that she was NOT going to do a suicide elimination pool because she was much much much too busy. It took me about 30 seconds to setup the page on ESPN and issue the challenge. After a little hemming and hawing, she accepted.

So can you beat CK at the Suicide Pool? At stake is a shot on my tab in Vegas this December, I'm assuming the Geisha bar or some other gathering place. Her incentive is that I'm buying her a shot for everyone she outlasts. Either way, there's going to be plenty of drinking going on. Feel free to join up.

ESPN Elimination - Challenge CK !!!
Password = BWOP


The Daily Crutch

It's been awhile since I've posted any orginal pictures and I don't suspect many will be complaining. I just haven't pulled out the point and shoot in quite some time. Two days in AC and it never left my bag. My time was split almost equally between the poker room and B-Bar booze-a-torium.

It occurred to me the other day I was going to be missing several shows this September when the reruns are done. Of course that means some amazing women will also be gone. Just to egg on Master Julius_Goat, I'll start with my favorite missing girl. Not even from a missing series. Brea Grant followed by a few other girls. Enjoy.

"Granted" the show (Hereos) wasn't cancelled
but she was wacked from the show much to the delight of Julius_Goat
I liked her but unable to find many quality large pics
I might pay good money for better copies of this one and this one

(It was a tough call between that pic and this one)
Summer Glau made it twice as long on the Terminator series then Firefly
Here's hoping she gets another series quickly
Another one with some low quality images, but I like her flexibility
Update: You can thank me later (Summer Glau joins Dollhouse!)

Sarah Shahi played an alcoholic hot cop who looked great in a t-shirt on Life
Of course I watched the show
Apparently also spent some time playing for the other team on The L-Word

So many shows I missed along the way, Reaper is one of the them
Missy Peregrym makes me sad that I missed it now
(bonus, bonus, annnnd bonus)
Landow and BigMike tell me she was also in the greatest movie ever, Stick It!

I didn't watch Without a Trace over the last few years (am I personally responsible for it getting canned?) but I remember Poppy the Aussie
She was nice enough to pose for this NSFW pic, this semi-SFW pic,
and the now regular BadBlood butt bonus
And she's got freckles!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Anger Crutch 

Yesterday was an odd one for me. It's a rare day for me that's full of unfocused rage. I was an angry puppy all afternoon for no apparent reason. There were a few things that began to irritate me but no single event set my eyes red. I generally consider myself a pretty mild mannered individual but yesterday I set myself upon a course that had me stringing together a run of curses and vulgarities that would impress if anyone was around to witness.

But it all comes around to benefitting my remaining readers, because I came up with a new Daily Crutch out of it.

My stress relief and anger management consisted of ordering an extra large cheesesteak (provolone and friend onions), shutting down all web browsers (multiple because they all suck goats for different reasons), and firing up a maraton of Two and a Half Men. I recently "obtained" seasons 1 and 2 after watching over the last few years. It occurred to me that they have had quite the string of girls funneling through their sets. So below I bring you just a few of the girls I've come across while completely wasting time.

My apologies for the completely useless post but you're free to go somewhere else while I work this out. I hope someone enjoys my efforts at anger managment.

It's also tilt reducing to spend a few hours googling girls. Something to keep in mind for later.

The Daily (Anger-reducing) Crutch

I avoided most of the girls most know about from the series. Jenny McCarthy is no where to be found in the pics below. You won't see the girl who plays Rose even though she is one of my favorites (junk meet trunk. or junk MEAT trunk). I also didn't go after Denise Richards, Jeri Ryan, or Cloris Leachman. You can thank me later. I grabbed a few you might not have known or noticed.

For instance, did you know that Megan Fox showed up in the first season dressed in a nice little bikini? You're welcome. The rest come after.

Here's some brand-new techno tilt. I can get all the pictures to load EXCEPT the god damn Megan Fox pictures. I'm keeping it here on the off chance I can fix this shit. Postal coming soon.

I rarely post these "compilation" pics, but this one is worth it
Most know her looking like this in Transformers,
some know of this pic from an upcoming movie (mildly NSFW due to boob tape)

Kelly Stables was tougher to find then expected,
cute and tiny but very few quality pictures across the web
Screen caps here, here

Bet ya didn't know Krista Allen was in an episode, Queen of the Emmanuelle Series
Bonus and BadBlood butt bonus

Emmanuelle Vaugier, enough said

Unbelievable that April Bowlby would ever be the girlfriend of Jon Cryer's character,
but a nice long stint on the series
Of course Two and a Half Men is not known for sublty, really