Friday, April 17, 2009

Charity Poker 

Yeah, I also forgot to mention yesterday that keeping up the numbers on BBT4 has been a real treat each morning also. I get the work done and completely forget about it. For anyone who didn't notice, I have all the leaderboards linked up over on the right.

I'm getting things ready to move out to Vegas for the 2009 WSoP to cover the series for FTP and Poker From the Rail. I have no idea what to expect or what plans to really make, probably not the best time to be winging. Who wants to split rent on a two bedroom job in Vegas from June and July?

I'm also making my plans to finally get back south to my new homeland in Key West next week. Right when it finally starts warming up here. I just need to get back to relaxing and my friends down there who don't mind me being me.

Maybe I can finally find the time to complete my video from the Road Trip.

Tomorrow is a big fun charity poker game. BigMike is doing a tournament benefiting Cystic Fibrosis in honor of his nephew. It should be a blast, I'm sure those who played in my charity game before the 2008 Bash can testify. The tournament will be in the same room with the same setup. If anyone is in the area and would like to play, drop me a comment as quick as you can since the tournament is Noon tomorrow. (Sushi buffet! and I've been assured that there will be enough Soco this time around). If you can't make it and would like to donate, you can find the info on the Michael Davis Foundation page.

Tournament: Michael Davis Foundation Poker Tournament
When: Saturday, April 18th. Registration starts at noon
Game: Super Deepstack NLHE with rebuys
Buyin: $40 buyin + $20 rebuy til first break + $20 addon
Where: You gotta get ahold of me to find that out.
Bonus: Sushi buffet, afternoon drinkage, Riverchaser players so practically free money.

How did I never see this video?


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Now weekly update 

You'd think that making a trek back north to see the Phillies, friends and old folk would give me plenty of time to catch up on everything I let slip by while I was running around Duval St. making rent for various folks. But that doesn't seem to have happened over the last two weeks.

Helping a family member move, taxes, big projects, WSoP planning, taxes, parties and taxes mixed in with simply "coming home to see a few Phillies games" have sucked up my time. I've barely seen the inside of a bar since I got back and didn't even realize it until today. Marlboro investors must be losing their freaking mind. So this is what it's like to breathe fresh air? Who knew.

Saturday night was the big event during my return with BigMike having a little birthday shindig at a West Chester bar complete with old friends and new pigs. It was great see Terri (of "theBartender" fame) standing behind another empty bottle of Soco as she poured into my rocks glass. 10th on the famous list was Jimmy Pop from the Blood Hound Gang.

I don't think Landow realized he was there or we might have had an impromptu version of A Lapdance is so much better (when the stripper is cryin').

The college bar was crowded with girls who were working it too hard and idiots with their collars popped. I tried hitting on everything in a skirt with my usual fantastic results, waking up alone on my bedroom floor. It's good to see that bouncing back and forth has increased my chances at random female encounters.