Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everybody loves a parade 

I have no idea whether I'll survive the parade tomorrow considering we're leaving at 7am to start tailgating. Tailgating a friggin' parade might be a sign of a drinking problem. So I'll leave you with a few things to get working on this weekend til I return with tales of unhindered looting and pics to prove my insanity.

The best in 4 card bingo action takes place each week in Saturday's with Dr. Pauly Pot Limit Omaha tournament. Friendly and fun and special guest.

The Brit Blogger game is this Sunday on FTP and I've added an FTOPS X Event #7 seat to the prizepool. $5.50 Turbo NLHE

Sunday's is the Fantasy Sports Live Blogger challenge and Sunday's with Dr. Pauly.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweet relief 

Never thought I'd still be alive to see it.

The city is still in one piece but there are still two hours left before the bars close up shop.


Monday, October 27, 2008

It's official 

God hates Philly. MLB hates Philly.

Congrats to the Rays, they earned it by the rule book.

Best case scenario was end it 2-1 and let the rains beat down the flames of the burning cars and buildings in Philly tonight.

Yes, I'm loaded and 2 hours left (plus afterhours time) to destroy the Soco population.

Update 1: I thought the forecaster was full of crap last night when he said the weather would clear up on WEDNESDAY but a fargin hurricane is currently going through town. Stays like this and there is no chance of playing tonight.

Update 2: I was glad to see Fox finally go against their MLB overlords and report on the horrible umpiring during the Series. Another 6.5 innings of craptitude last night.

Update 3: I pray to god they push the rest of the game off until Wednesday, my liver is pulsating and can't take anymore.


Will the city burn tonight? 

Today's post is brought to you by Eva Longoria who has the exact same batting average in the World Series as Evan Longoria

I'm still not going to speak on the World Series for fear of laying on my own brand of jinx. My lungs and liver would appreciate the series being completed tonight because I've been abusing both for the last few weeks. The bartenders on the other hand hope for it to stretch out forever so that I continue to pay their mortgage and rent payments drinking away the stress.

I will second the opinion of Hoyazo. According to the rating numbers, no one outside of the Philly or Tampa (plus all 50 assisted living joints in St. Pete's) is actually watching the tournament so maybe you haven't seen it. The umpires during the World Series have been pathetic in every game. There are missed calls every game, mid-game strike zone changes and umpires wanting to be the center of attention. Why the hell was the home plate umpire instigating a yelling match with the Rays dugout last night?

It's really going to suck if this series comes down to whichever team gets the last umpire screw up.


I'll never understand how the hell Joe Buck and Tim McCarver continue to get the prime baseball broadcasting assignments. Buck is your standard flaming douche who acts like the audience should be honored by his mere presence and McCarver clearly lost his marbles two decades ago. Thank god they didn't ship Buck across the street to do the Eagles game during the afternoon. You would be reading about my suicide via booze here today.


Will Fox please stop playing the goddamn Rocky theme between innings? First off, very annoying. Second, as Big Mike points out, Rocky lost the fucking boxing match.


I saw something that amused me this weekend following the craziness of NumbBono's rebuy tournament. ResidentEvil posted his results from a 10cent rebuy on PokerStars.

PokerStars 10cent rebuy tournament
Players: 4078
Prizepool: $457.80 (that's with $50 added by Stars)

NumbBono 10cent rebuy tournament
Players: 99
Prizepool: $458.50

4000 less players, similar prize pool. Further confirming that bloggers are some sick mofo's.