Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blatantly stolen from Jordan.
Frak Obama.

A crazy Thursday and a non-existent Friday leads me back to the pub for Saturday college football and some poker. I'll spend the afternoon avoiding an alcoholic blackout before the sun goes down. No promises though.

I'll be playing in Saturdays with Dr. Pauly today then the Brit Blogger game tomorrow afternoon. $50 was added to the Brit prizepool for anyone who is also avoiding trips out of town and looking to donk it up on the last Sunday before proper football.

See ya.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another wish-list 

One week til the kickoff of the NFL season. Even though my favorite sport is baseball there's just something about the upcoming NFL season that gets me jacked up. Probably because they play 10% of the games as baseball so almost every game literally can make/break a season. Thanks to the pub having the Sunday ticket, I'll spend every Sunday sitting on my barstool watching every game praying some idiot Steelers or Cowboys fan doesn't flop down next me asking to turn up the sound for their game. At least this year I won't have to listen to the Buck/Aikman connection since they'll be assigned to every Cowboys game.

Tony Romo, greatest quarterback to have never won a playoff game.

Sunday's will be my long bender days from now until the end of January, starting at 11am with an English Premier Match followed by 8 hours of non-stop NLF action. Football Sunday is one of the few days where I bypass my normal "nothing but soco" tendencies and go with beer. Midnight sneaks up pretty quick when it's the 13th hour of straight booze.

In addition to tracking my two fantasy football teams and half dozen pick'em games, I'll be playing on Fantasy Sports Live trying to make up for my poker deficit. (Will there be another Sunday's with Dr. Pauly on FSL this year?) I also joined up with MiamiDon and his Survivor Football pool (I suppose "Suicide" pool isn't politically correct enough anymore).


5 more people I'd like to see at the Bash in just a little over a month. Time is getting short and chances are slim but here you have them.

Dan Michalski - I have a feeling Dan will never again leave the comfort of Las Vegas but if he should ever try, he'll have a barstool waiting for him at the Bash. One of my greatest disappointments since I starting blogging was never making one of his poker games in the strip club back room. Strippers as dealers? I should have made a regular trip down there. Of course now that I have the free time, the game doesn't exist. I can't compete with strippers at my pre-Bash poker tournament but there will be a sushi buffet set up. Kind of a gross connection but it's the best I got.

Amy Calistri - My sweet internet crush. It probably wouldn't be good for my hosting duties if Amy showed up because I'd spend the entire time talking to her. That would be when I could get through the throng of guys vying for her attention. I'd certainly make sure Amy would spend the weekend in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. Large amounts of booze and ogling. At least that's one internet crush I've actually met and hung out with. I've never met Michele Lewis and that's a tragedy.

DrChako and TheWife - The Doc spent months taking care of people over in Iraq so I think would only be appropriate if he came out East and we got a chance to take care of him in terms of copious amounts of booze and good times. I don't know if it's safe to have The Wifey around since The Rooster and Waffles will be in town but we've found out that she can more than hold her own. My single favorite bounty ever collected at a blogger poker tournament is the Doc hat with Captain's bars. I certainly owe him a great time.

Shumpy - A lot of people ask where I find my huge collection of NSFW pictures. Other than being a internet porn farming expert, a large number of the pictures I post come from Shumpy. Dude is serious old time blogger. I'm pretty sure he still posts using MS Word and the thought of RSS feeds has yet to cross his mind. The man also throws one huge honkin party every year so he's a kindred spirit. He also knows nothing of this stupid game of poker so I'll have someone around to talk to who won't bore me with poker talk. Yesterday I posted the soccer girl pics which were from Shumpy, here's the rest of the very very NSFW compilation. Greatest domain name ever!

The Blonde - I really need her to show up for one reason. Even though she hasn't been able to post for awhile, I really need to set the record straight that she is real and not a creation of myself or BigMike. Heck, people originally thought she was CJ than somehow the suspicion came our way. I've met the girl once, at a strip club of all places, and I can tell you she is exactly the same person live as she is on her site. She even sent a bottle of booze to myself and BigMike at the first pub of his 40th Birthday Bar Crawl in Philly. I'll make the absolute guarantee to her that not a single picture will end up on the internet as she requested.


Now the 5 that will be missed. I knew there were going to be a lot of people who wouldn't be able to make it because of work obligations. I wanted to acknowledge them and let them know they'll be missed right up until the point where I forget my name and have to be escorted back to my domicile by those still in their right mind. Wish you guys could make it but you'll be in nicer place than shithole Phoenixville PA.

Dr. Pauly / Change100 - Pauly has the busiest work schedule of any blogger out there. For the first time I won't be hanging out with Pauly in my little shit town, he'll be traveling the world to cover various tournaments. He'll be missed as we crush through a crap load of booze and throw money around on the first blogger to break a bone playing in the Pub Olympics. Pauly made the trek last year to Key West for the entire week when I celebrated my birthday which gets Pauly a push for the next decade at least. He'll be working his ass off bringing the best in poker tournament reporting and you should appreciate. Ditto with Change. She dealt with all our craziness last year in the Keys and would have been a great addition to the Bash. She's moved her way up the ranks and the movie world was crazy to let her go.

F-Train - Poor poor F-Train. He can't make the Bash because he's busy traipsing through Macua looking at the girls. I received a text message from him Wednesday morning, EARLY Wednesday morning which said "Hot Asian girls everywhere. It's been good knowing you. Pretty sure I'm not coming back." F-Train will be missed because he has a running record of being one of the most smashed bloggers at the Bash. He's won the Drunken Lewey Award multiple times but he does drink his body weight in straight booze.

MeanGene - Like F-Train, I can't feel too sorry for MeanGene missing the party because he'll be sitting beach side in Aruba reporting on their poker tournament. To be honest, I'd give up my own party to be able to trade places with Pauly, Change, F-Train or MeanGene. Those destinations crush my town.

Maudie - Dear Auntie Maudie. She's going through some serious work crap and I wish her well. I've been in her position before and it's certainly no fun. Maudie is the Mother Theresa of poker bloggers, always seems to be looking out for all of us even if you didn't know it. We'll overlook her inadvertent theft of high end cutlery from fine dining establishments.

BoyGenius - Of all the poker bloggers, I've hung out with BG more than any else. Unfortunately the real world job requirements will keep him far away from the Bash. One of my bigger regrets over the last few years is not getting together more when he was living so close. My rotten life excuses seem more lame as I get further from the crap that was going on the last two years. We'll still hold his Friday night tournament before the Bash in hopes that he'll be able to make it next year to resume his hosting duties.


Still plenty of time to get yourself signed up for golf, poker and the Pub Olympics during the Bash. Hit me up with an email if you are interested. Til then I'll be playing in the Riverchasers game tonight sitting at the bar listening to horrid karaoke.

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Tour
When: Thursday at 21:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baseball and ancient rock stars 

August 26, 2007

MEMO to Jimmy Rollins: The best team won.

Yes, it's still the dog days of August and the Mets New York Mets have to travel to beautiful Philadelphia tomorrow, but the NL East race is over.

Kevin Kernan - NY Post
One year ago yesterday Kevin Kernan of the NY Post wrote an article stating that the race was over with the Mets up 7 games with a month to go. Lucky for the Phillies fans that Kernan doesn't know the sport he covers and we saw the beginning of the greatest comeback / collapse in baseball. Thank god I'll never have to hear about the '64 Phillies fold ever again.

Last night's game was fun to watch as the Mets bullpen coughed up another huge lead that even kept BigMike's interest and he hates baseball. You've got to feel pretty bad about your bullpen when the other team feels confident enough to send up two starting pitchers in a pinch hitting role.

There's still a good chance the Phillies will watch the playoffs from the golf course because this team isn't nearly the same one as last year but it's still a ton of fun to watch the angst in the faces of Mets fans. It was probably a long train ride back home last night for the metropolitans.


I have a great story from this weekend that I'm working on. Just can't get my mind around it quite yet. It's been a long time since I've done a 48 bender that didn't involve Las Vegas, Key West or New Orleans. This time is was a combination between going back to my original drinking grounds and surviving 2 long fantasy football drafts at the pub on Sunday. Saturday night I threw down some beers with Britny Fox drummer Johnny Lee and BS'd about the old days when you could find a decent rock club in the city where owners didn't give all their money to unoriginal cover bands. And we also knocked back a crap load of shots. Old "rock stars" apparently numb that pain of playing 200 seat bars by drinking every bottle of Jager available.

I never slept Saturday evening and went straight to the pub at 9:30 Sunday morning feeling much better than my compatriots that evening. A couple FFL drafts later and I was still cruising along to the point where I ended up watching the sunrise from my back deck.

This is my spring training for The Bash. Need to stretch the liver and remind him of his place in life.


The Mookie tourney tonight and the Riverchasers game on Thursday. I plan to make both games especially tonight to watch Waffles get so close to winning his prop bet only to choke it up because he's more concerned with his WoW rating.

Cheers to my soccer loving friends (do I always have to say NSFW when linking pics or is it just a given now? NSFW)

Tournament: The Mookie
When: Wednesdays at 22:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE with Knockouts
Buyin: $12+1
Password: vegas1

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Tour
When: Thursdays at 21:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers