Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cliff diving with my career 

"May you live in interesting times."
Ancient Chinese Proverb AND curse
That line was used in one of my posts not too long ago when things starting going loopy around these parts. Interesting times indeed. It's not been a very well kept secret that my site was given the Bobby Bracelet treatment by those who issue my paycheck. I could have written about it back then but the entire shit storm happened on April 1st, who the hell would have believed me?

So I spent the last two months being very careful. Juggling my desire to document my thoughts during the entire process with trying to keep a career that has been my bread and butter for two decades. That meant pulling back on a lot of things in my personal life and drastically reducing my puny internet presence even further. They were rough times and my friends put up with a lot of shit while I dealt with everything. No posts about alcohol fueled benders, half nekkid females or spontaneous trips to weird exotic strip club destinations. The leash was short and tight, I wasn't the only one who felt it.

Then a weird thing happened. We were in the middle of that little Battle of the Blogger Tournaments challenge when I received an email that asked innocently enough "How would you like to do some work with us?" I never really considered it. I needed to be a good worker bee staying in line, keeping my head down, doing what was necessary to maintain my niche in the proper socially-responsible world. But the emails kept going back and forth. I started to see some things that were really interesting and pretty damned cool.

None of it really made any sense when viewed through the eyes of someone who's been sitting in the same building for nearly 20 years. We're all supposed to be good citizens, maintain a solid career, make babies, don't rock the boat. And you certainly don't dump something you've been very good at for a very long time. It's crazy talk.

Last Thursday I walked into my manager's office and said a few simple words. "I'm resigning my position at the company."

Just like that I gave up 18 solid years at my company, a big steady paycheck and the security that comes with being a model worker. I took a big jump off the cliff and I for damn sure hope the parachute opens.

My new 6 Word Memoir. "Quit my job. Hello Full Tilt!"

I'll have more details at a later date but the basic rundown is that I gave up the only career I've ever known to do something I'm really going to enjoy. Imagine getting paid to do something you really love, doesn't seem too odd when put that way. Starting very soon I'll be working with some fine folks from Full Tilt Poker in ways I never imagined. I'll have more information later but it's pretty damned cool.

I'll also be doing some work for the guys on LivePokerRadio.com during major events and looking to pick up the odd gig that becomes available. That is if anyone out there wants to hire a drunken lemur with zero writing skills, a blazing nicotine/booze addiction and a knack for pissing off the wrong people at the right time. If those jobs are out there, I am your man.

Exciting times, my friends. Scary but exciting. No safety net below me while I wing my way out to Las Vegas for the Main Event and see where this new life will lead me.

I would be horrible if I didn't mention my friends who put up with my crazy shit over the last few months. BigMike, Landow, Lewey and JDub took the brunt and deserve 100% of the credit for whatever sanity I have left (trust me when I say there isn't that much there anymore). Pauly and Otis listened to my constant questioning while I was working out details with FTP. Their advice was top shelf and they proved to be the true friends I knew they were. Thanks guys for the help.

That also means this little corner of the web is ready to go back to it's old raunchy ways. Benders and boobs. Stories of debauchery and irresponsible social commentary. Ridiculous stories about things that couldn't possibly happen unless you were there to witness. Bartenders rejoice as they can now plan to pay their mortgage/rent. When my stripper friends call from Key West with a party invite my only concern will be if I can find the airport in one piece, not whether I'll be able to take the vacation time.

My life is about to get very interesting. I hope I can make it up to my few readers who stuck around during my dull-vanilla-boring posting days by turning the world upside down and shaking all the change out of it's pocket. I will not miss the "play it safe" version of my personality. Good riddance.

Cheers til later.