Saturday, June 21, 2008

Standby for news 

Big changes are coming down the pike. Actually most of the plans are made and triggers pulled but I'll wait until later this weekend to break the news. After a long extended semi-hiatus I'll be back in the saddle ready to rip things apart and return to the good ol' days. It's been a long time coming.

Until then you should hit up some of the weekend tournaments being offered. If you're in the great white north, good luck to those playing in BamBam's charity game. It involves monkeys, close enough to lemurs for me.

Be sure to check out LivePokerRadio.com starting on Sunday. I'll be down there helping the boys broadcast and live blog the Borgata Summer Open Main Event. If you happen to be running around the Borgata, feel free to stop by and say hi. If you catch me near the bar we'll throw back a few shots.

I'm assuming everyone is already reading Dr. Pauly with his running commentary during the WSoP, Pauly at his best. Stop by and wish the luckiest man in Vegas good luck.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"But Omaha/8 seems to have been stuck in a time warp. The game is not innovating as rapidly as hold’em has, and the players don’t seem to be improving either. I’ve been playing $10-$20 and $15-$30 online and I see errors I wouldn’t expect raw beginners to make, never mind supposedly skilled mid-limit players.

They raise way too often before the flop, call raises with hands that look to be one-way only, play draws in the face of bets and raises that are not draws to the nuts, and that sort of thing. It seems to me that Omaha/8 is the Land of Opportunity in online poker right now."

Lou Krieger - Is Omaha/8 Poker's Land of Opportunity?
Lou is a smart man and spot on in his assessment of the current O8 players online. I've been dipping my toe back into to O8 ring games the last few weeks and they really are no different than the players who paid for my many trips back in the old Party Poker days. I have the strange feeling I'm going to be spending quite a bit of time at these tables in the near future.

I invite all the NLHE push monkeys to join me any time, lemur money tastes like tears.


With all apologies to everyone who moneyed the BBT3 leaderboard (except that festering axe wound Waffles) and those waiting on their FTP points for jerseys. It seems in my haste get off the grid again for a long weekend of debauchery and golf I had an email sitting around waiting for me to confirm the payout list. So while you were sitting around waiting for your money to appear in your account, I was busy making time with every female I could find regardless of color, creed or facial opportunities qualities.

Once I came out of my sunburn-booze-Monte Cristo haze I responded to their email and things should be sliding your way shortly. I would hope that is ok with Waffles but I haven't read nearly enough Tolkien to understand what makes hobbits happy.


I was too busy to hit up the Mookie but I'll be there for the Riverchasers game tonight at 21:00ET. I haven't put much effort into the game since the end of the BBT3 because of tourney burnout but it's time to ramp things back up to normal.

I also hope to be playing in the Mini-WSoP tonight at 20:20 ET which is the $100+9 Limit Omaha/8 championship.



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Congrats to Max 

History lesson for the young'n newish poker bloggers out there. Max Pescatori played in the first ever live blogger tournament way back in December of 2004. He came in second to Felicia that day. Saturday evening he won his second WSoP bracelet. Congratulation to Max, one of the really good guys.

Max and Pauly during the 2004 WPBT Winter Classic
Photo courtesy of Dr. Pauly

Max Pescatori, 2008 WSOP $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha Champion
Photo courtesy of FlipChip and LasVegasVegas.com


Yes, I will have another shot 

No sense in really explaining my infrequent posts or lack of skill when I do actually put something up. It's been a long two months with nothing but vanilla posts with no fangs or bare breasts, it's killing me. My regular routine has been completely shot and I'm trying to find my way back. Patience my friends, there will be a payoff in the end.

I've gone almost completely off the grid even as far as my blog reading because that only increases my feeling of neglect in this space. Who knew there were drama-bombs hitting all over the place these days? Not me until I received a couple emails looking for my opinion. My only opinion is that I need to resume my love affair with my fare amber liquid as quickly as possible.

The title above was part of an email chain I received from Terri, my uber bartender, about the 6 Word Memoir site. My favorite so far has to be "Started off kosher. Then, discovered bacon." I was prompted by her to come up with a 6 Word Memoir for myself, the American Haiku as they seem to call it. Mine was fairly easy to come up with. Every single bad decision I ever made in my life can be summed up in six words.

"Yes, I will have another shot."

I think it's about the time to start ramping back up on the bad decision meter and see if I can reclaim the little bit of soul I had left to call my own. Booze, broads, beers, boobs, buzz light my year. Hibernation has lasted far too long and I need to stretch my legs. Maybe it's time to see if anything is going on out in the desert this time of year, think I might have to join the G-Vegas crew for a session of complete degeneracy shortly. Even better, it's about time that I give everyone the complete details of this year's Bash in September (last weekend, start making your plans).

The eye opener came when I started getting messages from friends in Key West. The way life has been going it seems like 2 years ago a bunch of degenerate bloggers joined us in Key West for a little craziness when in fact it was just last September. Turns out some of the people we know down there (Speaker might remember her) were throwing a big birthday shindig and I was invited expected to show up this weekend. Instead I spent my weekend tied down to my laptop grinding away at poorly designed servers and email wars with mouth breathers.

Time for me to loosen up. By the time most people read this I'll be on the front nine at Honeybrook with a cooler full of beer and a few Cuban cigars courtesy of a friendly Canuck. Until I decide to rip things apart a little more, I present to you the unedited version of the pic below (promises are promises after all). It is most definitely not safe for work. Click the pic and I'll be back with more.

Feel free to leave your Six Word Memoir in the comment section.