Friday, March 07, 2008

Booze > Poker 

Just when I didn't think it was possible to find a 5th way to play the BBT3 games, I did. Drink so much that by 9pm you completely forget that you've registered for you own damn tournament and never show up. I blame Special K for getting me back on the horse. Not even exactly sure what kicked off this impromptu bender but I know that it ended with JDub singing karaoke Britney Spears to whoever was left sitting in the pub at 1am. What can I say other than booze, girls, friends and really bad karaoke trumped any desire to play 4 card bingo. There's was dancing by someone in the crew who only does that on special occasions that involve a case and a half of beer. I was propositioned by a 70 year old woman who had one hand on my ass and the other holding a big ol' fatty joint that would make Pauly proud.

I should check to see if it's a full moon this week. I'm willing to place that bet on it.

With three days ahead of me filled with nothing involving BBT3 business I'll get back to collecting some cheesy pron and maybe write up a story or two from Eh Vegas. Tonight involves a big dinner with a bunch of friends at a Brazilian steakhouse which started as a small gathering and turned into a private dinner for 16. Meats on sticks wins.

Tomorrow night finds me at a bachelor party. I'll try to not spend the entire evening bemoaning the lack of any decent stripper establishment in this damned Quaker city. I will make the most of a difficult situation the way I do best, drink heavily and overspend fulfilling my yellow fever needs. If I survive these two days I may sneak to the pub Sunday to watch Wigan spank the ever holy shit out of the Gooners (but not really).

Congrats to Tuscaloosa Johnny for winning the 5th seat in the BBT3 Tournament of Champions. The leaderboard has been updated and we'll start having a similar table on the Full Tilt website. Plenty of rest time before the next event on Monday. Til then feel free to hit up these tournament during the weekend which do not involve any promotions, leaderboards, points or angst. Good old fashion blogger chip slinging.

Drink well this weekend.

Tournament: Blogger Donkament (aka REBUY madness!)
Where/when: Full Tilt, Friday 20:00ET
Game: NLHE Rebuy
Buyin: $1+$1 with rebuys and addon
Password: donkament


Thursday, March 06, 2008

The secret recipe, booze 

I think I dialed into the proper way to amass large amounts of chips, weave through the mine field and have a decent shot at winning a ToC seat. First off there is none of this silly "I've got to be good with the booze so I can concentrate" crap. Special K made a trek to the pub last night for a few cocktails which set me upon the proper course. Once the first shot hits my lips it's all downhill from there. The second step is even easier. Crack AA twice (with apologies to kevin / drizz) and have AA stand up in the first 30 minutes of the tournament to jump from 1,500 to 10,000 chips prompting every donkey in the world to hit the table looking for free giveaways. The final step is to avoid Schaubs at all cost who further proved that even with a monster stack I'm still a weak tight flaming pussy man.

I made the final table in fine shape both in chips and alcohol content. We were down to 5 handed when I made my best read ever. I was in the big blind with twoblackaces in the small when I was dealt 99. It folds to the blinds and he pops it and I naturally think it's just another steal of my blinds. I push back smack dab into KK and I GTFOOD (get the f@#$ out of dodge). From second in chips to throwing myself over the bar looking for the nearest bottle of hooch. During the long cold walk home a 2am I was still kicking myself.

twoblackaces won the 4th seat into the Tournament of Champions beating new comer zutted in HU with cronic final tabler Mean Gene finishing 3rd. Next up is tonight's Riverchasers Online Tour with a little PLO 4 card bingo action at the nice early time of 21:00ET. This very well might be the craziest game of the first week since I'm not sure exactly how many have experience with the game.

Now go congratulate lucko on his PokerStars 25k tournament win and pray that summer gets here sooner rather than later.

See you at the Riverchasers game.

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Tour
Where/when: Full Tilt, Thursday 21:00ET
Game: Pot Limit Omaha
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cheers all around 

"Mom and baby doing well!"
Short and simple. I received a text from Mookie this morning telling me that the newest mini-Mookette arrived safe and sound this morning bringing the Mookie household up to something around a baker's dozen. They are now able to field an entire basketball team to tear apart the local school district. God Bless you breeders out there, doing all the heavy lifting for us too busy drinking the world dry. Congrats to the Mooks.

I'm also behind the times in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Big Human Head on their newborn. I've spent many evenings discussing all kinds of non-sense with Head and I'm extremely happy for both of them. Still can't believe that lovely young lady lets that big ol' monster climb aboard.


I don't know if I'm more surprised that we had 105 for the Blogger Big Game on Sunday or that we suckered 86 players in a Stud Hi game on a Tuesday evening. Nothing short of crazy.

3 games into BBT3 and I've found 3 great ways to not make it into the TOC. Sunday I played well enough but couldn't duck one of the many Fischman suckouts. Monday I spent the entire time on the phone with work while a loose goose battled for me. Last night I decided to play Stud online while playing a live 8 player cash home game. I was looking at my hole cards with my left hand, mashing FTP buttons with my right. I lucksacked up pretty early with sick hands (2 pair on 4th street at least 3 times in the first two levels. Two boats including someone betting their flush into my already made hand.) Then I just got silly. Betting into a hand where I couldn't even beat his board because I was too busy concentrating on felting someone in the live cash game. Twice I button mashed my way with air into made hands simply because the action at the live game was to juicy to miss.

Congrats to corron10 for winning last night, that's one of those donkey Riverchaser players out there for all the haters. I'm running a little behind updating the leaderboard today because I was unable to grab the complete results before getting hustled into my real job. My normal backup solution to that problem just had his wife jiffy pop a newborn and riggstad is about the biggest slacker on the planet (there's your link whiner).

One note on the leaderboard. I did a real quick run through and hit as many links as I could off the top of my head. Feel free to drop a comment if I missed your link and I'll ge it up with the next update.

Tonight should be monstrous. The Mookie has had some of the highest participation numbers with or without a BBT challenge. I don't think we'll hit 200 players with the small $11 buyin but thank god he lowered the starting chip count back down to 1500 or this might damn well go until I have to get up for work tomorrow morning. Don't forget to tune into BuddyDank radio during the Mookie for music and commentary.

Going into event #4 I'll leave you with some wise words from Chad before things start to get surly:

1. Why is everything in a bloggament critiqued?

2. Can anyone really do anything THAT wrong in a $10 tournament? I mean, it is a $10 tournament right?

3. Do I actually think my opponents are going to be playing like a book?

4. Do I expect to see world class play in micro buy in tiny field MTTs?

Enjoy the competition, shoot for the prizes but in the end have a blast. If you make a little cash and improve your game along the way you are already ahead.

Cheers and see you at the Mookie.

Tournament: The Mookie
Where/when: Full Tilt, Wednesday 22:00et
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
Password: vegas1


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Game Where I Really Switch Gears 

I sure hope I didn't irreparable damage to my reputation as the tightest weakest blogger amongst us last evening. I had a little problem and there were only two solutions. Just as the MATH kicked off last night I was forced to go into real-world work mode thanks to the universal locater that was on my person. The joys of being oncall for a bunch of shaved apes, occasionally they expect you to earn your pay. My choices were to post/fold until I was blinded out but that's even a little too tight by my standards. Door number 2 was to have my friend play the tourney for me.

I asked her to let the table know that it was not me, but apparently it was quite obvious early on after mega-tilting Riverchasers allstar millerd with the JackHammer. I only saw a few of the hands as I was strolling the pub talking to cube dwellers on the phone so I'm having a good time this morning trolling through the hand histories. After the way Fischman played the Big Game I thought maybe she had a real shot with the ATC method and actually had a nice chip stack at the break. She seemed to have weak_player's number in most hands until he overplayed a fake hammer but still sucked out. Then she burned out in spectacular fashion on a bald ass nekkid turn bluff that probably would have worked if the other player wasn't aware it wasn't me. God bless anyone who got involved in a hand, hopefully you received an insta-rebate.

100+ players for the second straight day and our concerns about shattering past records seem a little silly. I'm afraid to see the numbers we're going to get for the $10 buyin events. I may have to start taking my mornings off from work just to sit through them. BBT3, created by Satan himself.

Congrats to columbo for picking up the second seat in the TOC. He had a hot run in the Big Game and followed it up with a win in the MATH. I've pulled together the first edition of the leaderboard, it's a little thin but wait until we get a couple weeks worth of players in there and I can streamline the process. Still finishing up the bbtchallenge.com website and that should be ready to go by this evening or tomorrow morning.

No eh Vegas stories today or anything remotely degenerate. Tomorrow I'll bring back some hotties just for easycure and Jerry. Til then, see everyone tonight at the Blogger Skill Series (I believe Stud Hi is the game). Also, if you have a Bodog account be sure to hit up their tournament series.

Tournament: Blogger Skills Series
Where/when: Full Tilt, Tuesday 21:30ET
Game: Rotation between non-NLHE games
Buyin: $12+1
Password: skillz

Tournament: The BoDonkey
Where/when: BoDog Poker, Tuesday 21:05ET
Game: NLHE
Buyin: $10+1 (with T$ overlays)
Password: bodogblogger


Monday, March 03, 2008

BBT3 starts off with an BOOOOM 

You are a bunch of sick mofo's. Seriously.

I woke up this morning still groggy after the 4th straight night of hearing the bartender yell "Last call" still shaking my head after The Blogger Big Game last night. In chat we figured we would break the previous online blogger tourney record prizepool of $3,993 but no one was really sure how far over. I never imagined we would go over 100 players and $7,000+ in the pool. I'm stunned.

BigMike and I made our way to the pub following a friend's christening (I took BigMike's dare and touched the holy water with no repercussions. I did refuse another friend's request that I stand underneath the crucifix with my arms held out. Even I won't poke the sleeping bear) and I spent the afternoon monitoring the Big Game registrations on occasion. With 3 hours til kickoff we blasted right past the previous record and that's when the Instant Messages started popping up. The common theme to each new chat window was "what the hell did you guys create?"

Beats the holy hell out of me. If we get 105 for a Sunday evening $75 buyin tournament, how many are we going to get for the $10 Mookie and Riverchasers events? I don't know if it's possible to surprise me anymore with the responses that we'll be getting. Thank god Scott Fischman didn't sign up until right before kickoff, we might have had another 20 donks searching the web for the password.

My game was on auto-drive last night. I was Astin-mugged with the deck early and often catching AA and KK in the first 10 hands. By the end of the first hour I nabbed AA, KK and QQ twice each with very little action. Except the last KK on the very last hand before the break and I managed to run it smack dab into AA. A king on the turn made me feel kind of dirty. I played my standard game whilst sitting at the pub lacking the proper concentration.

My doom started when I horribly overplayed JJ to RecessRampage then naturally Fischman gets moved to my table, the only player in the universe who doesn't know that I'm the tightest lemur on the planet. His K2sooooted was good enough to bust open my QQ. That was just one in a long line of suckouts he laid on the blogger world last night. The red letter prop doomswitch was set to destroy last night.

Congrats to everyone who made some cash last night and huge thanks to everyone for coming out the first game of BBT3. What's next? A 200 player field in the Mookie? Thank god he shortened that stacks back down to 1500, the game might still be running when I need to leave for work.

Still working on the final details of the website and getting the first standings up and running. The first few events take a bit of effort until I get things streamlined. At this point I might have to take a 13 week vacation from the real world just to cover everything. One event down and I'm already looking forward to the end. My head hurts.

Still shaking my head. $7,245 Sick.

Don't forget to sign up for Monday's at the Hoy tonight. I'd rather stop drinking for a year then play NLHE 6-Max but the fields are going to be juicy to turn away from. There is going to be a huge pile of dead money sitting around waiting to be picked up without even the enticement of a WSoP TOC seat.

See you there.

Tournament: MATH
Where/when: Full Tilt Poker, Monday 22:00ET
Game: NLHE 6-Max
Buyin: $24+2 or Tier I token
Password: hammer


Dr. Pauly has his March edition of Truckin' up and this is an LA-centric version. Enjoy.

Truckin' - March 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 3

1. Next to Mama Cass by Paul McGuire
Dulce was an attractive peppy girl from San Diego. She diligently saved up for grad school and her first job funded her future. Her second job funded her addiction to weed, whiskey, and cocaine. She loved all three when her shift ended at midnight... More

2. The Drug Store by Change100
I walked down a cement pathway into the shade of unkempt trees and saw a cloudy glass door that led into a deserted elevator lobby. It was open. Someone was here. The lobby walls were covered in cheap faux-oak paneling and the floors in decades-old linoleum. Next to the elevator doors hung a building directory. And there it was. Dr. Jerry Greenblatt, M.D. Fourth floor. I gingerly stepped into the sketchiest elevator in Los Angeles and prayed it wouldn't drop me to the basement... More

3. Today's Special By Joe Speaker
Brad's last night on Planet Los Angeles started at El Caballo, clutching his beer like a dog eared paperback. Starched white shirt glowing red in the bloody lights of the place, same color as the naugahyde booths behind him jammed against the textured and cracked yellow walls... More

4. Smoking Is Cool by Dan Keston
As a man, I truly believe that if you feel comfortable walking down the street with a Coors Light in your hand then you probably feel comfortable wearing your fraternity letters well past your 35th birthday. I also believe, contrarily, that walking down the street with a cigarette in your hand makes you look suave, debonair, independent and just aloof enough to be mysterious... More

5. California: The Garden of Eden by Johnny Hughes
It seemed Los Angeles was in this artificial super-Technicolor, compared to West Texas. The first thing I saw was a grade school class with black, white, and Asian children. I had never seen that, since our schools were segregated... More

6. My LA by Betty Underground
Accidents happening all around you on the freeway. The world's biggest spectator sport! Traffic is not because of the carnage in the road, it is from the rubberneckers trying to catch a glimpse of the blood and guts, only to be disappointed when it was a minor fender bender... More