Saturday, March 31, 2007

Battle of the Blogger Tournaments update 

Things are moving quickly and the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments is getting bigger. So let's get right into it.

First off, Hoyazo has decided to move his MATH tourneys over to Full Tilt during the challenge. This should make it easier for participation. There is the possibility of moving it to a $24+2 or token buyin to make it easier for people to satellite their way in.

Also, we have bumped up the number of events in the challenge. We've added the 3 monthly Blogger Big Games hosted by MiamiDon to the list. We'll have events with buyins between $11 and $75. For those concerned about the large buyin and it's affect of the leader board, the numbers have been crunched and it all comes out well thanks to the TLB formula. The Big Game addition will not crush your hopes if cannot play that high.

This takes us up to 39 events for the challenge giving everyone plenty of opportunity to get in the action. No one is going to run away to hide across all the events.

Then there will by one final tournament on June 30th. Number 40. That will be the Battle of the Blogger Tournament of Champions which feature the top percentage of players on the leader board (number not quite firmed up yet) plus everyone who plays in a set number of events. The TOC will be a freeroll with a special source for the buyin.

I've been working behind the scenes with a few top people at Full Tilt and they've come back with a incredibly generous plan to help us in the challenge and encourage participation. There is no subtle way to say it so I'll just throw it out there.

Thanks to Full Tilt Poker, all 39 tournaments for the 13 weeks of blogger events will be virtually juice free. At the end of the challenge they are kicking back every single dollar in juice back to us. Every. Single. Dollar. Every bit of the money we pay into the events will come back to the players. Between the weekly MATH and Mook, the biweekly Riverchasers games, and the Big Games, we are looking at some serious cash to give back to our players.

The current plan is to take half of the juice to pay out top positions on the leaderboard and the other half to bankroll the TOC freeroll at the end. Add that with the Wii and DS Lite courtesy of PokerOnAMac.com and we have ourselves a serious little series for you guys.

A big thanks to Mike at PokerOnAMac, all the guys at Full Tilt Poker, and blogger legend HDouble. Everyone has been great to work with. They've helped us with some great ideas and prizes.

Cheers and see you at the tables.


Brit Blogger Tournament 

I've already been knighted in the Order of St. Arnold so what happens if I get knighted again? Sir Sir? Stop out this Sunday afternoon for the UK Blogger Tournament. See what happens when I play sober. Thanks to Acornman for setting it up.

Password is donkament


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 

In the never ending cycle of complete suckiness, this particular hell week seems to have peaked and I can see the booze at the end of the tunnel. I was able to chow on some fine pork products this morning and I've caught up on three days worth of missed blog reading. I'm still behind on emails and other non-essential tasks but I've stopped caring and need to get down to some nonsense.

There has also been an addition to the household which has managed to suck every last second of free time away. My friends are sending me emails about the lack of hotties being posted, even Jerry is giving me gruff. I hope you can forgive me. I'll get more of these while I'm getting wasted at the bar this evening. Trivia, booze, Terry, and maybe some poker. Good times.


Now for a little bit of what I've been working on the side with some friends of yours.

A couple weeks ago I was able to hang out with Hoyazo down in AC for too short of a time, but long enough to kick some thoughts around. Separately we'd both had the idea of working something out between several of the blogger hosted events. I've working with Mookie in the past (the master of photoshop) and we quickly formulated a plan to see who's the best among our blogger events. Hence was born the Battle of the Blogger Tournament challenge.

Starting next week, we are going to track and rank the players involved in the weekly MATH, weekly Mookie, and Riverchaser events (two $24+2 Sunday HORSE tourneys also) using the trusty PokerStars TLB point system. The challenge will last for three months. That is 13 weeks and 36 separate events. We want to see who is really the best player between the three regular events and should have MiamiDon (most recent Mookie winner) set the odds for us.

What do you get out of this?

Once we crown our 'champion' on June 28th, the three of us are going to buy that player into the Big Sunday night guarantee tournament of their choice on either PokerStar or Full Tilt Poker. A chance to play for the big money on our dime.

We also have other prizes to throw into the mix. PokerOnAMac.com stepped up first to sponsor the challenge and they decided to try something different from iPods this time. Thanks to PokerOnAMac, we'll also be giving away a Nintendo Wii system and a Nintendo DS Lite.

We will be adding to the prizes and will update as they come along.

So here's your challenge. Can you beat the best across three months and 36 events? Time to step up and show what you can do. The first event is the MATH on April 2nd, the last event is Riverchasers on June 28th.


Since I've been running set up questions through my head, I decided to add something else to my plate after a little conversation with the blogfather. I think it's time we send another blogger to a WSoP event. So I'm taking a poll of interest.

Drop a line in the comments or shoot me an email if you would like to play in a private blogger-only WSoP Bracelet race on Full Tilt. If I can get enough interest I would like to keep the buy-in at $24+2. If not, I will bump up the buyin but there will be a blogger-only bracelet race.

Cheers and drink well.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Crazy Poker Game 

They are really starting to push me button here. For the second straight day, I walked into the office only to find a last minute meeting scheduled keeping me from my daily bacon intake. I don't know if my heart can take the strain of non-fat soaked blood pumping through it. My poor body is starting to reactive negatively because it's been over 48 hours since my last drink. At least Brother Nicotine is keeping me company while I bitch and moan about the lack of my other staples.

A pox upon those responsible for my lowering blood alcohol level and cholesterol count. If I wanted them lower I'd actually give a shit.


The last taste of booze I had down my throat was sometime late Saturday night before Champs closed. I had just finished up helping deal the Riverchasers final table and we were deciding whether it was realistic or worth it to make the private game we were invited to. I was told it would be a small stakes 'fun game'. Merely .50/1 blinds I was told with just a $40 buyin. Late night beer and poker with some laughs thrown in for shits and giggles. BigMike said 'what the hell' and off we went.

After a quick ATM stop, thank the good lord, we walked into a large room with a poker table sitting in the middle. Everyone was having a good time and we would have to wait for a seat. I immediately noticed that the "$40 buyin" was right out the window. No one at the table had less then a buck fifty in front except for the guy who just got felted and was reaching for another Benji. It was still small stakes but everyone was sitting with at least 150BB's in front. Let the bingo begin.

A player I know was getting ready to leave because he was hitting the Borgata Super Satellite in just a few short hours. I bought his chips and took a seat. I only knew one player at the table, Jim the King of the Riverchasers empire, but a few others I was acquainted with enough to know this was about gambling and pushing whatever edge appeared. It was a dick swinging, ball crunching, 'mine is bigger than yours' table with plenty of laughing and too little sense. I watched a player lay down the best hand and immediately go Lou Ferrigno on a nearby rack. The players took turns ragging on him and laughing it up. The gambool was on and I knew I was home.

It was 8 handed there were two rocks in play on the table. Forced UTG straddles for those not in the know. That certainly cranked things up a bit. Preflop raising anything less than 10 times the big blind was just asking for a family pot. Huge stacks were being shoved around the table and the laughing never stopped. I liked that. No one was going to the poor house from this game because of the stakes. The good times were rolling and chips were being thrown. Still, it wasn't uncommon to see a two, three hundred dollar pot in a .50/1 game. That's just crazy. The topper was a three way, $400 pot where the hands were boat versus bigger boat versus a rivered straight flush. It was the only time the room was silent and that lasted for 5 seconds before erupting again.

Sometime in the morning we decided it wasn't a good idea to catch the sunrise from the loading dock. My stack of chips showed that I survived my first encounter at this game in the black and I gave up my seat to an incoming player. That's right, 4:30 in the morning and players were still arriving.

That's good times, my friend, and a good game. I hope to be back.


Have you stopped by to congratulate Hoyazo on nailing a WSoP Bracelet Race on Full Tilt? I'm a little late in sending my 10 readers that way so off you go. Now I need to get off my ass and see what kind of money I can waste trying to qualify in one. I'm Dead Money after all.


Anybody interested in donking it up in another round of Riverchasers Free money give away tonight? I'm betting 300 entrants this time around. Again, not worth the time and effort for most. But it's free. And it's Razz. Here that Mr. TripJax?

Name: Riverchasers $100 Razz Freeroll
When: Tuesday, March 27th 9:00pm ET
Game: Razz
Buyin: Freeroll
Password: FreeRiver

Stay tuned for other blogger tournament announcements soon.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Love or Hate 

5 Things I hate:

- Monday morning meetings schedule from 9am until 2. That's just rude and it makes me write these kind of fooked up posts.
- Getting shorted on my bacon intake thanks to the previous statement.
- Playing like a tool in my own tournament. I was the second out in the 24+2 HORSE yesterday. Hee fucking haw.
- Oregon. Nice job screwing up your last second shot giving them a chance to beat you by 8.
- Having a fancy NBX wager to play catchup then having Oregon not cover the 7.5 points. East Coast bias my ass. I hate you.

5 Things I love:

- Playing poker all night Saturday then into Sunday morning at Riverchasers Headquarters. Properly fucked up game that deserves it's own post.
- Any restaurant dish that includes both bacon AND foie gras. Heart stopper on a plate.
- Lucking my way to the final table of the Inaugural UK blogger tournament. More on that to come.
- Gracie won the WBPT event #3 Razz edition last night while multi-tasking. She was busy watching......
- Discovery Channel show Planet Earth.

Everyone who reads this is requested to check out Planet Earth. It's a fantastic 11 part mini-series recorded with top of the line technology. The first three episodes aired last night and floored me. Poor Gracie couldn't concentrate on the early parts of the WPBT event. The images are stunning.

I was going to write about everyone who wastes their precious time watching that horrible American Idol show. But I have too many intelligent friends who somehow became enamoured with that shit stain of a show and have no desire insult them. Do the world a favor. Instead of wasting time watching American Idol this week, find time to sit down and watch a few episodes of Planet Earth. You'll be amazed and might actually learn something. (I can't wait til they get to the ring-tailed lemurs and donkeys. It will be Waffle's first time on national TV)

Finally, there was a comment in this post that I need my readers to handle since I don't have the time. The comment is below, feel free to educate him further in the comment section. Have at it.
"How dare you call me and my kind Morons. Donkeys, idiots, fish, I can deal with that. And I have a question: What's wrong with Q9? It'll stretch to a straight, and sometimes it's the best cards I see for a couple of hours."
Meeting break is over, now back to the grind.

Tournament: Mondays at the Hoy
Where: PokerStars
When: Monday, 10pm ET
Buyin: $20+2
password: Hammer