Thursday, June 08, 2006

Linkin' up 

Since I'm likely to be incommunicado until next week, I figure I'll give you something to read while I'm gone. Don't want my three readers to forget about me. With only a couple of weeks to go til the WSoP (and Pauly's sanity), I shall honor the good doctor with my Top 5 list of my random top 5 lists. Does that make sense? By the way, I wrote the "Satan email" so people can stop sending me emails trying to figure out who the heck it was. I was tired. Cut me some slack.

I know I'm missing some blogs on the right, I'm taking link up requests here.

5 random blogs associated with the Brother's McGrupp:

1. Tao of Pauly
2. Tao of Poker
3. Derek
4. Truckin'
5. Card Squad

5 random non-poker blogs that I check daily:

1. Rapid Eye Reality - Otis
2. Jen Leo
3. Shane Nickerson
4. Gigglechick
5. Jessica Stover

5 random drunkards who can drink with me anytime (that aren't BigMike):

1. StB - While Drinking...
2. The Blonde
3. Brandon Schaefer
4. Scott
5. Shumpy

5 random blogs that Landow reads:

1. BadBlood
2. BoyGenius
3. Pauly
4. Eva
5. Captain Retardo (self linking in honor of Bobby Bracelet)

5 random pictures I have sitting on my server (that are safe for work):

1. Ambition
2. Billie Piper
3. Strange? How 'bout ouch!
4. Preparing to meet The Blonde at Delilah's


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A guest email... 

What the hell. You write one tiny 666 post and you get the strangest emails. Below came from a very funny email address and I thought I'd share it with you....

Hey Al,

Satan here.

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the birthday thoughts but you've got to get the word out. Yesterday was NOT my birthday. Nor did it signal the birth of my spawn. Anti-Christ (he prefers to go by his birth name, George) is already alive and doing well. No one seems to realize that 666 is just my lucky number. I play it in the lottery enough times you'd figure it would at least hit once yesterday. Just because you want to be omnipotent, doesn't mean you are. Freaking do-gooder upstairs.

Anyway, if you could pass that little bit of information along to the sheep people, I'd appreciate it.

On a personal note, I should really let you know that your room is complete down here. I think you'll like it. The bed of nails is actually much better for your posture, and you'd be surprised how important a good posture is when you're ducking and diving around this annoying fire and brimstone shit He stuck us with. Naturally the room comes without air conditioning but you'll get used to the heat. It's not so much the heat that takes getting used to, it's the sulfur smell. For weeks after we "moved" down here, everyone kept looking at me liked I dropped a nasty deuce and left a floater.

Keep up the bad habits. Me and the big guy's son have an over/under bet on when you finally drop over. The date is coming up and I don't need to tell you I'd be very appreciative if it happened sooner rather than later (wink wink). So slap another cigarette in your mouth and keep chugging gallons of booze. I'll make it worth your while when you get down here (maybe I can even get you in the nightly poker game with Ghandi and the Popes. yeah, they're all here).

But stay away from the bacon! That's another secret you'll learn when you finally croak. Bacon is actually very good for you. So knock that shit off. At the rate you consume, you're going to live to 100 and who the hell wants to live that long? If you really want to kill yourself with food, tofu is pure poison. (Both of us invented tofu in a joint venture. Neither of us likes hippies.)

Tell everyone hello. I'm hoping to meet some bloggers in Vegas assuming I've taken care of that weeks plague and pestilence ahead of time. Maybe I'll get to meet Pauly at the hooker bar and thank him for sending so many souls my way. Good guy, that Pauly. He's my top earner. I think him and Mephistopheles will have plenty of stories to tell.

Enjoy yourself. I'll see you soon.

As always,

Your pal, Satan
How 'bout that? Yeah, you may get to hang out with Wil Wheaton but I've got the Beez dropping me emails now. I'm pretty happy with that.


Not sure how much posting is going to occur the rest of the week. Maybe none. Maybe too much. Tonight we head down to the Jersey Shore for my friend Bob's wedding. I will not be officiating but I am the best man (don't you know it). We'll see what happens and I'll keep the camera handy. Hopefully I'll be able to do some dial-a-shots as a crap load of bloggers head to Okie-Vegas land for some pokerin' and some boozin'.

Cheers my friends and have a good week.

(since I might be gone for awhile and won't be around for the start of the World Cup, here are two very VERY not safe for work soccer pics. Here and here. You were warned.)


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, From Scuba Steve 

I thought the Devil could use a birthday greeting.

I also got him a $50 gift card to Bath & Body Works.



"Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast..." 

"For it is a human number. It's number is six hundred and sixty six." I guess it's easy to figure which song is linked up. I have a better version but that's for later.

And if I see one geek with the horns (or saying something like "throwing the goat"), I will send my little demon monkey's after you to steal your soul. Than I'll make you play a head's up match against Waffles.

And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With old odd ends, stol'n forth of holy writ;
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.

More to come later, I have to go sharper the instruments of destruction.