Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Maybe it's the booze talking or the two McDonald's bagel sandwiches, but Tuesday-boozeday is a lot of fun. Here I sit nursing the standard Wednesday morning hangover friend I've come to know and it doesn't bother me at all. In a night full of poker, dial-a-shots, and extending the Vegas crew, fun just came easy. No coercion needed.

And get this. My drunk-no-poker-talent-having-ass actually won the freeroll last night. Did I mention in yesterday's post that it was about time one of us did something in this tourney? Yeah, that was me. The amazing part was that I was cold decked the entire time until the final table. I sat down being severely short stacked with 7 other players at the table. I had $120 in chips with the blinds at 40/80. Not goot.

But I never lost a hand from that point on. Caught early a couple of times to double up, other shortstacks started dropping, and I suddenly found myself in the money. I was still very short (and short stacked! rimshot) and in all-in mode. Player to my right was becoming irritated and decided to make a stand with a nekkid king while I was actually holding a hand. My ATd crippled him and then I crushed him.

Head's up lasted three hands before I was declared the winner.

Have I told you yet that English was becoming my second language at that point? "mmppft weeee, gackaoeg gogodineo" is roughly translated to "Pardon me, but do you speak drunkese?"

I grabbed up my winnings and hit the bar with a passion. The bar hit back so it was fair. On the phone quickly to the NYC posse where I did a quad dial-a-shot. I caught Pauly, Derek, and Joaquin showing Spaceman around the NYC. "dems quads (bloggers) beetchs!" for sure.

There were calls made to BobbyBraclet and PokerStage (bonus points for him calling first). Others were called and messages were left. Drinks were drank, shots were shotted, and WAY too many cigarettes smoked. Then it happened the way it always happens.

We start talking about Vegas with other people and next thing you know, more airline tickets were purchased.

For this I had to call and leave a voicemail for a specific blogger.

Andrea, Boathouse bartender, Bash at the Boat lead singer, and breaker of blogger hearts in September, will now be part of our crew attending the Vegas gathering. No word yet if she's bringing the anti-gravity shirt. If any of the girls heading to Vegas want to have a blast, stick around with Eva, Kenna (JDub's anti-gravity-shirt-having wife), and Andrea. God I hope Vegas is stocking up on booze.

I think Andrea is taking applications for someone to room with. Anyone interested?


And since absolutely no one is actually reading, I'll post this. Pauly gave me the head's up but I was weirded out when a Boathouse poker regular told me he was reading the October 17th issue of PokerPlayer and saw a drunken hippy pictured in an article about Sam's Town.

Check it out. I was soooo wasted (meant to be read in your best Jeff Spicoli inner voice).

Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. friends, and cheers to everyone else.

(Hello Jerry.)


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This is the longest I've gone without a post with a reasonable excuse. I've been staring at a blank notepad window with nothing to say. I blame Pauly. I wrote a short story for Truckin' and spent every ounce trying to be creative. I think it's a piece of rubbish but Pauly will be nice and say otherwise. I'm not a creative person.

If you get any amusement from my rambling you must understand that there is nothing creative about it. It's more like a subtle form of a mental defect. These stupid things pop into my head and I have just enough of my mental facilities to get them down in print (thank you sir for spellcheck).

And it's not like things haven't been going on that I could talk about. Eagles lose, Chelsea win, Larry Johnson crushes my FFL opponent, she was kidnapped now she wasn't, IMAX Harry Potter, poker, booze, and I laughed away $50 on Full Tilt to someone calling my monster bet with a nekkid Ace.

But I think I sprained my brain on the short story. God bless you creative folk.


Yes, I completely geeked out yesterday and went to Harry Potter in IMAX. No fancy review here. I liked it. It entertained me for 2+ hours. To everyone complaining about it....


I hope you didn't think you were going to see the next great cinematic masterpiece. Citizen Kane mixed with Casablanca with a touch of Scarlett O'Hara mixed in? Relax and enjoy.

Rosebud IS Voldemort!!!!

The Eagles lost. Some shady calls by the men in stripes but they deserved to lose. What with Mike McMahon doing his imitation of Donovan McNabb imitating Kordell Stewart.

Penn State won. Moved to third in the BCS and will get a major bowl. BigMike keeps hinting about making a trip to whichever bowl they get. We'll see. In Pauly's College Pick'em I held of Austin Matt to win the pool for the year. I had a great year picking college games but for the life of me can't manage to pick NFL games even without the spread.

Cheslea won. Everyone else is bitching. Nothing new.

Sitting at the bar sunday, I hop onto Full Tilt to see the wife at home playing a NLHE ring game. I got there right after she took down a huge pot and some guy was going ape shit on her in the chat window. I was drunk, he was rude. Let the fun begin. I followed Mr. Fishy from table to table but he would never get involved in a hand with me. As my penance for disrupting one of his tables, I allowed someone else at the table to suckout with Ax versus my QQ. Good thing I was drunk. I just laughed it off. Plus, it was BigMike's laptop, no way I can throw it across the room.

Tonight is the free roll at the Boathouse. None of us have won in awhile so we're do. Be prepared for rude late night dial-a-shot. (and don't leave the phone in the car!)


Finally, everyone go tell Otis how cool he is and how much we appreciate PokerStars throwing in $2000 to the Vegas prize pool plus a bunch of cool swag.

Shots anyone?!


Better shit tomorrow.