Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm back home. Alive and I seem to have avoided needing to go directly to the hospital for a liver checkup.

I'm going to be working all weekend trying to wrap the trip report up in a couple nice little packages. But you'll have to be patient with me.

I'm having a hard time getting my mind around a trip that included plenty of relaxation, poker, more booze than any human should inbibe, Guinness chugging contests in front of hundreds of people, world-class sportfishing, bars, leaving drunken 3am voicemails , BigMike discussing the attributes of The Kit Runner with a philosophy major/stripper, drinking 52 shots in 15 hours, finding my drunken evil twin, and standing on the balcony of a strip club with the girls watching a parade which included the mayor of key west, a marching band, and a foam party on wheels.

It's just going to be a little difficult.

Luckily for us (and not so luckily for him), Lewey was sober and has about 10 pages of quotes from the week. I'm going to use them to tell the stories.


Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'm awake and alive.

My deck was completely at approximately 3 this morning. I'm still waiting for BigMike's total.

Apparently there's a reader out there whose girlfriend is in Key West this week also. Tracy says Hi. And I'm wearing my WPBT Holiday Classic shirt.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

8pm. Midway through the Diamonds.

Here's the pic of me and BigMike standing on the steps of the pool (so the god damn flesh eating ants would go away). All Mike said was some hottie on the phone wanted a pic of him.

Thanks to BG (*cough* now apparently writing for Fox) for setting up the conference call. There were so many on the call. Thanks to everyone for showing up. My friends thought I was whacked before, now they have proof.

Hearts are dead. Halfway through the deck.

Good lord, these little tiny shots are cake.

Here's a pic of my dial-a-shot with Joanne at 4pm EST

Don't miss the 8pm EST International AlCantHang KeyWest Dial-A-Shot. See below.

FYI. We got tired of the single shots. We are now pouring 4 at a time.


Dial A Shot! 

Thanks to the organizational skills of BG....

I invite you to the Key West AlCantHang Dial-A-Shot Conference Call!

8pm EST....

One monster dial-a-shot at 1-712-824-4500 access code 727272

Feel free to join me!


We are past the 4 of Hearts


Starting at noon....

we hit the straight flush wheel at 12:54.

Place your bets.

Many apologies for the lack of real time reporting. The internet connection down here sucks donkey ass and crashed constantly.

Plus, I've been completely loaded most of the time.

Some quick numbers....

6 The number of sailfish caught by our boat on Tuesday. More than any other boat caught during the sailfish tournament last week.

0 The number of sailfish caught by yours truly.

2 The number of strippers who called and left BadBlood a voicemail.

1 The number of Guinness spiked with Irish Whiskey chugged by yours truly on stage in front of a couple hundred people.

6.5 The estimated number of gallons of Soco BigMike and I have ingested so far.


So here's the deal.

Today we're drinking the deck. BigMike and I will be using seperate decks. We will be doing single shots to move through the deck. Going from the Ace to the King, spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs.

Whoever comes closest to guessing how far each of us gets, I'll find a nice Key West package to send along.


Congrats to Bob for winning the WSoP seat. I came home at 4:30am and was floored when I saw he won.

press it kenNETH!




Sunday, April 24, 2005

Day 1 

'nuff said