Friday, July 16, 2004

Not much time to post this morning. But good lord did MonkeyBoy Jr. have a blast last night.


Thursday, July 15, 2004

Random junk 

More random thoughts from my muddled brain today.

I've been glancing over my webstats again. Someone each day is visiting from Memphis and doing a Yahoo search each time on AlCantHang.

How're your doing? Stop in to the comments and say hi. We're all friendly here. Ask BG, you might just get a long distance introduction.

Two new sites I've found referrals from. John-Paul is a poker blogger from Canada who doesn't mind tipping a few frosty beverages.

I also found a site called The Poker Papers. It looks relatively new with a bunch of poker news content.

To SirFWALGMan's question about Raise, Bet, or Check? Raise or Fold! (Now do you understand why the wifey is better than me?)

Someone from Japan used babelfish to translate my site from English to Japanese this morning.


Here's my drunken question posed to HDouble Tuesday night right before my booze induced coma kicked in. The wifey reminded me this morning that I even sent it.

Reading Sklansky and Brunson back-to-back made me wonder about implied odds. How does Sklansky's take on implied odds mesh with the aggression of Brunson and my over-the-top raise or fold fishy ways?

I think he may have actually called me an idiot but that may have just been the wifey yelling in my ear. Did I really send that HDub?

By the way, welcome back to the Big Dub from his trip across the pond. Now where's that post and the pics of the Scandinavian hotties?


Is everyone else glad to have the Blogfather back and posting? My manager was becoming concerned with my increase in workplace productivity.


No hard feelings Sean? I'll make up the oversight by getting you a shot next time you're at the Borgata.


Wil Wheaton has Part II of his poker post up. I think it's time to arrange another WPBT event and get Wil entered.

Good advice. Very good advice. Yep. Good, solid, useful, winning advice. Advice that I hadn't heeded for weeks. Advice that I needed to hear even more than Burns did, because I'd been playing like complete and utter shit: too loose, too aggressive, and way too many hands. I had consistently lost, regardless of the game: pot-limit, low-limit, no-limit . . . Hold'Em, Stud, Draw . . . ring, tournament, home game, online game . . . I just couldn't get it done.


I've been invited to a very nice fishy poker game on Saturday. I'm trying to talk them out of limit and move up to Pot or NL. It's a bunch of college age guys who have learned to play from watching the WPT and WSoP. Oh please (poker)god let this be as good as it sounds. I have appliance upgrades to pay for in the new house.


Yikes, this looks like something the wifey would try.

A Russian taxi driver got a rude shock when he discovered his blind ex-wife, who thought he had died in an explosion, had him buried in a Moscow cemetery, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

And no, Pauly, his name isn't Ivan.


The mother-in-law is heading in to town on Saturday. That means one thing. I'll be at the Borgata sometime this next coming week. Who's wit me this time?


Damn, what a complete waste of time and cyberspace resources. Someone should lock me up.


Is it me or is Phil Ivey the dullest man in poker? It's easy to have the rock solid, no emotion table image IF YOU HAVE NO EMOTIONS TO BEGIN WITH. Christ. I can't wait to read Richard Brodie's writeup from the Turning Stone last night. No fine wine for him at the casino since the Turning Stone is dry. Oh the humanity.


Enough wasting everyone's time today. Go read BoyGenuis' blog later tonight. He's working on a great post.

Happy boozing!


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Brain hurts. Booze still pumping through my veins. I can feel my heartbeat in my eyeballs.

The last thing I remember before the wifey pouring my puddled ass into the truck last night was signing a horrendous karaoke duet of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Hopefully DJ Scuba Steve wasn't recording it.

So I am surfing, reading, doing just about anything to avoid the unbearable drudgery. How 'bout a bunch of tiny micro posts? I think that's all I'm capable of today.


Grubby originally started The Hammer Challenge as a way to get the term used globally. Wil Wheaton, future winner of a World Poker Blogger Tour event, used The Hammer in one of his posts.

I'm starting to hope for The Hammer. When a draw starts to look good, you know you're in trouble .

Very cool. Now if someone would just say it on TV....


Tuesday, July 13, 2004


It seems that Mr. Decker is not the only person messing with the Nigerian scammers. The gentlemen at www.419eater.com seem to be doing quite well (and having fun) fighting back. (You have to check out the Trophy Room)

I found this article at BBC.com. Not quite as creative as Mr. Decker's but still funny.


I'm back, alive..... 

....unharmed, and smelling of camp fire smoke. And I have the DT's. Not a single drink since Thursday.

The weekend started a day early with a long drive to western Maryland Friday afternoon. I decided to use the relaxing weekend to re-read and patch some holes. I grabbed my Sklansky, Malmuth, and Brunson. BTW, no man was ever EVER meant to read Sklansky for 4 straight hours on a car ride.

After the long drive (and one minor detour going in the whole wrong direction) we finally made it through the mountain passes to our destination. Beautiful area on a lake in the middle of the woods. More importantly, a lake-side beach with plenty of distractions for a hippy perv between his book readin'.

Friday afternoon and evening I read nothing but Sklansky. Poker, poker, poker, that's all I could think about. A group of college-age kids sitting nearby were talking about playing poker that night. hhhmmmm, free money. As I'm trying to sleep that night, visions of poker numbers were dancing in my head. I can't think of anything except pot odds, implied odds, reverse implied odds, how the eff can someone call an all-in with AJ when the god of poker is holding JJ (knudge). Around 2am, with my brain still in overdrive, I decided that this was crazy. I'm on vacation. To relax.

Sklansky, Malmuth, and Brunson were relegated to the truck for the remainder of my vacation. Instead, I stuck my head into the Mary Doria Russell novel, The Sparrow. Which as I kept explaining it to people, should be sub-titled Jesuit's in Space (I keep saying it in my head like the Muppet's skit Piiigs in Spaaace).

This finally allowed me to relax. Really relax for the first time in months. The last vacation (Key West Booze-fest for the newcomers) was not particularly low key in most aspects. A good book, clean air, and the occasional eye-candy minus the booze and bar. My liver started chirping up and asking if I was ok.

From one of Scott's recent posts,

Believe it or not, I really like just sitting down at the river when it's nice and quiet. I've hardly had a chance to do that this year. Too many events. I ain't even had room to build a little fire and cook a hot dog.

That's exactly what I was able to do for the first time in two years. Sit by the lake, enjoy the outdoors, and I even built a fire and cooked a couple dogs.

Everything was going well until....

The Storm

Momma Nature was nice enough to present us with perfect weather from Friday until Sunday afternoon. Little showers were going on and off throughout the afternoon. Nothing close to putting out the Grade A inferno my ol' man had going in the fire ring. Momma N even waited until I pulled off the two 32oz, inch thick steaks off the grill before opening the heavens in biblical proportions.

We hadn't bothered checking out the weather reports, dems for wusses. Apparently, a good sized banger of a storm was heading our way and we were just twiddling our thumbs waiting to get stomped on. My sister and her family were in a big tent conveniently located on the low side of the site. Myself and PokerPrincess were on highland, and the 'rents were sitting dry in their brand-spanking new Winnebago.

As we settled in for the night, me with my book, her with the sequel Children of God (or Jesuit's in Space 2: Return of Edward Scissorhands), the rain was coming down hard and you could hear that it was going to get worse. One of my favorite parts of being out at the lake in the middle of nowhere. With nothing but a thin piece of nylon above us, we listened as the storm approached. Counting the seconds between flash and crack like my old man taught me when I was a wee Al and could still hang. Finally, a flash and boom at the same time and we could hear the first tree fall. The sound of thunder moving across the sky from right to left. Close enough that you would swear it was right over top.

Around 4:30am it began letting up. We got up to check the status of the tent and we found a couple of small leaks, nothing bad considering the drenching which had taken place. A quick look outside to confirm that none of the surrounding trees were in imminent danger of coming down. Not long after our big sigh and even bigger Wow, the rumbling sound began again in the distance and we know God's firework display isn't complete.

Four more hours of rain, wind, and lightning without any problems or emergencies. We finally emerged from our tent. I love the smell of the air after a particularly fierce thunder storm. It's just cleaner.

In the aftermath, we were the driest of the three sites. The sister's family made out very well considering their location. The foot deep moats dug prior to the storm apparently worked. But the poor ol' man. The brand new, monster-sized Winney leaked like a sieve around the pull-out section. Not a happy man.

All in all, I had a great weekend. I enjoyed hanging out and relaxing with my family. I hadn't realized how much I needed a lowkey vacation for a new perspective. No poker, no booze, no blogging, no blog reading.


Speaking of no blog reading, I'm pretty sure the blogfather waited for this specific weekend to come back so I couldn't pimp his new post.

I guess my prayer worked.


If you're not reading BoyGenius recently, you're really missing out. Some quality posts. Obviously, since he can't post during the day, it all just simmers away until he gets home and purges his brain.

Just to reiterate. Here are my first checks / reads every morning.

1. Iggy - Guinness and Poker
2. Paul - Tao of Poker and Tao of Pauly
3. BoyGenius
4. TheFatGuy
5. Felicia
6. HDub - Card's Speak (I think he's back)
7. Chris Halverson
8. Maudie - Poker Perspectives
9. MeanGene
10. Poker Penguin

That's just during breakfast when the wifey is getting ready for work. As the day moves along and I find time here and there, I will hit every site on the right at least once a day. It's good for the soul.

So everyone coming to my site (that means you out in Sweden doing the internet search for Score's girls) should really visit the other sites for some quality writing.


Speaking of the almighty Kiwi Penguin, here's his response to my question:

Why would anyone want to live anywhere but New Zealand?

But seriously, I'm partial to the Canadian Rockies / Yukon (been to both places, and going back) because they have mountains and hot women.

Or perhaps the South of France, I love the food culture, and then there's the alps.

Or perhaps somewhere in Scandinavia (again, mountains and hot women).

The three outside selections are Belfast, Argentina / Uruguay, and South Korea.

I didn't have to choose just one did I?

Mountains and hot women. I think I've found my next vacation destination! Actually, the plan for me and the wifey is to head Australia way some time next year. Close enough for the mighty Peng to make a hop?


One thing I forgot to mention from my weekend vacation and you may consider this a Public Service Announcement.

The scariest critters we saw the entire trip were human and wearing spandex.

People, ya gotta work with me. Spandex is a Privilege, not a Right. Just because you CAN wear it, doesn't mean you SHOULD wear it.


Thanks to everyone for the song selections for the band. Marc was impressed (ie: scared) when he saw the list. Keep 'em coming. BG, I fully expected some 'TANG listed.


That's about as much as my brain can dump this early in the morning. Thanks for stopping by and go visit the site listed on the right.