Thursday, August 02, 2012

Post WSOP Changes 

It usually takes between ten days and two weeks for me to feel like myself after a summer at the WSOP. It usually depends on the amount of Vegas scum I have caked on my soul after watching the same jackholes throw good money at bad bets. This year it took a shorter amount of downtime to detox Vegas from system, probably because I spent more time away from the casinos then most years.

The unwind was even more necessary after the last few weeks of personal crap which included an old friend giving me crap for telling it like it is, a new friend getting herself in deep with the needle, and a whiny blogger giving me a not-too-subtle jab. It was time to get offline.

The process usually includes staying away from the bars, reconnecting with friends, and getting back on a schedule that doesn't involve "wake up-go to casino-watch idiots-drink heavily-pass out". I failed mostly at staying away from the bars because that's how I reconnected with my friends, so I got a solid C+ for my performance. The revised schedule was easier to handle.

After four years of doing nothing but poker related work, I moved on and began working with a company with zero interest in the game. Two days before heading home from Vegas I accepted a job designing websites for a pretty large company and managing content across several platforms. I nice mash of my former job(s) which allowed me to work from anywhere and my old career with some techno fun.

I'm not shutting the door on future work in poker (still helping out Dan with Pokerati.com so I get my poker fix), but I'm certainly not going out of my way to find something and no one is knocking down my door. A win for all.

Feels good to be a little closer to a normal member of society, though I'll never go back to an office job and regular hours. Degens gotta degen, drunks gotta drink.

My new office chair courtesy of the WSOP?