Thursday, May 24, 2012

2011 Roadtrip: Home and Foxwoods 

I did something last week which would have generated two thousands words of blog spew just a few short years ago. But now it just resulted in some irritation and excessive drinking. My laptop, barely a year old, completely shit the bed with an irreparable hardware issue causing random shutdowns. If your system won't stay up long enough to get through 2 minutes of porn, it's time to reload.

I handled it in such a way that it will no longer bother me and I'm surprised I forgot to grab a picture of the final solution (Was never able to use those two words together when I worked for Siemens). After finding a replacement system, I removed the hard drive even though my files were sufficiently backed up. I then calmly picked up my old, trusty laptop and snapped that sumbitch across my knee in such a manner as to neatly separate the two halves. The results were placed in their proper receptacles and I walked to the bar to get snookered.

So there's the simple explanation for dropping off the grid for a few days. The birth of a new system.


After spending most of January 2011 on the road, the local dive bar welcomed me back with open arms. And booze, pizza, cigarettes, and candies. In the middle of my short time in Philly I was summoned to Foxwoods Casino for some fun with WhoJedi, Timtern, etc. No matter the fact that Foxwoods forcibly enforces it's ridiculous last call and drinking policy, a good time was had by all.




Tasty tasty

BigMike tracking our various Super Bowl prop bets, I lost

Cruising past NYC on the way to Foxwoods

Short-rib Stroganoff at David Burke's Prime...

followed by the "Can of Cake"