Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WPBT 2010: National Irresponsibility Day 

Philly 'burbs
December 2010

It looks like everyone has returned from blogger hijinks in Las Vegas all in one piece. I know I feel a whole lot better returning from this trip then normal. It usually takes a few days hunkered under the blankets before I can pull my head of my ass and resume life in the real world. But I set some weird drunk record by only waking up on my floor once during the trip and then making an appearance in the morning AFTER sleeping instead of still being awake.

Wednesday was going to be my easy day. No responsibilities other than getting silly, catching up with friends, and perhaps drown in a bottle of Soco. I didn't have anywhere to be until sometime late Thursday night living a big window open for a possible alcohol induced coma. Day 1's are always rough on my system.

The flight out was uneventful, check it went smoothly, and I found the Joanada/Buddy Dank contingent sitting at the Geisha bar as my welcome. My next step was stock the shitty IP hotel room for future good health. I loaded up the place with bottles of water and food-ish items for bounce back assistance. There would be no rehash of the Burger Palace hangover stumble or gag inducing room service pizza.

Things kicked off just like every other drunken mess, Geisha Bar and shots. CaityCaity and BWOP joined us at the Geisha Bar where somehow I got it in my head they were loving the cheap shots of Gentleman Jack. Turned out to be a bad read but not before I pumped 3 or 4 shots down some guts setting the foundation for later.

It seemed like a great idea to walk over to the Bellagio where they were taping the final table of the Five Diamond Classic with Bob (aka @scsuhockey10). There was a big line to get into the room but thank god the Fontana Lounge was right there for drinking entertainment. It seemed like every time we grabbed a shot, another person we knew walked by. Before long my head was swimming and we were chastised by the film crew for yelling during hands, who knew it was just a thin curtain between us and the action.

CaityCaity, BWOP, and PokerVixen set up a nice, goofy 3/6 mix game at the IP while we were busy getting ourselves in trouble. We thought it best to stagger back in that direction to spend money on buyins instead of bail.

/insert fuzzy head

I don't remember much about the game other than I was winning games I'd never played and losing games (and badly misreading my hands) in those I've played before. Two days later my neck was inexplicably sore until I remember getting a massage at the table that night/morning. If I didn't fall asleep, I'm surprised. I finished pretty much even for the session before one last drink(s) with PokerVixen at the bar.

A few hours later and I said good morning to my hotel room floor.

Nasty Imperial Palace poker chips