Friday, December 03, 2010

WPBT Additions 

The WPBT drink-fest/poker tournament is just a few days in the future and I decided to add a little to the mix. Not to be left behind by PokerStars, I went to my Full Tilt Poker overlords and pulled some resources. We kicked around some ideas and here's what we came up with.

Full Tilt is kicking in another $1,000 to the WPBT tournament prizepool at Aria on Saturday. It will be distributed with $100 save for the bubble boy/girl, $300 for first, $200 for second, $175 for third, $125 for fourth, $100 for fifth.

Full Tilt is also adding five $100 bounties on random players which will be announced before the tournament. I'm working on a few "blogger friendly" FTP pros to pop in so you can knock them out. Both the added prizepool and bounties will be transferred to your Full Tilt account (as per the casino rules, not mine)

The big ticket item doesn't come until Sunday, football day. I have reserved the big room at Lagasse's Stadium in The Palazzo. Full Tilt is putting up $2,000 for the food tab throughout the day, that is a lot of tasty Emeril food to go around.

April has all the details of the WPBT tournament.
Facebook event page to RSVP for the tournament.
Up for Poker has the complete list of added on prize money.


For those who will question, Full Tilt is not paying for any part of the booze tab. I did not want them responsible for anyone over-indulging (that would be me) plus not everyone drinks. This gives everyone a piece of the action. Eat up.

That also means we will have a separate check for the booze, everyone drinking is on the hook to pay their part. Last year quite a few people pulled the old drink and dash leaving behind a big tab. I'll leave it up to your imagination what will happen if you ditch on my tab this year.


While I'm busy doing announcements, we've also set up a poker training session before the WPBT tournament. I realize every poker blogger in the world is already the best on the planet but who couldn't use a refresher?

Alex Outhred from Deepstack University, friend of bloggers and drunks, has offered a drastically discounted rate for a little two hour session. The cost is $25 and runs at Aria from 10am until noon (start of the WPBT tournament). $10 from each will go back into the prizepool in the form of bounties on players.

The session caps at 18 players so let me or April know if you are interested.


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dive Bar Fail 

Philly 'burbs
November 2010

Last night I decided to do everyone a favor and get myself happy at the same time. I walked up to the dive bar, bringing along my new Flip cam to take a short video of the place to show what I was speaking of yesterday. We could all decide whether my description was accurate or I was full of crap.

Then I had my first huge shot and the next thing I know the bartender was dropping me off at the house 3 o'clock this morning with a prestine, and video free, camcorder.

I did manage to meet a girl there who was way out of her element. She wasn't fall down drunk, twitchy from various drugs, or spewing filth from her mouth. Some would say the only downside to this 23 year old girl was her taste in music, she asked me to put some Foghat and .38 Special on the jukebox. I complied and still ended up with a ride home from the staff. It's in their best interest that I don't die on the way home.


During my "hiatus" you may have noticed Dr. Pauly released Lost Vegas upon the world. I'd love to do a proper review but I'm not exactly an objective writer. Somehow I manage to find my way into a few spots throughout the novel without seeming to be a complete wacko. I'm still waiting on someone (ahem Julius Goat) to finish up a proper review for me to post on the Tilt blog but the few readers I have left already own it. Here are some of the early reviews.

I personally enjoyed it, brought back some old memories and highlighted some stories I hadn't heard before. You can pick it up here a Lulu or at Amazon.com (both print and Kindle versions). Click on the link above for your options.

I was excited to see Dr. Pauly is also doing a rewrite on his first novel Jack Tripper Stole My Dog. I'm lucky enough to have an early manuscript and it is easily my favorite story. I can't wait.


Random crappy iPhone pictures

You can tell by the attention, I was cooking bacon

Some tailgating supplies for an August Phillies game
Unable to prop bet anyone into eating all the cheesy puffs

Two great tastes that taste great together
Bonus points if you can name the bar


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catching Up 

Philly 'burbs
November 2010

So what the holy hell have I been doing with myself over the twelve months since I barely posted during 2010 with the exception of getting reamed for BBT5 by friends and enemies. I honestly spent a good part of that time getting nice and drunk without apology.

I found myself a little dive bar which fulfills most of my desires, my version of the FDA requirements to call itself a "dive bar".

Starts off with the tobacco cloud filled tiny room thanks to a Pennsylvania loophole which allows certain bars to allow smoking. There is one tiny pool table with the expected rips in the felt and the usual arguments between players, players/drunks, players/drunks/players/bouncers, etc. They have a series of beer coolers across the back wall containing various beers, coolers, and malted liquors available for takeout. I understand their selection of 40 ouncers is top of the class. 1970's style linoleum lining the slightly off plumb bar top, drunk old guys sleeping face down, a bathroom that is literally a hole in the wall.

None of those are necessarily negatives, just a little color in a world gone bland. Throw in cheap shots of booze plus women of questionable morals and you've got yourself a recipe for a fine home bar. It's also walking distance giving me no excuse to slow down. We plow right through last call after I was granted "favored patron" status. You would think it was an after-hours bar with the number of times I've stumbled down the middle of the road during sunrise.

Throwin' the drunken goat

It's good to have a home bar even if it's for just a short amount of time.

Another quick story/brag. The bar used to be covered in that 70's linoleum and only had a two tap system with Yuengling and Bud. It turns out I spent enough money there during the spring they did a little upgrade while I was in Vegas for the summer. I came back and the owner proudly showed me the upgraded bar top and new 6 tap system so they could expand to such premium brands as Miller Lite, Bud Light, and Coors Lite. I'm so proud.


What did I miss around the blogging world while I was ratholing stories and shielding my eyes from others? Not very much it seems. It was nearly impossible to pour through thousands of hand history posts and the worst I could find was some insignificant gruff about Doc Chako enjoying his well earned success. Chuckleheads and Douche Canoes abound. I've got a Porsche in my future if I'd just get over this addiction to booze and travel.

My most recent accomplishment was probably why I'll find it so easy to just jump back in here. For the first time I gave NaNoWriMo a shot and managed to finish a few days early. 50,000 words during the month of November, with a week spent working in Las Vegas, was pretty damned tough. I have an all new respect for guys like Dr. Pauly, Otis, Falstaff, etc who do this on a regular basis.

Turns out I could find all those words just talking about my old days of banging around the bars before I started putting them here. My formative days ya might say. I doubt anyone would give a flying fuck enough to read a bit of it but the he process was cathartic (big fancy writer's word right there) and it felt good to get through it all.

So no, you can't read it although I may pull out some of the better stories to put on here.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Holy Crap! 

Philly 'burbs
November 2010

It's been a long time since I've thrown anything down in this space. If it wasn't for the occasional reminder from my hosting company about bills coming due it might completely slip my mind. I would love to say I miss this blackhole of drunken desperation but don't know if I can. I spent a lot of time putting my thoughts down in print, those things I could remember, for a few people to read along.

But I've enjoyed the reprieve from the desire to share. I throw my liver in a wagon, drag it off to the local dive bar and let it have it's fun. Sure I spew a few golden idiotic quotes out in the twitter world but the vast majority of the craziness is safely confined in my ever slowing brain. I have the ol' Full Tilt blog to keep me busy during the "work day" but there is little creativity involved and not nearly as much degeneracy as you would expect from a professional poker blog.

You'd think spending another summer in Las Vegas would provide a shit ton of stories to spew further upon the world but for the most part it was just taking care of business. Doesn't mean there were more than a few occasions when I found myself waking up on the Gold Coast hotel room floor surrounded by piles of room service trays or a camera full of images requiring instant deletion. There were plenty of nights which ended with me passed out for a few days, but I'm keeping those to myself.

For now.

Things have been uneventful since returning to the east as I prepare for a 2011 which promises to kick my ass. I've squirreled away a few dollars here and there, been relatively responsible with my drinking (which means I'm going to cheap bars, not drinking less) and I'm ready to hit the road with the new year. Plans are already set in motion to take me everywhere from the east coast to Texas to Minnesota to California and even a little hop across the Pacific to Hawaii. No particular order so far but I'm packing up the laptop, camera, and even a brand new Flip cam for some video.

I'm going to fit some "work" into the trip as well, figured I might as well throw some poker in as a common theme and visit as many casinos, home games, back room session that I can fit into the schedule to provide a little content for my Tilty overlords. Just give me a passable internet connection, bottle of booze and pack of smokes then I'm good to go.

Before that of course is the little blogger gathering which is going down in just over a week. After flip flopping several times I decided to head back to the desert to drink with my degenerate friends. Not the easiest decision after spending the summer (and a week in November) but there are enough reasons to make it happen. See y'all at the geisha bar.

I miss checking in for some of the crazy inter-blogger silliness. Flame wars, hurt feelings, and other silly things. It's been so long since I've read a poker blog that I didn't even realize bloglines.com went belly up, I managed to copy my blogroll over to Google and it stopped counting at 1000+ unread posts. I'm trying to catch up so you'll have to be patient. It's fun to run across posts from last spring ripping me for the BBT Challenge, good times.

So time to fire the old drunken story telling machine back up and see what she has left in the tank. Here are a few pictures from the last six months.

Decided to go fishing with Eva and the new hubby, no tuna on the line but I did manage to pull in a nice mahi mahi

We had a hitchhiker later in the day as this wee lil bird hopped on the boat and took a liking to everyone on the boat except me (I told him he probably tasted like chicken)

Sunrise 90 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean

Sunset on the way back into to Belmar, NJ

September brought a nice week long vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, this was the final dinner sitting beach/ocean side

That trip also introduced me to the "John Daly" which is sweet tea vodka and lemonade
The picture on the right is my "shot" for the Drunk Olympics

This is what we found each morning, it was a good week
There was also an evening that involved a bikini contest

In October I had a nice double header, Eagles game in the afternoon and Phillies playoff game that evening