Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 WSOP: Getting Ready 

Las Vegas, NV
May 2010

Greetings from the Gold Coast Casino in the desert of Vegas. It's not elegant or spectacular or noteworthy other than a place to distract me from the Rio. It also holds two of my favorite late night Asian eateries and a place which will make me a milkshake exactly when and how I want it. Plus the best Pai Gow action in town. I'm not a hard man to please.

I'll spend the next two months splitting my time between here, the Rio Convention Center, and just about any place which serves a decent shot of booze. If I'm given the chance to prop bet on ridiculous things, that's just a bonus. It's pretty cool sitting here with a few days still sitting between myself and the start of the WSOP. That feeling will quickly change sometime around Saturday when we have the first $1,000 running of the lemurs.

This will be just my second full WSOP I'll be here but I have a good idea of what to expect. It will feel weird with MeanGene as one of my drinking partners this year especially with those Philadelphia Flyers making the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Last year I watched him just about jump out of skin throughout Penguins run. We do have Spaceman making coming out for the summer so I hope he packed his drinking shoes for those "dinner breaks" with CaliJen and the Miller.

I only have a few days scheduled off between now and the end of July but they should be fun. The US/England World Cup match will find quite a few of us camped out at a sportsbook on June 12th, I plan to invade the Binion's LO8 tournament with CK (and whoever else) to blast away at the drunk-tards, I'll have to take a day off when BigMike and crew make an appearance later in the summer. The rest of the time will be spent sitting on media row or walking the tournament room. It's the glamorous life. There will also be a few WSOP related parties that I'll be attending for purely work-related stories.

CK has been keeping a tab on when various bloggers are coming in town for different events. You should check it out and let her know. I will certainly try to make a little time when I can but you'll understand that work comes first. Feel free to flag me down, yell at me, buy some shots.

The majority of my poker content will be posted up on Poker From the Rail and I plan to write as much as possible the other interesting things which occur but don't necessarily meet the professional constraints of The Man. The camera is charged for a combination of stills and videos, the recorder is ready for those silly conversations which pop up at various bars. Overall I'm pretty well set up mentally, emotionally, physically ready to make my way through the insanity of the WSOP.

We start off the festivies on Wednesday where I somehow made the field in the Doyle Brunson Beer Pong Invitational Tournament. I'm brought in Matt "All In At 420" Stout as my partner which somehow made us the favored team by both Dr. Pauly and the entities at Wicked Chops Poker. I don't see it happening but it should be a fun way to start the summer.