Friday, April 16, 2010

BBT5 ready to roll 

Love it or hate it, I don't care. I am far too lazy to re-write a post aimed for my personal blog, here's the post I put up on Poker From the Rail with fellow blogger Dave. Have at it. Also, I was able to bring Mookie himself out of retirement for the banner work.

Many years ago, long before I gave my life to my Full Tilt overlords, a few bloggers were hosting private tournaments on the site throughout the week. "Discussions" amongst the hosts as to whose players were better were not uncommon. We eventually came up with a half-hearted effort to rank the various players and Full Tilt backed us up with some added money to make it interesting. That was the birth of the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments challenge. Just a few years later, the BBT has turned into a monster, now offering bloggers and their readers a shot at over $50,000 in cash and WSOP seats courtesy of Full Tilt.

This weekend we begin the 5th incarnation of the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments challenge. There are several opportunities for bloggers and their readers to win their way into the BBT5 Tournament of Champions, which boasts several WSOP packages. Unlike previous BBT challenges which stretched the sanity, bankroll, and relationship status of our players, this challenge will be easy to play. BBT5 will run for the next six weeks with two blogger-hosted tournaments during the week as well as an invitational tournament series taking place each Sunday featuring some of your favorite bloggers on topics ranging from poker to finance to philosophy.

The Battle of the Blogger 5 Tournament of Champions: May 27

The BBT5 will last six weeks, culminating in a Tournaments of Champions scheduled for Thursday, May 27th. The prizepool for the ToC is impressive: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers will each receive a $10,000 entry into the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event as well as room accommodations at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino. 4th and 5th place finishers will receive a $2,000 Bracelet Race package good for many of the preliminary 2010 WSOP events.

To qualify for the Battle of the Blogger 5 Tournament of Champions, you need to be a top player in one of the following tournaments:

Poker from the Rail Series: Mondays at 22:00ET

On April 19th we are introducing our new Poker From the Rail tournament series and everyone is welcome to join us for this deepstack NLHE event with a buyin of $24+2 (or token) starting at 22:00ET. In addition to first place money from the prizepool, the winner will earn an entry into the BBT Tournament of Champions. The Poker From the Rail tournament will run each Monday from April 19th through May 24th.

The Mookie: Wednesdays at 22:00ET

The Mookie tournament is one of the longest running blogger-hosted events on Full Tilt. It's been running so long, in fact, that the original blogger-host has retired and the tournament is now being hosted by the folks at Buddy Dank Radio who have been running a fine game. This tournament, also a deepstack NLHE format, runs each Wednesday at 22:00ET with a $10+1 buyin. Every Mookie winner between April 21st and May 26th will also earn an entry into the BBT Tournament of Champions.

The Invitational: Sundays at 19:00ET

The last ToC qualifying event is the Sunday evening Invitational, 6 events fielded by many of your favorite poker bloggers, players, and media personalities. Full Tilt has invited a lot of old school poker bloggers to battle the younger generation, the mainstream media, and a few surprise celebrities. It's a great chance to rail the writers you've been reading for years while they play for one of the two ToC entries up for grabs in each tournament.

Blogger Battle Royale: Sunday June 6th

After the ToC is one final event: the Blogger Battle Royale, a freeroll thank you to all the participating bloggers. The stakes: a $2,000 WSOP Bracelet Race package and another $2,000 in cash. The Battle Royale is open to any blogger who actively participates in the BBT. Qualifying is simple: put the BBT badge (available at the soon to be created BBT webpage) on your blog and play in a Mookie or Poker from the Rail tournament and you’re in. (Please note: your blog must have been created prior to April 15 to be eligible.)

In order to fulfill the egalitarian promise of the Battle Royale, we’ll also accept good-faith gestures from bloggers who would like to play in the Battle Royale but cannot, for whatever reason, meet the above qualifications. Email my colleague Dave McCarthy at DaveFromTheRail@gmail.com and he’ll take care of your Battle Royale entry in exchange for a little assistance promoting your fellow bloggers.

During each of these tournaments, tune in to Buddy Dank Radio who will be broadcasting during the entire challenge. There will be special guests during each tournament and I will certainly make an appearance on a regular basis, including this Sunday during the first event. It is a great way to enjoy the blogger tournament experience and, who knows -- you might hear something entertaining.

Below you will find details on all the events as well as the BBT5 banners

Tournament: Poker From the Rail
When: Monday, April 19th through May 24th starting at 22:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $24+2 (or token)*
Password: 2010WSOP

Tournament: The Mookie
When: Wednesday, April 21st through May 26th starting at 22:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1*
Password: vegas1

*Winner also receives ToC entry

Tournament: Battle of the Blogger Tournaments Invitational
When: Sunday, April 18th through May 23rd starting at 19:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: Restricted freeroll**

**$2,000 Prizepool + 1st and 2nd place receive ToC entry

Tournament: Blogger Battle Royale
When: Sunday, June 6th starting at 14:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: Freeroll for BBT participating bloggers

Battle of the Blogger Tournaments banners

BBT5 - Large banner
BBT5 - Medium banner
BBT5 - Small banner
BBT5 - Thumbnail banner


Precursor to BBT5 

Nearly 20 years ago I walked into the famous Troc in Chinatown Philly to see an acoustic show that MTV loved and started the "Unplugged" crap. Still pissed I can't find the live version of "The Way It is" but this will do. After that video is the real live version of "Love Song" with a killer opening guitar solo.

The 5:30 portion of "Love Song" is where things went nuts. Acoustic guitar solo then Frank Hannon shreds the same solo after picking up the electric for the only time the entire concert.

Shit went nuts.

Even though we could never seem to work things out
I still love you just the same, I do
I miss your smile and that sparkle in your eyes
You're so beautiful, never change!