Monday, November 02, 2009

A Little Link Dumping 

Philly 'burbs
November 2009

Hopefully anyone still reading this near empty space will not realize it took me 4 weeks to complete one monster post which I intended to be one day. Once I began getting it all down in writing I realized there was too much in those 4 short days to waste compressing. Whether anyone else agrees we'll never know. At least I got into the semi-regular pattern of writing here in the personal pages away from the paying gig across the street in poker land. I'm nowhere near to where I used to be and maybe that's for the best.

I finished up dealing with the Key West trip just in time to jump back on a damned plane to head west for Las Vegas. Some little poker tournament will be finishing up with some little poker player who keeps getting compared to Tiger Woods. What no one outside our little niche understands that this trip will have it's equal dose of good times as we only need to worry about 8 bustout hands and then we celebrate with excessive amounts of booze and bad food.

Before I head west again I realize I've been neglecting my linkage responsibilities to various sites and scenes. So consider this a last minute, possibly uber, link dump.

Speaking of uberposts, god damn it. September 13th? Bonus Code Iggy!


My favorite picture of the Amazon Room down to 18 Main Even players

I generally separate business and pleasure when it comes to the two blogs but I want to pass these links along since the November Nine is right around the corner. Sitting down in Key West with Spaceman and asked if he would want to contribute to a few posts handicapping the remaining players. He joined in and Riggstad came along and I think it came out well.

Poker from the Rail 2009 World Series of Poker November Nine Part 1
Poker from the Rail 2009 World Series of Poker November Nine Part 2
Poker from the Rail 2009 World Series of Poker November Nine Part 3

I also made a silly prop-bet with fellow Full Tilt blogger Michael Craig this weekend since we were both playing the 43,000 mess known as the FTOPS XIV Warmup tournament. He took time to come up with the terms and I agreed. And then won the last longer bet. Now Mr. Craig is required to play in a 2am Binion's tournament. I think Otis and I are going to go at the same time to see if we can't make this one big clusterfuck. My favorite line from his writeup.
"More important, I should be thinking twice before tangling with this Al character, especially when it comes to crazy prop bets. Al treats dignity like Phil Ivey treats money."

Anybody remember that annoying BBT Battle of the Bloggers thing? Yeah, don't get your hopes up. But I wanted to mention that BBT regular "katiemother" had a big score last night finishing 5th in the Sunday Brawl for a cool $28,000. "Covering" these things gets to be a bit tedious when there are 30 some chuckleheads making ridiculous plays and it took me a while to even realize she was deep in the field.


(I'd love to link up but her blog shows as protected from the likes of me)


With ESPN ripping through the WSOP Main Event the last month or so it's just a stark reminder to my first full time covering the entire series. I get little glimpses of those who were stuck sitting near me for two full months, I even saw my fat ass walk across the screen a few times. Certainly pretending to work when I was actually looking for someone to hit up the Hooker Bar in the middle of the day. It was something I'll never forget.

The good doctor has been reviewing each episode after airing. They are great recaps and you're probably reading them already, but here are the links on the off chance someone from out of the blue just joined us.

Main Event Day 8, Part 1 on ESPN - Liquidity Crisis, Mucking Winners, and Down to 18
Main Event Day 7 on ESPN - Donkeys in the Rye
Main Event Day 6.5 on ESPN - Four Heavy Hitters, Jaws of Ivey, and AngryJulie
Main Event Day 5.5 and Day 6 on ESPN - Introducing the DonkeyBomber
Main Event Day 5 on ESPN - ElkY and Happy
Main Event Day 4 on ESPN - Bubbles and the World Series of Ivey
Main Event Day 3 on ESPN - Aussies, Ivey, and No Shake for Hellmuth
Main Event Day 2B on ESPN - A Kinder and Quieter Hellmuth and the Always Aloof Ivey Time
Main Event Day 2A on ESPN - The Fossilman and Costanza Show


There were three people in the Amazon room on a daily basis who really had to put up with my shit for those two months. Cali Jenn, Mean Gene and Joy Miller (who was my regular Hooker Bar companion). Gene just put a post up on the UB blog with a some of the great shots he took during the series. He was always snapping, editing, correcting pictures while I was fudging with my shitty little point-and-shoot. I figure I owe the UB blog a link back anyway since I'm linked over there, and I have no idea why. They have links to Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Dr. Pauly, Wicked Chops Poker..... and then me. Who knows.

Memories of Things That Just Happened


I challenged CK to a Suicide Pool Challenge over on ESPN for shots during the Winter Gathering in Vegas, which is going horribly for me. I'm going to owe a ton of shots. She turned around and has a pool going for the November Nine. You can join up and if you beat me she'll buy you a shot in Vegas this December. You need to get over to the "Can Al Hang? Poker Challenge" and sign up quickly since they start this Saturday. Password is "alcanthang".

On Fantasy Sports Live I was finally able to string a few decent weeks together and qualify for the Tournament of Champions. Each week there are special games called "Sundays' with Dr. Pauly" with money added and such. I'm either really really good or really really bad. Mediocrity is for the weak.


Only a month late in posting October's Truckin'

October 2009, Vol. 8, Issue 10

1. The Booth by Paul McGuire
A fidgety Larry had nowhere to blend in as only person sitting in a booth along the wall. The cops had to pass him on their way out and they'd know that he was fucked up. How could they not know... More

2. The Demon of Oscar Braathen's Tavern by Sigge S. Amdal
The baby wants attention and makes a horrible shrieking sound, making the hairs on my back stand up. That's exactly what you'd expect from a demon hovering above a deserted town. It's just doing what demons are supposed to be doing. But it freaks me out nevertheless... More

3. Just Lunch by Betty Underground
We're not strangers, though perhaps we should be; the span between the time when knew each other before and now, is vast. Back then, we didn't even know ourselves, and what we knew about each other was drawn with immature minds. When we first reconnected I'm sure we imagined what we thought the other had become... More

4. Danger Box by Curtis Krumel
In Mexico they have Montezuma's Revenge. In Iraq, the bane of the visitor is Saddam's Revenge. The source of the condition, like that of the Nile, is shrouded in mystery, but the effects are unmistakable.... More

5. Two Memories by Johnny Hughes
I was called in the middle of the night, when I was higher than a hawk's nest, and drunker than Cooter Brown. Joe explained the deal, and he and I both knew Jesse had a handful of warrants out, and unresolved entanglements with Texas laws... More

The Daily Crutch

I guess I'm a hypocrite for calling it "daily" but I think you'll like today's selection. I just happened to catch her the ol' TV the other night and recalled that she's had a few looks in her career. Just a few of Linda Cardellini's roles included stints on Freaks and Geeks, ER, and Velman in the Scooby Doo movies. I had too many pictures to chose from but I narrowed it down. A little. It was a tough job. And nothing half-assed, click to embiggen.

Apparently she vamped up Velma just a little, no complaints here

I like her as a blonde, couldn't decide between the two, went with both