Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back to Key West Part 4 

Key West - Day 4
September 2009

For the second straight day in Key West I hit the sack in mostly decent shape. I bade a fair thee well to my drunk-mates and went back to my zebra room. We made loose plans for breakfast in the morning, promises of french toast with Godiva white chocolate sauce. Passing out was almost instantaneous.

I still can't believe I didn't snap a picture of my room, it was huge, sporting faux zebra skin rugs, and a huge elongated mask type thing that stood at least 4 feet tall. Scary as shit flipping on the light in a drunken fog to see that thing jump out of the dark. You can kind of get a view of it in the pictures here from their website.

I was pulled out of my coma by the trusty cell phone chirping away at me once again, the now common occurrence. It was the SpaceFolk just letting me know they were off on another sightseeing adventures following their breakfast. A breakfast which I once again slept through. A breakfast that saw Jason chow down on the aforementioned french toast. Fucking booze ruins lives, or so I hear. Often. Another morning down the drains but I was up and moving.

While they ran around the island looking at butterflies and 6-toed cats I was spending my birthday getting a little bit of work done. It was a fine lazy afternoon looking forward to the evening. It was our final night in town for this trip and it was still my birthday. When you turn ancient they let you celebrate longer, not knowing how many more of these might come around. We were going to have dinner with my friend Nikki before she had to work and then some respectable drinking.

The decision was made, Bagatelles on Duval Street would be the ones to provide us with our last supper. Nikki and I naturally arrive early to camp out at the bar while the SpaceFolk finish touring the island. It took me all of 5 seconds to read the menu and make my selection. Something called "Honey Fried Lobster Tail" which both Nikki and bartender highly recommended. All the locals have given it a shot.

Temura Battered Seven Ounce Lobster
served with Honey Butter and Wasabi Mash

Lock it up.

I wish I could get a picture to properly show the goodness on the plate

More food piled upon more food with an extra helping of double desert on top. It made for a very fine afternoon sitting around with friends eating great food and casual meandering conversations. It seemed no time had passed before Nikki was begging off to make it to work on time and the remaining three of us slowly crawled back to our little guest house. Not even a professional drinker on his birthday would able to turn around from that feast and jump straight into real world hardcore drinking. A little down time was required.

Before we crawled our way back into the bars, I was able to have one of those moments that you just can't make up. I made a big impression on a large group of people through no other method than being my normal bull in a china shop self.

Our guest house was haunted. That is if you believe in such things or wish to amuse yourself into paying extra money for the mere chance of seeing a disembodied spirit. I was just happy to have a place literally stumbling distance from my favorite bars. Marrero's Guest House Mansion (mansion? really?) even plays up the notion that some chippy is walking around in ghost form, in a town already that believes half the places haunted and New Orleans-like cemeteries. There's even a ghost tour that walks around town showing such places.

Of the 26 rooms in the house, we were the only two rooms being rented that evening. SpaceRachel was waiting patiently on the front porch for us to get our fat asses in gear, sitting quietly on the side swing. Most of the house was completely dark and I'm sure it looked an awful lot like this picture from the ghost tour site. Thinking I was holding up the entire process, I moved quickly down the hallway and burst out onto the front porch in fully-lit-up, loud-obnoxious-Al mode. Burst.

I'm sure I was quite an unexpected thing to see.

At that very moment one of the above mentioned tours just happened to be gathered around our front steps, each of the crowd facing away from the house to enjoy the tales of the tour guide in the top hat. The whole lot of them jumped out their skins and snapped around to see what the holy hell was happening. They all just stood there staring wide eyed at this abomination, like a god damned yeti just magically appeared in their presence full of tangled hair and Virginia's favorite tobacco.

It took 10 full minutes for me to explain this all to Spaceman after the fact, between the tears of laughter and remembering the look on the poor top hat guy. You just never know what you're going to see in Key West.

Tour Guide buyers beware.