Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Feet, Football, and a Classic 

I can usually tell when my brain/soul/system has healed itself. It's when I start looking at travel websites on a regular basis and keep double checking my frequent flyer account. Time for the happy feet to kick in. It took a couple weeks but I'm fully recovered not only from 2 months in Las Vegas but the preceding 4 months of travel and debuachery also. I've basically lived out of a bag since February and that gets to be a drag. I've now spent a month with my ass firmly planted in the same place, for the most part. Life almost feels normal.

That's why it's time to pick up and move again. Normal is for old, boring, married, parental, properly employeed, socially responsible individuals. That is most definitely nothing I'm not interested in. Would you believe I've only put my body through a couple hardcore drinking benders since leaving Sin City? It's unthinkable. Only plans written in absolute stone are the Borgata for their Poker Open, Las Vegas for the November Nine and Las Vegas for the Blogger gathering. I'm working out the rest of my year but it should be pretty solid.

It's been good to get my feet back under me. A little stability and home cooking is good for the soul.


The man is trying to put me down! I'm actually suprised it took this long for YouTube to come after me. I put up a video from Cowboy Bill's in Key West showing a bunch of girls riding the mechnical bull, a few sans clothing. I took the video while I was spending more time concentrating on "judging" the competition but caught a decent video.

Someone eventually flagged the video and it's been banned. Via YouTube notice:
Most nudity is not allowed on YouTube, particularly if it is in a sexual context. Videos that are intended to be sexually provocative are also generally not acceptable for YouTube. There are exceptions for some educational, documentary and scientific content, but only if that is the sole purpose of the video and it is not sexually gratuitous.
I think the nudity fell under all three categories of "educational, documentary and scientific content". I've been looking around and it looks like Google Video no longer allows uploads so I put it up on Yahoo Video. I'm sure it will last at least a week. Not Safe for Work, as if you needed the warning.

Bull Riding at Cowboy Bill's Key West @ Yahoo! Video

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The football season is almost upon us. The NFL and college games are right around the corner. Spouses are getting pissed off as their counterparts head to all night fantasy football drafts, online bookie accounts are getting reloaded, pools are being formed and busted. This year I'm keeping it simple. Only one midly competitive FFL league, a few pools, and weekly games at Fantasy Sports Live.

Challenge CK !!! - ESPN Elimination Challenge
Password: BWOP

beat CK and get a free shot in December at the Geisha Bar

Fantasy Sports Live - Weekly fantasy football challenge. I'm sure there will be a Battle of the Blogger type challenge as well as Sunday's with Dr. Pauly again. I ran really well in the early going last year but ran out of steam near the end. Great way to get a fantasy football fix with a twist each week.


The Daily Crutch

Just like an expensive attorney, I work my ass off at the real job so that I can bring my readers back here a little pro-bono boob work. I'm sure there's a prize wating for me in heaven. Or hell. Probably hell.

I had a choice of doing a half-assed post with 5 of the girls you can see in the new TV series to followup after the last post of girls that are gone baby gone. Instead I will postpone it for my next post and give you a classic. Going through the years of Two and a Half Men I was reaquainted with the lovely Heather Locklear and found some goodies. My favorite is the first one.

As an old fart, the natural progression was to also find pictures of another Heather who was young and popular at the same time. A couple of Heather Thomas also. There is a poster, another poster, and of course ZAPPED!

I couldn't pick one picture out of the smaller remaining older ones
You get them all because I'm an indecisive bastard