Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Road Trippin 

Fun times over the last week or so. My boy Brad was back east for his summer trip/birthday visit and we did it up proper over a few nights. Old school drinking in some of the places we used to haunt back in the days when I was just a young rookie booze hound sniffing around the girls and watching bands. We ran into friends we hadn't seen in awhile and made new friends around town. For those who don't follow on twitter, there was a new friend who received a fine reaction from the Facebook world.

There was even a day when a little minute decision was made to hop a car ride down to Ocean City, MD. The land of many crazy nights where we were competely socially irresponsible. Should have been arrested many times over for crimes against humanity and sanity. Sleazy bars or clubs full of bikinis, it made no difference as long as we could get ourselves deep into a bottle and rip through a few packs of smokes. It was a summer town of bands and girls and one non-stop party. The Purple Moose, Dutch Bar, Big Kahuna, Seacrets and Scandals (unforunately long dead rock club). It was good to get back and remember those times. We even threw in some prep betting for drinks with skee ball and Keno.

I'm trying to figure a way to spend a few weeks down there before making my way south for the winter again.


The rest of my time has been spent making travel and living plans. I have about another month in my home town before heading to the Borgata for their WPT event. After that I have my time split between Key West and Las Vegas again. I'll be in Vegas for both the November Nine coverage and the WPBT drink-together in December. There are side trips to Pittsburgh, Aruba, and Europe that are in serious consideration.

I'm always on the lookout for new places to visit or live. My fallback option is to spend the winter in Key West, not exactly a "worse" case scenario.


The Daily Crutch

Naturally with all this down time I've taken myself back into the dirty depths of the internet for the good of my remaining "readers". I haven't watched much TV this summer since 8 weeks of that was spent either in the Amazon Room, sitting at the hooker bar, or passed out because of both. There are a few shows that I'm catching up with and there are some pretty decent examples of the female form on the small screen. Topping the list is Christina Hendricks, I had no idea she was in this new show Mad Men. I've never seen the show but I like seeing more pictures of her pop up. I first saw her in Firefly and a little bit in Life.

The rest are here for your enjoyment. I know for sure that I missed a ton, comments are welcome and I'll put them up.

Christina Hendricks, I just LOVE curvy red heads,
may have to do an entire redhead Daily Crutch later

Natalia Cigliuti from Raising the Bar, here's yet another pic of the cutie

Autumn Reeser, the new girl on Entourage

Maggie Lawson from Psych, wish I could find a better picture

Jill Wagner is the hostess of that silly Wipeout show that no one can stop watching