Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 WPBT Winter Classic 

Plenty of talk going around about the blogger round up in Vegas this December. I'm sure I'll be there. The last few years I've flip-flopped about whether to go or not but this time I know it'll happen. I'm just having a real hard time getting myself all wound up about it since it's only been a few weeks since I flew out of McCarran.

Texass April has all the details about the poker tournament, the combo platter of CK and BamBam are setting up a little golf action, and the MGM mix games are set to go. There will be cowboys and dog riding monkeys. While this is all going down, you can most likely find me sitting at the nearest bar.

2009 WPBT Winter Classic
When: December 12th, 15:00ET
Where: Caesar's Palace
Buyin: TBD

If you've never attended one of these, I definitely suggest you give it a try. Grab someone you've never met and drag them off to a bar to bullshit for as long as you can. There are few chances to hang with the concentration of degenerate poker players who have enough self importance (hand up) to put their ramblings online for all to see.

Book it now and make the trip.

I'll probably take the opportunity to spend a little time on the left coast after the weekend. I haven't been to Los Angeles since the infamous Playboy Mansion trip, I love San Diego, then it's just a short hop across the ocean to Fiji. A guy can always dream. I'm always open to options if anyone has suggestions.


Last and final word on BBT4. The FTP points have finally been paid out to places 6 through 20 on the BBT4 Leaderboard. I've double checked around and everything seems to be done. Please double check and let me know. The following players should have 25,000 extra points in their accounts.



The Daily Crutch

When I finally made my escape from Las Vegas, it was just a few short hours before I hopped a train south from Philly to Washington, DC. There were a bunch of pokerin' type people in town to lobby and meet with law makers to support the online poker industry. I went down after all the important stuff was done to do a little site seeing and drinking. One evening I headed out with Cali Jenn to see the monuments at night. The next night was spent drinking with Jenn, Michalski, and Katie at a bar that served sloppy-joe sliders and the bartender was buying shots.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument from inside the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial at night

Washington Monument reflected in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Washington Monument from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

National World War II Memorial

Washington Monument at night

U.S. Capitol Building Rotunda

U.S. Capitol Building Rotunda

U.S. Capitol Building

U.S. Capitol Building and a dumpster, my metaphor

The Mall from U.S. Capitol Building