Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Getting Back on the Horse 

I found one lingering problem from Las Vegas that no one warned me about. Or maybe it's just something I should have anticipated. I spent two straight months surrounded by thousands of stranger and friends. There was never a time in those 8 weeks when I wasn't slammed over the head by everything you've come to expect from Vegas. The constant noise of slot machines, poker players frothing at the mouth to tell their bad beat stories, always someone bitching about something. Sensory overload turns into numbness to all the silly shit. Flashing lights on every square inch comes to seem perfectly normal.

Then the series is over and it's time to get back to normal life. Now instead of being constantly surrounded, I've gone days without seeing another human being. I don't find myself seeking out bottles of booze at all times of the day, Mama CantHang's classic sweet tea is my most consumed beverage. I now take pictures of buildings, the ocean, people. Normal people and not the newest online grinding chucklehead who just happens to have a few chips in a lemur lynching. It hasn't been the easiest adjustment.

The toughest part has been to get myself back into the habit of writing anything down. Vegas forced the issue, being my job and all. Back home I just can't get motivated to tell everyone here many of the crazy stories that occurred in just a few short weeks. It all seems a decade ago when I got my ass rolled by that stripper or I saw a dead man in the parking lot with F-Train. I don't know how all you proper writers push through this down time but I'm going to make myself do better. There really are too many tales to be told, I owe it to them to do the telling.

Let's see if I can list just a few and I'll count on my remaining 5 readers to keep the pressure on me to put them down in writing.

- Rolled by that drunk ass stripper
- Spot the Hooker game
- Party, party party. There was one with a freestyle rapper. And it wasn't Nelly.
- Late night Pai Gow sessions and my version of the Great Gold Coast Massacre.
- The Ultimate or Steel Panther with BadBlood

I'm sure I'll get to those and more as the days go by. I'm making my stand today!


Before I get to a few more pics from the last few months, just a little BBT4 business to finish up.

First, the 25,000 FTP points are on their way for places 6th through 20th. You'll excuse me for letting that go until I got back from Vegas. I finally have everything straightened out and the list was submitted. When I get the notice, you'll be the first to know.

Second, I wrote here either before or after the Tournament of Champions that BBT4 was the very last challenge of it's kind. I stand by that statement even more so now then before. It ran it's course and I wasn't giving Full Tilt proper value. But at least we were giving free stuff away to poker bloggers.

Then we had a blogger win a WSOP Main Event seat via the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments and actually play in the big game! Outstanding you would think.

I requested one of photographers grab a few shots of him playing so I could pimp him on the Full Tilt blog when she sent me a text "you want a picture of the guy wearing all the Party Poker patches?". Sure enough I walked over to find a BBT winner doing a Party Poker billboard impersonation.

As if I needed another reason to kill the BBT. Well played sir, nice hand.


The (Now to Be) Daily Crutch

Everyone has seen the pictures posted of Liv Boeree. Lovely Brit with a taste for booze and real metal. Someone pointed a video out to me near the end of the WSOP and another un-named member of the media declared his love. She casually mentioned at the hooker bar that she received some personal guitar lessons from none other than Scott Ian and Kirk Hammett. The video is just a little taste of her ripping up some Children of Bodom. Enjoy the entire video.

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The rail was mobbed at bubble time

The Amazon Room emptying out as more dead money hits the rail

Two favorite pics of DanM
First patching up a shy (cute) bartender in DC...

...then using the patch/grope method outside the bar