Monday, July 20, 2009

Another picture dump 

I survived.

It wasn't a sure fire lock I would be able to say that and things definitely hit the frazzle button at the end. But when all was said and done, I made it through. Mostly with the help of friends, bartenders and booze. Now that I'm back in the comfy confines of the east coast, away from the oppressive heat and environment, I'm ready to start telling some stories.

There are plenty of them to go around and I've got nothing but time on my hands. Until then, here are some more pics from the last few weeks since I disappeared from this space.


The (not even close to) Daily Crutch

Just a few pics to give you an idea of what happened over the last few weeks since I last posted and went deep undercover at the WSOP.

Cali Jenn had a big birthday party half way through the Series. Pregame drinking with Jenn and MeanGene, where Gene's beer looks bigger than Jenn.

Tryst at the Wynn was the party destination. I'm not usually a club person, but VIP access and bottle service made things comfy.

Things got a little fuzzy before we called it a night

Miss Lacey Jones playing in the Dream Team Poker media event.

Poker Stars threw a monster WSOP party at Rain in the Palms. Nelly performed as well as certain members of the poker media.


"Final Friday" will go down in poker blogger lore, too bad none will ever know everything. There was a sushi feast at Naked Fish...

...a Steel Panther show...

...late night poker at Green Valley Ranch...

...and two tickets to the gun show.