Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 15: Or Something Like That 

I really have no fucking idea how Pauly does this year after year. I get a few posts up on Poker From the Rail, walk the room, watch out for Tilters and generally try to get a feel for everything so I can get it down in print. Who the hell has time to post to their personal blog when 14 hours goes flying past and your all of a sudden looking at another 14 hour day and feeling like nothing really got done. Of course this year the good doctor did himself a favor and when Phishing on the east coast after the first week of the series. He extended the break and now everyone envies him.

So we have no Pauly on media row and Otis is sitting atop Mt. Otis in G-Vegas laughing at us fools stuck here with fucking Russ Hamilton fat head looking over our shoulders at all times. Mean Gene, Cali Jenn and others are helping me keep my sanity but I've slipped here and there. It's tough when I do most of my research while sitting at the hooker bar. Just one of the sacrifices I need to make to get the inside scoop. I've got enough information to fill a few thousands worth of great stories and rumors that'll never make the web.

Did you know that Liv Boeree completely approves of BadBlood's current metal selections? I only know that because I sat at the hooker bar til 6am with her, Allie Prescott and my favorite trainwreck Joy Miller. (We did a cheers to you Mr. Spaceman in honor of the historic blogger Playboy Mansion trip). So a day after posting the Liv pictures I found myself throwing back shots and talking metal with her. I pulled out the new iPhone with my current playlist which included Soilwork, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy and a little Nevermore and it met her approval. Thank christ I had Blood fill my old ass in on the current state of metal.

Then there was the other night when a local boy won his bracelet in the $5,000 No Limit Event. I detailed this on the FTP blog but it was pretty god damned cool. I met Brian Lemke way back in the ancient days when I would run the very popular very illegal poker games downstairs at the Boathouse. I would see him whenever we hit the Borgata and drink into the early mornings at the B-Bar. When he made the final table I told Nolan Dalla that I was taking off my media badge so I could cheer along. That's when Joe Sebok told me that Brian was actually Shronk's cousin. That's just an odd coincidence that never popped up in coversation. Small freaking world.

He got heads up with a german and things could have gotten out of hand. The Philly boys had the cocktail server hopping with a tray of beers every time past, there was a little cringe when one drunk starting singing the Eagles fight song, but he eventually sucked out like a good poker player and a bracelet gets shipped back east. After he toughed out the media part of winning he dropped the best line by a WSOP winner, "Let's go drink at the Hooker Bar." Outstanding, another walk across the parking lot with the sun coming up.

The rest is just becoming a blurrrrr and I'm just checking off the days on my room service tab to see how many orders of bacon I can consume in 7 weeks.


The Daily Crutch

I'm adding a link to my list of blogs you need to read while we're all here plodding away. BJ Nemeth has been blasting away with his camera and getting some fantastic stuff. I was joking around with him that he's going to burn or run out of different ways to capture the same ol' lemurs but he's crushing so far. I'll give you one of his pics from Liv right off the bat and then photo dump some of other images from the last few days.

Check out BJ's photo blog over on Poker Road.

Photo credit: BJ Nemeth

MeanGene captures Lacey Jones in the Ladies Event after just landing in Vegas

Shipping a bracelet to Norristown, PA

The boys at Wicked Chops get my favorite Gavin Smith picture

Security guarding a shit load of chips during the color up process

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