Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 2: Big Stacks, Small Field 

Day 2 was a nice way to ease my rookie ass into everything. It was the first open event but instead of a big field of lemurs it was a big $40k buyin with only 201 players. Even I can keep up with those kinds of fields. It was stacked full of big time pros, online killers, self-made rich boys and satellite players looking to make a bang. There was also a big crush around the rails but nothing like we'll see during the Main Event and nothing in line with the female talent we've come to expect.

I spent my table watching and waiting for action with the Full Tilt guys while alternating between nicotine and Red Bull breaks. It was a long night but nothing compared with what's to come. I"m just sitting back and waiting to see what comes my way. It's doesn't hurt when Lacey Jones visits us each morning for a little pre-game chat and we take turns wiping the drool off MeanGene's face.

And I had every single god damn intention of being good once the $40k was done for the night. I had a few writeups to complete and it was my first full day after all. It would completely wrong to not go straight back to my room and get things done. Of course that didn't happen when I saw CK and Joy Miller sitting at the hooker bar with a row of shots. (Some may remember Joy as the catalyst behind a group of us descending upon the Playboy Mansion a few years ago with some crazy side effects). I kept it respectable but missed a few hours of sleep that I could probably use later today.

Time to buy stock in Red Bull.


The Daily Crutch

Still pulling together some good pictures from around the Amazon Room, and may very well add some really good ones here in a bit if MeanGene gets back in time. Rumor has it there is a stripper car wash going on this very moment in the parking lot of the Rio. Until then I'll give you a little meat porn. My first real meal during my first week. Dinner with CK, LJ, California Jenn and crew. I was able to witness the three levels of my beautiful inch-thick 16 ounce ribeye.

Slabs of uncut dry aged beefy goodness

Sliced nice and thick before putting just a little flame on them

Not a great picture, but it was fantastic and a baked potato the size of my head


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 1: Things go wrong and slow 

My first day "covering" the 2009 World Series of Poker went about as expected. I was told there was little action to cover in the Event #1 since it was the Casino Employee tournament. I had plenty of things to take care of throughout the day and tried to use it. Of course all the stories I've heard about things going wrong came true. An hour before kicking off the tournament and I was standing in line to pick up my media credentials and the entire system was down. They weren't able to login and check for little things like was I registered, did I send in the proper photo or if I existed at all. While waiting for all that to happen they did a manual check and sure enough, my badge was nowhere to be found. I didn't feel so bad since 90% of the people in line with me were also persona non grata. So I wandered the halls and picked up what I could.

Day 1 was a wash.

The night before was a fun relaxing time with a bunch of writers who enjoy their drink and gambling. Dr. Pauly invited a crew along to drink and some degenerate bowling. I help up the bar with Change100 and LJ while the rest were rolling silly little balls down a silly little alley. Pauly, Pokerati Dan and California Jen were betting per game with Pauly coming out on top bet-wise but losing some self-respect when Dan groped the good docs left ass cheek. It tilted him right into the gutter but he still won. Tuaca and SoCo shots were passed around with Pauly's winninge, we finished the late night eating chicken embryos and Dan spilling coffee all over himself.

I'll head over to the Rio shortly to begin covering the first big event, the $40,000 buyin 40th Anniversary tournament. Smart money has the number of entrants under 250 but I've seen people taking shots at the over.

Pic of Dan's spilled coffee, not crotch

One of a million pics to be taken of this one banner

Shronk tribute poster in the hallway


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 0: Calm before the storm 

I'm mostly settled into adult Disney with room and board and quick access to every indulgence. I spent my first 24 hours drinking with Dr. Pauly then hitting up the poker in the new M Resort til the sun came up. My first bender the first day and now time to settle down to take care of business. If you can believe it even possible, it my drunken state I put a hurt on their 2/4 limit game (only 3 tables going and that had the only empty seat). The sober folks at the table didn't seem to care too much for my antics but I kept stacking and drinking.

The Amazon Room in the Rio opened today for registration, cash games and satellites. Tomorrow I'll pick up my media credentials, meet with the Full Tilt folks and find my camping spot for the next few months. As the rookie in the room I'm sure I'll make mistakes or completely hose myself up at some point I'll count on my intuition to get me safely back to the bar and/or my hotel room. It's going to be an interesting couple of months, of that I have no doubt. I'll keep my daily thoughts here while the professional poker stuff will be over at Poker From the Rail. I'm also on that confounded twitter thing with @AlCantHang and @FullTiltPoker_WSoP once everything kicks off.

My last night of sanity, I think it's time to start drinking again.

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The Daily Crutch

I figured poker was the perfect tie in for the semi-nekkid five today but it almost caused me to puke. I have this random application that I use on occasion to scour the internet in the background and grab random pics, these are some of things I do for you. I set the search to go grab any vague pics tagged "poker girl". Start going through the directory later to see what I grabbed in my fishing net. I swear to friggin christ a dozen pictures in and I got a god damn picture of Waffles. Just can't get away from that troll doll! (But not nearly as disturbing as this picture).

My standard 2-7 Triple Draw starting hand

Absolute Poker, they'll steal your money and.... look boobs!

Next Door Nikki, always a favorite 'round these parts

There are more pictures from this set that are NSFW, perhaps later for you the reader

No idea why she was picked up in the search but no complaints