Wednesday, April 01, 2009


must be close. I've never had a cold/flu/THE PLAGUE quite this bad in a long time. I'm too exhausted to eat, and certainly too exhausted to drink. I can't go out with a whimper, it was supposed to be a big splash.

I did find this new t-shirt. Hopefully I'll be alive enough to get up to Philly for some baseball.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Another timeout 

We're going to have a small pause here for a moment.

It seems I've contracted what Landow calls "The Key West Flu" which is generally caught by too many "britzkies" (that's motorboating to everyone else). I don't know how I got it since I haven't seen the inside of a strip club in two weeks but I'm going to post this then crawl right back in bed to heal myself.

Or until death knocks on my door.

Til then I'll get back to posting my trip reports.


BBT4 Leaderboard is updated. There are only two more events left before the March Player of the Month is awarded.