Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some kind of BBT 4 update 

Taking a timeout from all the merry making to get some business done. The Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 4 is in full swing and I've barely mentioned my little baby. It certainly isn't easy getting up in the morning/afternoon/evening and going through the number to get the leaderboard updated on both sites.

I think I've played in the three events, and those without much attention. Even when I do decide to actually play, you find guys like birthday boy Sean, who called half his stack pre-flop with this hand. (I'll ship the $1 bad beat story penalty)

We have a week's worth of games left before determining the Player of the Month for March and awarding the first WSoP package of the challenge. Right now it's a ridiculous tight race between 123Will and Bone_Daddy84 but there are plenty of other players that can sneak right past both of them.

Tonight's Blogger Skillz game is good old fashioned LIMIT Hold'em. God bless. It's going to make me late getting out to the bar (or maybe play from the bar). 21:30ET tonight.


I've put up a few guest posts over on Poker From the Rail. One from PirateLawyer and a few from Julius_Goat. In case you don't know, the Goat offered up a durrrr-like Challenge to Michael Craig (he called the man a shaved ape!) and now they've responded. I think the picture is actually what Julius_Goat looks like.


Speaking of the FTP gig, I'll be seeing my poker friends during the WSoP. Most likely for the entire series, June through July. Waiting for the details, but if anyone wants to pass along any advice I'm all ears (and eyes for email).


Nearly 700 hits and counting. See everyone tonight.


Monday, March 23, 2009

One Month Gone 

It never occurred to me last Friday as I was throwing back drinks that it was exactly one month since I hopped in a car with BigMike for the first leg of my trip and move. In the last 4 weeks I've been to D.C., Charlotte, G-Vegas, Charlotte again (thank you 1 inch of snow), Raleigh, Clearwater, Gainesville, Fort Myers and now home sweet home.

I've got myself settled in and some kind of routine that sees me getting my work done with enough time to lose a boat load of money on the tables before going out to drink away the burning sensation. It's not always like that, sometimes I don't play before drinking.

I'm meeting an all new set of interesting characters, one of the main reasons I chose Key West as my new home-away-from-Vegas was the people. The food, drinks, girls and unbridled stupidity were the other reasons. They have good people down here and most of them enjoy a little libation just as much as I do.

Of course now that I'm in a routine I'll be picking up and heading north for a week to catch the Phillies opening day series to watch them get their World Series rings. Terrible sacrifices.

Twins riding the bull, just can't get enough of it

Key West Lighthouse

Tequila with coffee, two of my least favorite things