Friday, March 20, 2009

Bull Riding at Cowboy Bill's 

I've had a very interesting time the last few days that almost broke me. Instead of concentrating on any of that, I'll give you a peak at my guest judging gig for Cowboy Bill's bull riding contest. The video is embedded below, I would suggest hitting it up quickly before it gets banned.

For most of you the video is not safe for work.

Haylee and Lacey at Cowboy Bill's Key West

The twins before getting on the bull

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot girls on bull 

I know it was pretty cool when all the bloggers were down here and had fun at Cowboy Bill's. Bloggers on Bulls we called it as the prop betting and painful injuries mounted. Poor Drizz and his bruises.

Well tonight it will be a bit more fun than that. Tonight is their Sexy Bull Riding contest and yours truly will be a guest judge.

And there's a webcam for everyone to follow along. So here are your standing orders.

Play in the Mookie tournament at 10pm ET.
Listen to BuddyDank radio while playing in the Mookie.
Tune into Cowboy Bill's webcam between 11pm and 12 to critique my judging abilities.

Irene tells me tonight will be crazy.

Preparing for body shots with the good girls from Auburn

The churches around here don't get much action

Waiting on topless bull riders

Timmy pointed out Rider #1 to me and I bought her a shot..

..after which she introduced me to her newlywed husband


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Road trip Day ?????? 

Road trip Day ??? again

From Key West, FL

Words are so boring.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Road trip Day ??? 

Day ???

from Key West, FL

Key West Express in Ft. Myers. 6am and waiting to leave for Key West.

A monstrous backup of posts that I need to get up but I'm having a heard time pulling the trigger. The second I set foot on this island I stopped thinking about doing anything except crushing as much booze as possible and making a fool of myself. Needless to say I made good on both threats.

I stepped off the Key West Express Friday afternoon with few concerns and mentally prepared. I would go crazy the first weekend and then settle in for the long haul. Vacation time is over and now I need to get back to taking care of shit. But that could wait until I set my liver function to stun. I had no set agenda, I called/texted a few friends that I was back in town then settled up my living arrangements. Once that was done there was nothing to do but put myself upon Duval Street and tear it up.

Irish Kevin's up first where I managed to make my way through the crowd without catching the attention of the chuckleheads on stage. Started off slowly with a few pints of Bass and only single shots of Soco. We were working up to 24 hours without food and no sense going amateur my first night. Then the Canadian girls show up and I'm knocking back carbombs at 5pm. It was their last night in Key West and I'm a friendly type. Might as well send them off with a world class hangover.

I finally realized I would need to eat something before the sun went down. I chose to go drinking instead of stocking the new place so eating at "home" was not an option. Angelina's across the street has always been one of my drunken favorites. I was in town for less than 3 hours and they gave me the local discount, I must have that desperate look already. A head full of booze and a belly full of pizza it was only natural that I would duck my head into the Red Garter. That would be the "dive" club to my old friends from up north and I know a few people who might be working. Nobody would notice a drunk fuck walking into the club in the middle of the day.

Except the entrance is now on Duval St, and it's not quite so dive-ish. The ratio was in the neighborhood of 20.5 girls to each guy. And I was the only guy, you do the math on the extra .5 females. I was quickly saved when a friend (who will remain nameless under this circumstance) sent me a text message that basically read "Poker game available. $1/$2 NLHE" and I had a seat if I wanted it. I had no idea whether I was in any condition to play but it got me from under 5 tons o' fun and out the door.

Cowboy Bill's, my new favorite bar in Key West when I was here the last time. Pretty cool if you consider that I can't stand country music even a little bit. But you can't beat the people in the bar.

Things at Bill's went sideways in a hurry. I was doing shots with Irene and the bartenders. The band was half looped before their 4th set and I actually remember dancing a little. Maybe a lot of dancing but I've gotten real good at blocking out the nastier parts of my nights. I can't tell you the number of people I was introduced to that evening/morning/mess but the next day there were a lot more people who knew my name than the other way around. I found some very interesting things in my pocket that night, most of which are legal, some are sketchy and the rest are phone numbers of people I'll never remember meeting.

I think I made plans to meet up with some people the next day at Sunset Pier.

All that happened on my very first day down here. Saturday is something we'll have to go over tomorrow. Til then I bring up some more pictures.

This will be my next ride down here. Cute little thing ain't it?

Frank the Tank with the "guard" puppy. I miss Zeke.

Irene, Ainslee and ??? at Cowboy Bill's. All the pictures I snapped that night and I couldn't get ONE decent one of these guys? I fail badly but have time to make up for it.

Some hillbilly named Kenny Chesney was playing Sloppy Joe's making it tough for me to get down the street. Apparently he's famous or something because Uncle Kracker was with him.

In all my years of coming to Key West, this is the first time I ever actually witnessed the sunset. I'm usually chatting up a chippy at the bar or taking care of a dancer's rent payment.

From the "no way I can make this shit up" file. Old guy sitting at Cowboy Bills. Dressed as some jailbird mime and does balloon animals on the street. Counting up his scrunched up $1 bills on the bar and drinking black russians.

Drinking with Timmy and Haylee at Cowboy Bill's. I love a bar that let's me pass along my good will in the form of liquid heaven. Irene described Haylee to me as "a betting girl, a pool shark, and a hustler." I love degenerates. We were prop betting all night Saturday and she crushed me.

Below is a video I threw together quickly as she won yet another bet. RSS readers can click though to get it here.