Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The real world finally jumped up and made me pause in the merry making to get some things done. That's on top of the daily number crunching to get the BBT4 Leaderboard done each day with a sketchy internet connection and an environment that is not exactly poker friendly. I have just a few days before getting on the Key West Express for my final destination. I was informed that my timing gets me down there right around Spring Break so I will make sure the camera is fully charged at all times.

One of the things I'm working on is getting a good look and feel for the new Full Tilt Poker Academy which was just launched. I get to dig in deep and report back my thoughts. I was pretty geeked up when I heard this was coming down the pike. Jay Greenspan (author of Hunting Fish and part inspiration behind my current East Coast road trip) is doing the heavy lifting and the entire idea was the brain-child of blogger legend H-Double. Those two were enough to make me look forward to what was coming out. They even let DanM get his mitts in a little of it.

So in between drinking sitting at the Phillies game, I've spent my time looking through the different options in the Academy. It didn't stop me from going to the game and getting a first class sunburn, but I did abstain from alcohol consumption.

I'm saving that up for tomorrow. Feel the jealousy my old-time blogging friends. It's not too often I get to do something none of my long time blogger brethren have accomplished. Tomorrow I get to sit down and consume multiple beverages with blogging legend Mr. Decker. I will try to not kill myself before actually getting to Key West but I'm not making any promises.

Until I get back to writing, I bring you more pictures. Also listed is the newest volume of Truckin' from the good Doctor.

First shots in Gainesville with Gracie and Sweet Sweet Pablo

Ouija, my companion for the weekend

The Hammer, bad picture but worth posting

The purpose of this shirt was to tilt the granola-munching, tree-hugging poker players at the table. Pablo wore it instead of me.

Theo, the genetically inferior Wunder Puppy

I'm embarrassed. I didn't make it through the handle of SoCo

Truckin' - March 2009, Vol. 8, Issue 3

1. Lubbock's Own: Larry "the Laugher" Larson by Johnny Hughes
Large Mouth Maude Larson once beat a Hockley County man half to death at the Cotton Club with a bowling pin because she thought he stole her comb. Later, she found it in her purse, like all women do. She didn't feel a bit bad. The world-class bitch... More

2. A Good Beginning by Milton T. Burton
He bills himself as my best friend, but he's not. My best friend was a Kentucky farm boy who died in screaming agony in the Mekong Delta forty years earlier. But even aristocrats like to name-drop occasionally, and mine has been a good name to drop since not long after I came to the New York financial world out of a Cleveland blue color neighborhood by way of Vietnam decades ago... More

3. Happy Valentine's Day Tamara Johnson by Dave Peterson
I moved behind the door to investigate and possibly kill someone. I figured I was ready. The deadbolt lock was sprung with a soft – click. I heard keys jangling, a girl's voice laughing, and then the handle turned. I leveled the revolver and pulled the hammer back... More

4. Hunter Wellington by Betty Underground
Her comfort in her own skin surpasses societies modesty boundaries. It is just how she is. Most people come home from work and take off their shoes. She doesn't stop there, she takes off her pants and pulls her bra off through the sleeves of her t-shirt. Discarding them on the floor of the entrance. She prefers the freedom, and cares less about what others might think... More

5. Monroe by Paul McGuire
Monroe sat at the end of the bar on the last stool. He always did. He never left. The octogenarian arrived five minutes before O'Looney's opened and had to be carried out every night when one of his grandkids stopped by to pick him up... More