Friday, March 06, 2009

Road trip Day 6a 

Day 6a

From Greenville, SC

There are times when you need to make a decision and live with it. Just hopping it was the right decision. I wanted to get a head start on the G-Vegas portion of my trip and thought Wednesday would be the day. My biggest decision was transportation. My current method was hopping on different segments of Amtrak to get from one place to the other, unfortunately there is only one train from Charlotte to Greenville, SC. It departs at 2:45ish and gets into G-Vegas before 6am. That would require asking someone to be a saint and grab my hippy ass from the station or pray for a cab at that time of day. I chose another option, and horrid option, of putting my ass on a Greyhound bus. The timing was better and even I can survive a 2 hour stint with the truly unwashed masses (as opposed to the normal metaphorical unwashed).

Very bad choice. Awful. They oversold the seats on the bus, I was forced to sit in the very first row with a very very unhappy large African American women who stunk so bad of rotten flesh that I almost swore off meat. A poor old man was forced to travel the last 45 minutes standing up in the aisle because the bus driver would not let anyone give up their seat to him. For the record, I offered mine but not out of any noble sentiment. I would have ridden on the damned roof to get away from Mama BurntBacon. Then my cell phone died for the final time. Right when I was about to finally give up and get off at the next station I realized I wouldn't be able to let anyone know.

Otis was waiting for me to arrive and I couldn't get word to him about my suicidal/homicidal feelings.

I survived the longest two hours of my life and checked into my hotel room. 180 degree between the bus ride and my perfect hotel room with the perfect damned bed.

Otis set the stage for Day 6b after having a few beers and buying out an entire restaurant of their Soco supply (all three mini-bottles). "Wanna go see Motley Crue with the boys tonight? Here in Greenville? Well hell, who am I to turn down a night to drink and watch aging rock stars cruise around on their wee walkers?

Sidenote: The next day Otis picked me up from my wonderful one night stay at the Westin-Poinsett. If my plans had stayed the same, I would have been on the 6am train into G-Vegas that very morning. The very same train that hit and killed a man in Spartanburg, SC. I complained about a 2 hour horror bus ride but at least I wasn't on a train that killed someone.

Miles traveled: 645


Road trip Day 5 

After being off the grid for so long, I have a ton of posts to get out to get myself caught up. Plus Key West is right around the corner and who knows if I'll even remember to get this stuff done.

So hold on over the next few days. For those who only read during the work days, you have some Monday reading to get through.

Day 5

From Greenville, SC

After that long train ride from DC to Charlotte, Monday night was spent staring at the walls of my fleabag hotel and playing poker on the free wifi. Tit for tat. Tuesday I had plans to meet up with Falstaff et al for some Carolina eatin' and drinkin'. Someone reminded me that it was Mardi Gras. If I can't be in the Big Easy, I might as well make do with what's available in whatever town is hosting my liver.

All normal folks were working that afternoon but Falstaff pointed me in the direction of a place that would certainly show the Manchester United / InterMilan match. I thought the odds were slim in North Cackalacky but it was being shown on ESPN2 so surely I had a chance. He pointed me towards a place called Jillians, right off one of the stops of their new light rail system. In my mind Jillians was a smaller sports bar with a few TV's usually turned to ESPN. I didn't realize until later that it was one of Jillian chain establishments full of blinking beeping whirling crazy games that provide overpriced drinks and under flavored food. Also a national chain that politely told me in Minnesota that they no longer desired my drinking business. Fancy speak for saying I was 86'ed from the place. Praying to god it wasn't a national ban as I walked in the door. No sweat, beers and soccer.

I managed to cockup even the simplest directions to the place. Falstaff told me it would be right off the Bland St exit (perfect street name to place a Jillians), it would be a piece of cake to find. My mistake was pulling up mapquest first and not just winging it like usual. I exited the train and turned left, per Master Mapquest and his infinite wisdom. A mile or so down the road, a mere block from the next station on the light rail system, I decided to call the man and let him know I managed to get lost in a city of 2,000 people (my estimation). I walked all the way back to the train station again to restart the hunt when I saw something that made me curse over and over.

No hyperbole, no over-telling the tale. All I needed to do was turn my head 10, maybe 15 degrees to the right before heading down the track, I would have seen a big fraking sign AT THE STATION that said "Jillians". Idiot, I deserved that extra two miles of forced exercise.

I punished myself by ordering lukewarm beers and something called "meatball sliders" while watching NBA tonight instead of soccer.

Special K showed up with Mr. and Mrs. Falstaff to rescue me from grown up kiddie hell. The food option was settled with a little Carolina soul food, Mert's Heart and Soul. Fried chicken, short ribs, all things made of pig. Cornbread, okra, red beans and rice. And lots of sweet tea, more than my belly could hold. An excellent little restaurant that was as authentic as you can get in a place that sits in the shadow of Charlotte's tallest building.

The final stop of the evening was Dixie's Tavern. A bar that would make MeanGene very happy and gave me a little chuckle. It is a nice size bar, wonderful looking bar staff, decent enough crowd on a Tuesday, but covered from top to bottom in everything Steelers. I only gave props to the Penn State corner but black and gold everywhere else. I didn't hold that against them for the earlier reasons plus they were managing to deliver some proper rock over the speakers. Special K and Falstaff dropped down their first and only shot of the evening, a healthy sized dose by any measure.

They called it a night early but I wandered around town for a little while longer. I thought this might be my last chance to see the city. Oh shit was I wrong. That story comes later.

Miles Traveled: 545


Road trip, in the middle of nowhere 

I haven't been able to get anything in the way of posting over the last few days. I'm in the middle of FLA, after a ridiculous trip down here, and the best internet connection I have is via an ancient dial-up machine or I can lug my way over to the local church where they would likely frown if they got a decent look at my hard drive. That definitely eliminates anything resembling poker.

So when completely disconnected from the online world, what should a person do? While the old folks were running around doing there thing I decided that I would spend a nice sunny afternoon sitting in the grass watching your 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. I relaxed on the hill just over the fence in the outfield, took in some rays, watched Ryan Howard smoke a homerun into the tiki bar.

Tiki Bar? I didn't spend more then 4 innings sitting in the grass, instead choosing to watch the game from the comfort of a barstool. Apparently there are only two requirments to work at Frenchy's Tiki Bar, be good looking and have monstrous implants. I missed the pic of the girl working at the Landshark stand, they were bigger then my head but I did gather two others for you.

I'll be heading out later today for a trip to the Gracie and Pablo Poker Dome where I'll have actual access to the internet. Til then, more pictures.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Travel hell 

I thought I was overdoing it a little when I said I'd be off the grid for 24 hours. Seemed reasonable but I thought I'd be able to find some way online to check things here or there.


36 hours off the grid in a travel nightmare that almost had me pick any old stop halfway to Florida just to get off the train. My brain is completely fried. I did manage to write up about a week's worth of the trip but my time on the internets is short.

I did find time to crunch the BBT4 numbers from last night to get posted, even though the Mookie starts 90 minutes. I need to get it posted because mighty Hoyazo is sittting atop.

I'll update the links and other random on the Leaderboard tomorrow (possibly while sitting over the outfield wall watching a Phillies game).



Tuesday, March 03, 2009

BBT4 Leaderboard 

I'll be off the grid for the next 24 hours travelling. Here's the first BBT4 Leaderboard. I know I'm missing a bunch of links, just remind me in comments.

Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 4 Leaderboard


Sunday, March 01, 2009

More roadtrip pics 

I survived Mastodon Weekend in G-Vegas. I have no idea how I'm going to explain what exactly happened over the last few days. You probably wouldn't believe most of it. I'll get back to the writeups tomorrow while the Carolina's lock themselves down because 1 inch of snow hit the ground.

Enjoy the video at the end. Otis challenged my to a carbomb chugging rematch from the last Bash. I was much closer this time, only my pour execution led to my demise.

Snapped this picture just for Dr. Pauly.

Shep, rockstar and local G-Vegas legend.

Great poker game. Grabbed a pic of Otis, Lee Jones, and BadBlood.

I am the official photog of Guinness and Poker.
Only the second authorized pic of the Blogfather.

A group of degens descend upon a quiet G-Vegas bar. Mayhem ensues.

Click through to see the video.


Chris Rock... 

...was wrong.