Friday, February 27, 2009

Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 4 

Just a head's up while I'm busy destroying evil brain cells. BBT4 kicks off this Sunday with two tournaments. The Brit Blogger game at 16:00ET and the Blogger Big Game at 21:30ET. Both ends of the spectrum on one day. $5.50 and $75 buyins.

We've also updated the FTP page with the payouts to the top of the leaderboard at the end of the challenge.

See you there.

Tournament: Blogger Big Game
When: March 1st
Game: Superstack NLHE
Buyin: $69+6 or token
Password: donkey

Tournament: Brit Blogger Game
When: Every Sunday at 16:00ET
Game: NLHE
Buyin: $5+.50
Password: donkament


2009 Greenville Rickshaw Relay Race 

I'm just going to give up any pretense that I'll be posting at all while I'm in G-Vegas. Last night was the "calm before the storm" yet ended with the 2009 Greenville Rickshaw Relay Race.

Standing outside with Otis, there were 3 rickshaws waiting for a bunch of degenerates to find a way to bet on them. Team Otis / AlCantHang were victorious and took down the prop bet. 3 guys have sore legs this morning from two big runs around town.

RSS readers need to click through to see the video

Update: I hate google video, now posting to YouTube. Added video as well with Otis completing the first lap.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Road trip pictures 

Today's recaps are temporarily paused as I try to recover from my first night in G-Vegas. Otis and the boys threw me a curve ball and hit the Motley Crue show in town. Then I made friends with the local bar staff and sat there talking til the wee hours. Just pictures then I'm going to crawl back into the best bed I've ever slept in. Thank you Westin-Pointsett.

Charlotte, NC at daytime

Charlotte, NC at nighttime

Mert's Heart and Soul. Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Falstaff and Special K

Dixie's Tavern in Charlotte. All this way to find Penn State fans.

Otis texts but never falls down

Motley Crue show in G-Vegas

Motley Crue show in G-Vegas part 2

Making new friends at the bar. Always fun.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Road trip Day 4 

Day 4

From somewhere between Washington DC, and Charlotte, NC

Travelin' day. I decided to pull up stakes and head further south. Charlotte to be specific. Sounds like Al's homemade porno, so far I've been in Virginia and Charlotte.

Nothing too exciting when riding for 9 hours on a train down into the bible belt, passengers come and they go but here I sit from start to finish. I'm becoming buddies with conductors / stewardessess / "where's you damn ticket" ladies. She even gives me that extra head's up when coming into a station that is an official Amtrak smoking stop. You can try the others but you damn better smoke quick. Thank you Amtrak also for the cafe car on this lovely train. Please fell free to suck on the $12 meal that consisted of a microwaved hotdog, 2oz bag of chips, dry blueberry muffin and a thimble of water. It hit the spot.

9 hours on a train isn't nearly brutal as a 9 hour flight. Easy enough to move around, not as crowded, the bathrooms are much larger if looking for the train-based version of the mile high club. Plus US fucking Air doesn't pull over halfway across the Atlantic to give a brother a smoke break. Downside is everyone douche in the world can talk on their cell phones the entire time, with charger. Did you know that you have to be careful about what you paint over because it could fall, 'cause paint has weight just like water? At least that's the conversation I heard for 2 hours, thank god he got off in Selma.

I ripped through three movies after the sun or train moved into position where my shirt wasn't glowing like the ass-end of king kong sized fire fly allowing me to see the laptop screen. I spent some reading and got a kick out of the redneck across the aisle reading ye old' Holy Bible. I thought that shit only happened when Dr. Pauly was doing his 5-lists. I gave him my polite nod and told him I'd be at Bob Jones University very soon. I didn't feel the need to tell him I planned to be shit-faced and have a black soul sister on my arm. Those Baptists have wicked aim.

The rest of the time I spent in quiet contemplation looking at my fat reflection in the train window trying to figure out how the hell I got from point A to point "oh shit". I'm also wondering how quickly I can find a Charlotte-based call girl via Craigslist once I'm in the hotel.

I'm a deep man, plenty of character here.

Hopefully there will be a Day 4a post where I talk how damn fired up I got with the locals, looking for southern girls who are impressed when I tell them I personally know Dr. Pauly and Otis.

Day 4a

From my fleabag hotel in Charlotte, NC


Union Station, Washington, DC


Road trip Day 3 

Day 3

Crystal City, VA

Sunday was my day to check out the sites around DC and act like a tourist. That evening I could head out and play a little poker with the Garthmeister.

None of that happened. After slamming down some food at the Crystal City Sports Pub brunch buffet, I decided it was time to partake in some beer. That's where I started writing up the first two days of my trip and I probably drank more beer in that afternoon that I have the rest of this year. No probably about it. I had 4 beers in me before 1pm. I put the laptop away to watch one of the half dozen different games going. My choice was watching girlie man Cindy Crosby battle the Capitals with the locals in full voice. When in Rome.

Not a clue how many beers I had before walking myself back to the hotel room making the command decision that it was much too cold and raining to be walking around looking at old masonry. I plopped myself down in the hotel room to catch up on things around the webs and pull up a few poker tables. That's when I realized what day it was. Sunday. Major tournament Sunday where part of my job is to watch, witness and report. I searched around for anyone online to fill in at the last moment but it wasn't too happen. That would mean no poker with Garth and a very late morning before hitting the sack.

That didn't stop me from taking a nice little break to go out for drinks with some of my new found friends. I looped it up just enough that I wouldn't pass out waiting for the $750k to hit the final table but I had a very good time. They grow 'em nice down there in Virginia.

Day 3, the first alone, was nothing spectacular but I did get some time to wander the streets and enjoy myself. I did make a discovery later that night which probably saved me, BigMike, Daddy and Garth some bankroll and headaches on Saturday. On the block between Mackey's and the Sports Pub was a strip club that I walked past several times without realizing what it was. I might have spent my entire roll Friday night making me tuck my tail between my legs and heading back north.

Plenty of time for strip clubs later.


Road trip Day 2 

Day 2

From Crystal City, VA
Crystal City Sports Pub

I was "taking care" of a little business when every phone in my hotel room started ringing at the ungodly hour of 10am. BigMike was ready to get cranking with a little site seeing and breakfast. But first breakfast. Lots and lots of breakfast. He googled/iPhoned/GPS'd/guessed there was a place down the street. A sports pub that opened early for breakfast and looked promising.

And I fell in love with another friggin waitress. God help me, this will get me in trouble eventually.

Daddy on the other hand was dragging ass in a big way. His friend Larry was busy destroying the Hilton plumbing system and Daddy was hurting. Bacon and grease and eggs were the cure, I told him so. It wasn't my fault that they both decided to hit the 24-hour kabob house at 4am followed up by buying all the chocolate at the local drug store. Nasty combination in my professional drinking opinion.

The bacon did not set him straight. Daddy was dead, long live Daddy.

BigMike decided that the monuments would still be here on his next trip unless we sell them as part of the "stimulus package" and decided his portion of the trip was complete. Artie Lange and Jim Norton were waiting for him back north. Daddy decided a little quality bed time might set him straight. That didn't work either. It was back to the Sports Pub for beer, wings and a little college basketball action. More grease and booze were the ticket.


There would be no cruising around DC checking out the creations of our fore fathers. We would instead spend the rest of the day relaxing and watching Daddy tank every college basketball wager. It's a good thing for his bankroll that his crack-berry died and he couldn't get through. Instead of Carré d'Agneau Rôti and Magret de Canard at La Cahumiere, it was room service and iced tea.

After Day 1, that was probably the best call of the day.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Road trip Day 1 

Day 1

From Crystal City, VA
Crystal City Sports Pub

I thought it would be a great idea to walk down to the new favorite sports bar (at least until I hit the next one) with the laptop. Relax waiting for my breakfast and start writing. Instead I walked into a crazy crowd gathering around one of the biggest brunch buffets I've had the pleasure to nosh. There was no chance for the laptop to come out of the bag as I filled my growing belly with eggs benedict, eggs over easy, scrambled eggs. There was also a goodly amount of shit on a shingle, just for The Roostah, and bacon.

After the first days of the trip, I am alone. I am essentially homeless for the first time in my life. I have places to stay on the East Coast over the next 3 weeks but nothing permanent or in stone. I have a nice little place waiting for me in Key West 3 weeks from now but until then I'm living out of huge backpack purchased for tooling around Europe. My laptop bag is stuffed with books and electronics, everything to keep my mind company and document whatever the hell happens to me.

I officially walked out my house for the final table around 1pm on Friday. I'm really going to miss the puppy. But there is no looking back, literally or metaphorically. The first part of the drive down was a trip down memory lane. I spent some formative drinking years in that crappy little state of Delaware. My days living just off campus of the University of Delaware would be a good memory, Wilmington wasn't so much. It may be cliche, but we were proud of our Domino Pizza box and empty beer case collection in the corner of our tiny UD apartment. Wilmington will always be a shit hole full of banking pricks and 1am last calls.

We drove through Baltimore and remembered the fun days when driving 2 hours to watch a college band at Hammerjacks was a perfectly sane idea on a Wednesday night. The old Hammerjacks that was ripped down to make way for the football stadium parking lot. We had plenty of time to discuss these things as we started to run into DC traffic, annoying because we had somewhere to be.

Before happy hour kicked in we were sitting at Mackey's Pub drinking and telling stories with the infamous Daddy. By the time Garth and company arrived, we were already deep in the Southern. That's always my problem with the first day of anything, way overindulge. In the 3 hours between sitting down at the bar and leaving for our dinner reservations, we drank the entire place out of Soco. They promised to get more that night if we promised to come back after dinner. The bartab was that big.

We survived dinner at Legal Seafood without getting tossed or blacklisted. Not always a lock when dining with our drunk asses as proven by my last trip there with Daddy.

Back at Mackey's things started going sideways. Daddy had control of the jukebox (I never want to hear another Dave Matthews song this entire trip), Garth was doing the Guinness world record toast for the entire bar, and I was interviewing Daddy on video. That is the video which will never see the internets. Daddy slipped, then slipped some more, then pulled himself an Otis. The only thing saving his ass from meeting the floor was the overabundance of furniture. And the flag went up on Daddy's night of drinking. BigMike and I kept piling in the drinks, but Daddy and his friend Larry were toast. Burnt toast.

When they finally tossed us from the bar at the end of the night, BigMike and I did the smart thing and went straight back to our hotel. Daddy decided the 24-hour Kabob shop was the play at 4am.

That decision would affect our Day 2.

Miles Traveled: 145
Shots of SoCo: +/- ∞
DC attractions visited: ZERO
DC bars visited: 3