Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Borgata bound again 

Tomorrow I take another short trip down the shore for the Borgata Winter Open to camp out for the week watching people make horrible moves and surly New Jersey players. My last trip to the Borgata culminated in running for shots with Dr. Pauly during the breaks. I don't know how these guys do this for reals. The day going from 27 to the final table was brutal, I ended up going loopy and starting every post with a quote from Shakespeare.

I'll leave the play-by-play to Friedman and "Tropical" Steve and I'll enjoy myself bringing some sights and sounds with the crew. I'll never be a chipcount kinda guy, it's awfully tough to judge ones stack when you are color blind. We'll actually be posting some audio and video while we're down there, I'll try to not post too much video from the B-Bar while I hunt hookers with The Roostah.

Smokkee will be making a trek out from California to give Riggstad and myself a hand. The Rooster will be there for mental support as we run a scavenger hunt of Jersey tang. Lucko will be playing in the Main Event and Jordan is coming down sometime during the weekend. Anyone I miss going to be there?

- You can catch Friedman and crew at the Borgata Poker Blog for play-by-play.

- You can catch our sights, sounds, audio and video from the poker floor at the wordpress Borgata Poker blog.

- I'll be posting updates on the Full Tilt pros at the Poker From the Rail blog.

Feel free to pimp and follow along.

On top of all that, the royal entities at Wicked Chops Poker are giving away a $3,000 Main Event seat in a freeroll Thursday evening. The only catch is that you must be able to attend, no cash buyout. The Borgata Winter Open Main Event is a $3,000 buyin tournament with a $2,000,000 guarantee.

Tournament#: 76981094
Tournament: WCP Appreciation Freeroll
When: January 22nd, 21:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Password: See WickedChopsPoker for password


"Al's Way with Women" 

I certainly found it a lot easier to post on a daily basis when I was amongst the cubicle creatures in the corporate world. In between server sizing, ordering around minions and building software I could always find the minutes to throw something together to explain why I spent every night drinking myself into a coma to prepare for the next day of drudgery. These days my view of life is from the comfort of my lazyboy with laptop in lap and puppy driving me crazy. That doesn't mean I'm not heading out to the pub on a regular basis to crush brain cells and the hopes of drunks. This last week I've had a few interesting situations where I thanked god I haven't purchased a digital camera.

I fixed that situation, I am now the proud owner of digital mayhem.

A few days ago one of the local thugs "cruising" Main Street decided to yell out the window of his dressed down mid-80's Honda Civic. "Nice hair queer!". Funny and original stuff, I didn't even bother flipping him off. Two hours later I was having a civil smoke outside the pub and Master Douchebag was still rolling down the street and gave me the same greeting. This time I laughed and gave him a friendly wave. God damn gas prices falling through the floor gives the creetins more time to ride around doing nothing. If that was the end of it I wouldn't even bring up the story. A few hours and a crap load of SoCo later I was again outside and again greeted by the mouthbreathers. This time they made one critical error, they caught the light at the corner and stopped 10 feet from my position.

In my enhanced state I started walking towards their car with my most menacing big bad mean demeanor and the poor little guy just about shit himself telling the driver to move move move. He rolled up his window so quickly that he dropped his cell phone to the ground and his friend ran the light. An hour later after closing the gentleman lowlife's phone was stilling sitting next to the curb. I guess they called it a night.

That was just a little incident with the local hooligans but what happened a few days before demonstrates my uncanny ways with the womens.

There are couple of new girls which have been spending their time in the pub. Nice young girls with a tendency towards crazy behavior and my knack for over-indulging in the spirits. Nice girls in other words. The one girl reminds me of a certain blogger's sister who I have a well publicized crush on, so I tend towards her. One evening, very late, they came stumbling into the pub and she jumped into my arms. It was a slow night up til that point. I duck-walk carried her to bar where I immediately applied beer and tequila. Something really odd, for me, begins to happen. She starts whispering in my ear and giving little nibbles. Next thing you know I'm hooking up with this 4-foot nothing fireball at the bar while DJ V lets everyone know.

That didn't last long as she stole herself off to the other side of the room with her friends but promises to come back shortly that sounded like "eesh be wiight back!" I should have known anyone willing to spend that amount of quality time with me was beyond knowing whether I was a friend or a wookie with a credit card. 30 minutes later I looked in the corner and there was my little ball of asian wonderment blowing chunks full on into an empty Rolling Rock bucket.

I should come with a warning to all females. Close contact will induce uncontrollable vomiting and drive heaves.

Such is my touch with the women. Sign up now ladies!


Once again I feel the need to do my penance and post and handful of cuties.

Can never go wrong starting with Jessica Biel in a wife-beater

Random cutie

She's come a long way since Buffy

An oldie but a goody

A little Laetitia Casta for the Boy Genius