Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday craziness 

I don't know how I get myself into weekends like this. I'll be playing in the FTP Holiday $100k Tournament, some of the PokerStars 10,000 seat SnG's, playing in the final Saturday's with Dr. Pauly, then trying to live blog the Holiday $100k over at Poker From the Rail.

I predict I will throw my laptop out of the window by 6pm and dunk myself into another tub o' booze.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Vegas 2008: The Charity Game 

I might just release this damned thing in novel format if I thought I'd sell two copies to pay for the paper it was printed on. Keep grinding.

Congrats to BuddyDouche on his 12th place finish in the Stars WBCOOPBCCPEPPOOOP event yesterday. Don't know if it's a testament to his poker skills or his ability to dodge 'tards.

The Charity Game

Safely on the ground I grabbed up Vegas roomie PirateLawyer and made our way to the lovely 5-star vacation spot known as THE Imperial Palace. The first person we saw was BuddyDank sitting at the corner of the Geisha bar, there he regaled us with the stories from the night before and the huge slots/video poker heater he went on with Joanada. After getting to the room and taking a massive, it was off to the bar to drink myself to oblivion. People kept mentioning things like hanging at the MGM or bowling at Gold Coast or anything else not involving what I was currently doing. I knew sooner or later everyone would make their way to this shitty dive bar with short pours and zero cell phone reception.

It always a whirlwind of activity the first night at the bar as everyone gets reacquainted. F-Train bought my first round, really two, as he pulled back from the bar to show two rocks glasses full of my amber glory. I met CaliforniaJen for the first time and we chatted up over beverages. Iggy was holding court with the cougahs while I tried to find a cowgirl to bed that evening. My night consisted of dunking my head in a glass of booze, lighting another smoke, and checking for non-existent text message. Rinse repeat.

Then I met a Dr. Pauly legend. Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot made his way over with the good doctor and introductions were made. I heard mention that he was looking to get a couple of backers for the blogger game and I decided to help out. I was sitting with a pocket full of 20's from back home which are practically useless in Vegas unless your are aiming for a cheap lapdance at a low end strip club. I reached in to give him the full buyin, I figured he was better than even money against a room full of donkeys overplaying The Hammer. My investment firmly in place, I drank myself into a puddle.

I was pre-registered for the Poker Jingle charity game at the Hard Rock Friday afternoon and things were a little shaky when I woke up after the long night/morning at the bar. A quick shower and cab ride found me standing in the casino looking for the new Poker Lounge. I tracked down the Gracie/Pablo poker team, grabbed my seat assignment, and immediately made my way to the bar to drink away the hangover shakes. BigMike was a last minute addition to the tournament and found himself sitting with a couple big names. My seat? The farthest from the action and cocktail service, not a great start. I had a cocky old bat to my right who swore she was going to kick our asses. She was gone by the second level, they were 20 minute levels.

Understanding it was a charity tournament, I didn't make a big deal about the horrible structure. 1000 in chips, 20 minute levels, 25/50 going straight to 50/100 and 100/200. Even with that I managed just one double rebuy plus the add-on at the end of the first hour. Nothing spectacular except the cocktail waitress finally found us and we tipped her well enough that we were her first stop before the table broke. Drizz and The Rooster made guest appearances to do some railing, Gracie and Pablo exited almost immediately after the first break and I was moved to a table with Michael Binger and Tiffany Michelle. Go Team UltimateBet! In quick succession Binger dropped followed by Pam Brunson and some kindly old lady who was having herself a blast.

Joaquin was my sole railer when I made F-Train very happy and paid him back for the kicking off my alcohol fueled bender the evening before. I was getting shortstacked again and starting to sober up, meaning it was time to push. I would be able to double up my chips or double up my shots. UTG+1 I pushed with KQsooooted and picked up the blinds. UTG I shoved again with AQ and was called by the lovely Tiffany Michelle, friend of bloggers and F-Train. Seat 1 blows because I couldn't get a look at who called initially with AT and had no idea it was her until she walked away from the table.

God bless the information age, 5 minutes later a twitter alert pops up from Dr. Pauly, "alcanthang busted tiffany michelle at hard rock charity tourney". Haven't a clue how he found out but I was amused and somewhere an F-Train got his wings.

I lasted maybe an hour later. Maybe? I spent of the time chatting up Gracie and paying people to run to bar for me since cocktail service went the way of the dodo. There was also a time crunch with dinner reservations creeping up, so I busted myself by pushing my kings into tens. I run good.

I was impressed with the Poker Lounge at the Hard Rock. For one thing, I'd never have to throw on my iPod since most of the music they play is right in my wheelhouse. I phoned up BadBlood when they were playing Metallica Fade to Black over the internal sound system. I don't suppose you'll be getting that while sitting down at the shitty family oriented castle who replaced their dealers with microchips.

Next up was dinner at Craftsteaks with a bunch of friends and Pauly setting me up before I even walked in the door.