Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday's with Dr. Pauly 

We interrupt the Las Vegas posts to remind you that there are only two more tournaments left in the Saturday's with Dr. Pauly series. Too much fun for very little bank.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vegas 2008: The Flight In 

I fully intended to post the entire Vegas trip report all at one time until I realized it was 5,000 words long and quite ridiculous. Around here you either get no posts for a month or uber-ramblers. I'll cut it up and see where it goes.

The Flight In

I knew going in this would be the most trying time of the trip, it might be the only part of the trip if they turned me away. I had no option but to show up at the airport with a ratty, reconstituted passport and pray to the Mother Variance that it would go well. A little too much overindulging the night before the trip had me getting to the airport much later than I wanted. Riggs spent quite a bit of time outside of my house trying to wake my ass up. I planned to give myself plenty of time to talk my way through security. The first TSA agent looked at my passport and actually laughed then asked the dumbest question of the trip. "Do you have a drivers license or photo ID?"

I resisted the instant urge of the smart ass comment that if I had another ID, would I really be giving her this one. No sense pissing on them right off the bat. She called over several upper level storm troopers who pulled me aside for a little sit down. Paperwork and many many questions. I'm fairly certain I'm on some kind of watch list for the rest of my life. After 45 minutes of grilling they finally allowed to go through the metal detectors but told me I was flagged for "additional screening". Prostate pucker at those words.

I was boxed up in a glass house while an old surly TSA agent let me sweat, finally grabbing my lone bag and the pat down began. Then he went through my bag which contained my sparse wardrobe for the trip plus my electronics which revealed nothing outrageous enough to keep me from boarding my flight in 15 minutes. One upside though. Several weeks ago I lost my iPod which I assume disappeared during some drunk shenanigans at the pub. While he was going through my bag he searched a little pocket I didn't even know existed, sure enough he found my iPod. My exaltation "hey, you found my iPod!" didn't really do much to improve his mood.

The rest of the trip to Vegas was thankfully uneventful. We had a stewardess, flight attendant, waitress, whatever who was stunning when seen from behind. Unfortunately she turned around and I realized she really must have been something back in the Jacklyn Smith era. Surly and sunken eyed and not terribly happy to be there. Luckily for me she turned around often enough.

I endured the hangover flight across country and was ready to tear up the town. I was fortunate to have a city full of friends waiting to drink the place dry and revitalize the lagging hooker economy.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Alive (for the most part) 

I'm back from Vegas alive and safe. My liver and bankroll seemed to come through the experience mostly intact. As usual I didn't get to spend as much time BS'ing at the bar with some of my friends but I had a great time. There was the lengthy interview with the TSA in Philly as I tried to get through security with a passport in less than optimum condition, the charity game and of course the wedding of Gracie and Sweet sweet Pablo.

I've decided that one big honkin' writeup will have to due and I'm about halfway through it at this point. I was lucky enough to get out of town before a snow storm dumped on Vegas and the weather in Philly was 30 degress warmer in then Vegas.

Cheers and I'll have the writeup tomorrow.