Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mookie and FTOPS 

No time to post but a reminder to play the Mookie this evening. I've thrown in a seat to FTOPS #24 to the winner courtesy of my overlords.

See you there.


Monday, November 03, 2008

World Effing Champions 

I despise Halloween. It's just not my style to dress up as someone else when I'm basically a caricature of some twisted mess already. I love the hot nurses and perennial large breasted women dressing up as Elvira but it's not for me. This Halloween however was a little different. As a life-long Philadelphia sports fan, there was a little parade in town that would drag me out for some revelry.

Luckily for me I found friends who were willing to ignore the bigwigs decree of "DO NOT DRIVE!" while the rest decided to hop a train into the city. You can't tailgate if you take the train and the ballparks would not be serving and joy-juice. They gave out over 100,000 tickets to both Citizen's Bank Park and the Linc (home of the Iggles) so we had our destination. Booze, food, parade and party with my drunken compatriots. JDub found over 1000 people waiting for the train at his station an hour outside of Center City before they shut it down and Riggs had to do some quick thinking to get his herd into town.

By 8am the grill was set up and I was firing into my bottle of Soco. You will notice I've taken a healthy chunk out of the bottle before the bacon is barely started. Bacon, kegs and eggs was the standard fare of the day.

We watched as the helicopter began getting closer, a snail's pace as it took them 3 hours to go the distance that usually takes 15 minutes in rush hour traffic. We ate, we drank, we celebrated with the other brilliant souls who chose a party over mass-transit. We laughed at the poor guy who drove through the parking in his truck with a Mets sticker on the back. The weather was 180 degrees from that crazy World Series game, in the 60's and clear skies, and everyone kicked back to enjoy the atmosphere.

I finished my bottle of Soco by noon and we decided to hit the parade and rally. I gave away my other 5 tickets (people were actually selling those things on eBay) and watched the rest of the craziness from as close as I could get. The sea of fans was something I'll never forget, the parade was scheduled for 90 minutes but went double that. Sons and daughters on their dad's shoulders, so many people in the streets it was nearly impossible to get the floats through, Pat the Bat leading the front of the parade to hear the crowd chant "Bring back Pat". A football stadium in a football town packed with fans to watch a 10 minute baseball ceremony before the real festivities kicked off at the ballpark.

They raised the flag and introduced the players, the park was jumping. Fans cheering Charlie's name, Rollins bringing up the Mets just to get the reaction, Harry Kalas appearing to be relatively sober although he seemed to be in a hurry to get to his favorite Delco bar. The entire day was crazier than I would have imagined.

But my favorite part of the entire day came during a portion that probably didn't make the national replays but was shown here live in all it's glory. No one forgets Tug McGraw's little speech during the 1980 parade and Chase Utley decided to make sure he wouldn't be forgotten either. Broadcast live over every Philly TV station. The crowd went complete apeshit. So much for cursing during the All Star Game.

"All throughout baseball history, Philadelphia has had to take a back seat to New York. Well, today New York can stick it because today is their day." - Tug McGraw following the 1980 Phillies World Series Parade.

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