Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All over the map 

I think it's obvious that I've been a little out of touch since the end of September evidenced by my unread numbers in Bloglines. I wish I could tell you tales of bar hopping and bed hopping. But mostly it's been trying to get my shit together and prepare for some bigger badder things coming down the pike. That doesn't mean I haven't spent inhuman amounts of time and fundage polluting my liver, it just hasn't been anything spectacular other than some twisted bender the other day when I found myself at a shady afterhours club with nothing but my two feet as transportation home. And the trip was a bit further than my standard half mile walk home from the pub.

Allow me to spew some crap at you and I will reward you with a return of the nekkid form, god's lovely creatures.


I have a few new posts up on Poker From the Rail.

A short post up on the 5 year anniversary of Iggy and Up For Poker.

Wednesday I started a blogger profile list starting with Mookie.

Today is one of my favorites from blogger legend HDouble. I put up his classic post of movie quotes from The Big Lebowski applied to poker.

I spent some time last night going over HDub's archives and there is some great stuff there. It's been so long that I almost forgot when poker bloggers actually posted about poker strategy. Memories. We need to encourage him to start writing again.


Crazy friggin NFL season so far. A week ago the Eagles were out of the NFC East and then all three teams choke on the bit and everything is right back to being cocked up. Who knows what's going to happen next, certainly not me if you check my picks in Dr. Pauly's pool. I feel bad for MilwaukeeSteve who was the happy man in town with the Brewers in the playoffs and Cowboys looking to be the team to beat in the NFC. Now the Brewers will lose CC and their best chance at a title and the Cowboys lost half their roster. At least there is plenty of swill beer in his town.


I refuse to speak on the Phillies lest I personally jinx them again. I will take some credit for the comeback win on Monday since I made the command decision to leave my house for the bar when they were down 5-3. Before I finished my first Yuengling it was 7-5 and the bartender was giving out free shots. They finished off the Dodgers last night and I almost felt bad for poor Alyssa Milano looking all sad sitting it the stands. I must say the Dodgers have the most apathetic fans I've seen. Spend too much time sitting on their hands or watching Penny Marshall check out the on deck batters ass.


Right next to the Phillies winning and knowing the Mets fans are forced to watch us play in the post season again, I loved watching the beloved Red Sox nation cry in their beers Tuesday night while the upstart Rays smacked them around the park. Love the picture of Stephen King reading during the game. For the record, the Rays scare the crap out of me in the World Series.


The next person who tells me that I HAVE to get the new Metallica album will get punched in the throat. Metaphorically speaking of course. I wouldn't care if it was the second coming of ...and Justice for All or the band came out and apologized to every fan personally for the load of crap they've laid out recently. Metallica, and cock knocker Lars Ulrich specifically, can go suck a hemorrhoid. I wouldn't even bother enough to pirate their shit and sell copies for a shot of liquefied Sterno. Get bent.


I'm glad to see The Blonde is back and posting but under unfortunate circumstances. She lost a loved on in Iraq and her brothers are still in Afghanistan. Stop by and say hi.


I'm not exactly sure who plans to make the December blogger gathering but I understand there are some interesting deals in the works. Wish I could say more but my oath as a Reverend prevents from releasing any details. It will worth the trip.


I've been very lacking in my hottie picture posting even when I do bother writing anything down. The tough life of a degenerate blogger, I just spent an hour going through my collection to find 5 NSFW photos worth your attention. Enjoy

Picture one
Picture two
Picture three
Picture four
Picture five


I missed posting the September issue of Pauly's Truckin with all the stuff going on that month and just about missed the October edition. Here you have it.

October 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 10

1. Maisy Wednesday by Paul McGuire
She always wore bright lipstick which brought out a little gleam in her lips. She frequently smiled, but never initiated any sort of conversation... More

2. Happy Anniversary by John 'Falstaff' Hartness
As we stood outside the courthouse in our newly wedded bliss (which also somewhat resembled the look of people who have just survived a tornado, as it happened much faster than we expected) we decided that since Suzy didn't have to be at work for another couple of hours, we'd go have lunch. So we scraped together a few bucks and trundled over to a nearby McDonald's... More

3. A Lock of Bonnie Parker's Hair by Johnny Hughes
They was real famous and in the newspapers and all robbing them banks, when banks were unpopular. I asked Bonnie for something to remember her by. We didn't have a pencil for an autograph. She pulled this little pair of scissors out of her purse and gave me this.. .a lock of her hair.... More

4. Whiskey Kisses by Betty After Dark
Held apart by distance and circumstance, brought together in soft voices, the pieces of who we are fill the room with every drink we pour. The gaps in our lives slowly closing as the light from the window crept into the room. There was something unavoidable that connected us, but the details were never as clear as they were this night.... More

5. What I Knew? by Dusty Rhodes
Just walk up and ask her you idiot... You've been friends for four years... she doesn't have a date and either do you... Quit being a pussy and ask her... Christ dude... what are you nervous about... More