Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bash Pub Olympics Live 

Buddy Dank is working out the details and we have some connections issues, but we are live from the Pub for the Olympics.

The Rooster is cagey and currently schooling Doc Chako in shuffleboard. The Rooster is cagey.

Buddy Dank Radio


Friday, September 26, 2008

Bash Warmup 

If the "warm up" night is any indicator of the weekend, I might not survive until Sunday. What was supposed to be a nice quiet night before the storm turned into a first class bender all around. Don't know what I was thinking.

The moment Spaceman sat down at the bar my night was set in stone. The pub had to restock Soco and Macallan after only one night and there are rumors that we had our first falldown last night. The BamBam crew were the first to arrive but Doc Chako was rerouted all over the state of Pennsylvania. CK was the last to arrive and set about getting her drink on fast and furious.

I'm sitting at the pub enjoying a little "hair of the dog" waiting for the rest to arrive and the insanity to continue. Otis, Blood, Drizz and Buddy Dank are wheels down and wheeling their way towards future drunkeness.

The plan is to have various bloggers pop on here throughout the weekend for an impromtu "Live Blogging The Drunk", Kat will have a live webcam up at some point and BuddyDank radio will be online live from The Bash during the Pub Olympics tomorrow and whatever craziness goes down at the party.

Check back tomorrow.

Pray for us.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can anyone change the weather? 

The first bad beat of the Bash. Friday's golf fun is in desperate jeopardy as the weatherman is calling for heavy rains all day long. If worse comes to worse, we just find ourselves a nice little bar with Golden Tee and run ourselves a nice drunken virtual golf tournament.

Emails have been sent and I think I just about as prepared for this crazy mess as I'll ever be. I haven't notified all the local hospitals but how bad can an Otis fall or Drizz wheelchair ride actually turn out. The bar is fully stocked and they will have all hands on deck to make sure a good time is had by all. The band is prepped on all forms of music to make the people happy. By people I mean me, and by music I mean metal. There's always a downstairs if your ears start to bleed.

The rest of my weekend will be spent waiting for the crew to show up and stretching out my liver. Silly little idea of mine which might work out will be have a pseudo live running blog during the Pub Olympics and Bash. Katitude will also be rocking the web cam so it could get really sketchy as far as blogger reputations.

Pray for us.


Not sure if I'll be able to make it this evening, but tonight is the final Mookie where Waffles can top the leaderboard and win his bet. They need 80 plus players for him to even have a shot. I call on everyone to jam the Mookie THEN watch as Waffles still manages to choke.

Tournament: The Mookie
When: Wednesdays at 22:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE with knockouts
Buyin: $12+1
Password: vegas1


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2008 Pub Olympics Rosters 

Since I was spending the day writing up trip reports and making final plans to get done for the Bash, I grabbed Otis and we drafted our 2008 Pub Olympics Team. The Pub Olympics will be held Saturday afternoon before the Bash just to have another reason to hang out.

The teams are listed below as well as a reminder of the events. The team members are listed in alphabetical order but it should be noted that BigMike was the number one overall draft pick by Otis. Anyone who signs up late will be entered into a second round of draft choices as we get closer.

Team AlCantHang:


Team Otis:



The Bash Countdown 

I have an entire week at the Borgata to fit into one post and it's about halfway written as well as a Truckin' story for Pauly. The week started with NJ Transit tilt and ended playing drunken 5/10 limit with Pauly, Steve and Riggs. I got mugged by the deck and still ended up down to the felt. Nights with too much drinking, no drinking or the 5am bender where my late night conversation with an AC hooker turned into her getting escorted out by security.

But that will have to wait as I finish up making plans for this little shindig you might have heard about. Just a few days away and most of the plans are complete. Out of town friends have their travel and hotel plans set up. Local friends are busy checking their livers at the door and helping me out whenever they can.

Here's what I need from everyone coming from out of town. I need your itinerary so I can make sure everything and everyone is covered. Shoot me an email and I'll get you my information. I need to know if you are in for golf, poker, pub olympics or just mind altering drinking.