Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back to my real life 

Hallelujah, it's finally over. I can get back to doing nothing but drinking and preparing for the Bash next week.

Vivek "psyduck" Rajkumar is the 2008 Borgata Poker Open Champion. Happy to see him all patched up in Full Tilt.

Photo courtesy of CardPlayer.com


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A bad joke on me 

A drunk, two ex-Eagles cheerleaders, and Ted Forrest walk into a bar...

Sounds like the beginning of a horrid dirty joke, but in reality that how my Monday night/Tuesday morning ended. Drank proper with Dr. Pauly and Tropical Steve until the real writers decided the night was over. The WPT girls were halfway out the door so that wasn't an option. Monday night in the Borgata room and there wasn't a single 5/10 game GOING. Not saying there wasn't a list, there wasn't a single 5/10 drunk monkey Al-wants-to-donk-away Limit game going.

So much for spending my hard earned money drinking free booze and check/calling my 300 bucks away. I want to my new favorite bar where I don't have to deal with musclehead bartenders or overly over priced drinks.

The Metropolitan.

I sat down, ignoring the guy at the end of the bar. The guy who is either The Professor, The Banker or the Suicide King (Lederer and Beal were somewhere other than the friggin Borgata). Poor guy was doing nothing but playing the cash game with a $50k buyin, all he wanted was his food to go. And the bartender said NO!

So while poor Ted (that MIGHT be a tell) was eating his food at the bar, I decided to go for a smoke. Two lonely little angels were all by themselves next to the smoking area. I've got unmarked Benji's and they seemed thirsty.

So I spent the next two hours sitting with *insert names here* while they told me about the joys of being a professional cheerleader sitting around while their slacker boyfriends played -EV table games.

Yoda says, get them drunk I did.

My two eggs over easy and an inch thick rid-eye were all undone by two REALLY big fuckers unhappy that their girls were drinking cosmos next to some unhip douchebag. I tried to buy them drinks to make up for their lack of caring but they seemed more intent on figuring out the long haired guy.

Being a lover and not a fighter, I decided the proper action would be to bring my drunken ass up to my room and write this down and post it before passing out in a drunken haze.

I have 7 hours before I have to be back up to the WPT event, wonder if the Borgata has a hooker bar. I take no responsibility for my actions this evening. Pauly started this mess.