Friday, September 12, 2008

God Bless NJ Transit and all the ride on her 

I'm on serious travelers tilt at the moment. It's all my fault. If I hadn't stayed out until 5 this morning with a 21 year old ex-Redskins cheerleader I might have been able to get up in time to catch my ride to the train station. 2 hours of sleep and 3 bottles of Soco do not make it real easy to rise at god's butt crack of dawn.

Evy was kind enough to schlep me down for the Septa connection to Philly and I decided I would do my writing on the leg from Philly to AC. That's when I realized that trek would be taken on the NJ Transit system.

God bless the fine folks at 30th Street Station. During the "layover" between trains my hungover ass hit up the McDonald's. In walks one of god's creatures wearing a shirt that said "fuck you, you fucking fuck" which made me smile. When she asked the McD's clerk to make her double quarter-pounder medium-rare, I cried a little inside.

A glorified damn subway car through the swamps of Jersey. I was lucky to catch 10 minutes sleep before granny next to me started coughing for 60 minutes. It was an AARP connection that I assume they use since all those casino tour buses started spilling their old farts all over the center of the AC Expressway.

They actually clapped when we pulled into the station. Clapped like those crazy Euros clap with a successful plane landing. They were out of their seats so fast I was worried we might have a tragic walker versus cane incident.

My first text to Riggstad was "I just stepped off the train and I already hate old people"

But I'm now safe and sound sitting at media row in the rarefied air that is Dr. Pauly. I'll be here for the next six days covering the last preliminary events and the WPT Main Event.

Most of my posts for the next week will be split between LivePokerRadio.com and FTP's Poker From the Rail (new, improved and allowing comments). Stop on by and let me know what you think.

The story from Pauly is re-re-reconfirmed. Eskimo Clark IS alive and hasn't moved two steps from in front of me for the last hour. No stake for you!

Live Poker Radio - everything I can see with my own two little eyes.
FTP's Bloggers On The Rail - following along with the FTP pros.
The Official Borgata Blog - Dr. Pauly, Friedman and Tropical Steve follow all the action.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years 

I consider myself lucky that I did not lose any family or friends on 9-11-01 but I know several people who lost both. I'll never forget my feelings that day or the 7 years since.


Winding it down 

You know when I figured out the days of this site were nearing an end? When I was going through my drunken memories of the last few months and realized I not only barely wrote of the crazy shit going on but I didn't really care to put the stories down in print. Several weeks ago I spent a few hours hanging out with the old drummer from hair band Britny Fox talking about the old days while chugging a bunch of shots and it barely deserved rated an entire paragraph. A few weekends we had a full-moon evening at the pub complete with a mohawked douche who alternated between slapping his girlfriend and literally spitting in her face. And she was laughing the entire time. Full on head-case wackos who were laughing uncontrollably as the bouncers carried them out the door. Never even occurred to be to relate the story.

I'm sure it's just the stress adding up as we get closer to the Bash, not the fact that I burnt out 18 months ago and just holding on to this little corner out of some warped sense of self-preservation as I drink my way through every perceived problem while making sure I avoid any actual human interaction.

Nah, it's definitely the stress.


Things have been awfully quiet around these parts, I thought the September flu went away but turns out it was just napping, waiting to crush me again. The folks who produce Marlboro's must be starting to worry as stores around my area start to become overstocked with cowboy killers. I've actually considered walking my beat up ass down the road to buy a pack but just can't get myself moving. Lazy boy = comfy boy.

I've spent time over the last week re-working some stuff for Poker From the Rail over at FTP. The platform for the blog was pretty brutal for posting and load time to read something there. That's all changed this week when they moved everything to a new set up and even changed the look of the site. It will now be a piece of cake for me to get my posts up and definitely quicker getting to read the posts. They also took my suggestion to have a little more stones than the Blogfather, comments on the site are enabled. Moderated but enabled so let me have it.

I wouldn't even be a little surprised if we start to see some posts by OG-blogger and the ever-elusive HDouble.

I'll probably end up doing a lot more posting over there so every one coming here can avoid those nasty little posts that talk about nothing but poker.


It seems that I've somehow secured media credentials to cover the remaining events at the Borgata Poker Open. I'll be heading down on Friday and staying for the duration. I have zero experience covering even a small tournament so I have no idea what to expect. But how the hell could I turn down the chance to set at the media table along with Dr. Pauly, Friedman and Tropical Steve. I had to make certain promises concerning the amount of time I spend sitting at the B-Bar or standing at the craps table. God damn the Borgata for setting up craps tables right outside the poker room.

I've made a vow to bring a bottle of booze down for the Doctor and also Tab the Tourney Director. Of course Tab asked for a $700 bottle of hooch so he'll be getting the latest flavor combination available in a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20. Pray for out livers.


Cheers for now, more to come tomorrow. Hope to see some people turn out for the Riverchasers game Thursday night. I also still have spots open on the US "Ryder Cup" poker team set to compete on the 20th and 21st. If you can't play, Elisha Cuthbert says hi.

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Tour
when: Thursdays at 21:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers