Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brit Blogger Challenge 

Busy busy over the last few days. Plenty to write about but no time to run out the details. Work first, play later.

I've been working with Acornman and The Cloud trying to put together a little something for the Brit bloggers and readers. What we've come up with is a little mini blogger challenge over the next couple weeks. Sort of a little BBT but with fewer games, smaller buyins, less stress and the weekday game will be running while all us Yanks are still at their real job. Except for us morons who quit their real job. Ah yeah, and only the Brits (bloggers, readers, etc) are eligible to win the big leaderboard prizes at the end.

We'll be shipping the top two players on the leaderboard off to London on September 18th and 19th for the taping of the Million Dollar Cash Game plus a meet/greet with some of the pros. I actually considered taking a jump across once I found out world famous blogger HDub would be there, unfortunately I have a little shindig going on the week after.

As I said, only the Brit bloggers and readers are eligible for the big prize but I'll have other incentives along the way to make it worth the time for players on this side to hop into the games, starting with the kickoff.

The first tournament will be on Saturday at 14:00ET, 19:00 on the other side of the Atlantic, and we've added two entries into FTOPS #24 on Sunday ($120+9 with Knockouts). The top two places on Saturday will pay out the seats with the rest of the prize pool going to the other spots. Not too shabby for a $5 tournament.

Tournament: Brit Blogger Challenge
When: Sunday at 14:00ET (19:00 BST)
Game: NLHE
Buyin: $5+.50
Password: donkament


Once you're done playing this game you can hop over to Saturdays with Dr. Pauly for his PLO fun time. Pauly has added extra juice to the game by awarding a buyin to the big Sunday Millions game.

A lot of free money floating around the games today.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Riverchaser game 

No real time to post today, interesting things in the works that I'll announce tomorrow. Wanted to remind everyone that the Riverchasers Tournament is on for this evening and I'll be playing from the pub surrounded by drunken karaoke singers (and hopefully that little number from Saturday).

While you're playing in the RC game, pop on over to Lou Krieger's radio show Keep Flopping Aces at 21:00ET with special guest Dr. Pauly.

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Tour
When: Thursday at 21:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Evils of Drinking, continued 

Feel free to consider this another public service announcement on the dangers of over drinking. Today's example is short term memory loss.

It's well known that I avoid the bars on most normal Saturdays. Knuckledraggers and mouthbreathers consuming too much alcohol, doesn't appeal to me at all. This weekend I broke from the norm and made the walk down to the pub. I strapped on the new laptop and planned to sit in the corner to watch the parade of idiots while spending some time at the virtual tables. Every thing was going according to plan. I was around par in the second hour of the 28k and BSing with my friends. Then I found an outstanding young lady sitting alone on the other side of the bar and plans changed.

As BG would say, this girl was clearly out of my league. Nolan Ryan pitching to tee-ballers, out of my league. But she was drinking so there was a possibility the "beer goggle" effect would act in my favor. I've never been accused of being a decent looking humanoid but what I lack in looks I more than make up for in self-delusion. I decided to step up to the plate and see what I could do. She was looking over occasionally, I just prayed she wasn't looking at the dork sitting a bar playing online poker instead of chatting up the drunks.

Since she was sitting on her own I felt confident sending over a drink, pint of Guinness in this case. She smiled and waved thanks. I thought I handled my first pitch well until a meathead with a big faux-hawk took the seat next to her. They obviously knew each other an my first effort was a big whiff. I went back to playing the 28k and drinking with my friends. Not even The Rooster hits it out of the park on every swing. My friend sitting next to me didn't help very much when she turned to me and said "you know, he's really hot." Lemon.

But meathead left and she actually sent me a shot. I decided to take another swing, next up I had the bartender provide her with a Guinness AND a double Jameson. She smiled, knocked back the big shot without blinking and began walking over to my side of the bar. Images of Rudy, Rocky and Tanner dancing through my head. Just maybe she was drunk enough to overlook my glaring weakness(es).

We chatted for awhile and I decided to myself that I was going to fold my way out of the 28k and take my shot. Being the polite young gentlemen (I'm neither polite nor young), I shook her hand and introduced myself.

"Al, we closed the bar together Thursday night! You don't remember me?

And I foul out to the catcher.

God damn booze. I knew Thursday night ended in a big blur, someone had to remind me that I actually sang karaoke that night but how the hell did I miss closing the bar with one of the best looking women to walk into the pub? Rhetorical question. There was nothing average about this girl other than her complete faith in holistic healing yet I had no memory of her. Luckily for me that wasn't my last at bat of the evening, and the end of my inane baseball metaphors, because the girl certainly loves her Guinness and Jameson. We'll see how things go this coming weekend.


The final push to the Bash is moving along. The confirmations are starting to come in and the golf outing is starting to fill up. Since my last list of 5 convinced BadBlood to finalize his plans I decided to do another list. Five more that I'd like to see poneyed up to my bar at the end of September.

The Garthmeister - he says he can't make it because of a puny competition called the Australian Rules Football Grand Final. Not sure if it's more important than the Little League World Series or the Westminster Kennel Club competition but I'm pretty sure I'll have a way to get it shown in the pub. Besides, the last time Garth was in my house he redecorated my guest bathroom in Technicolor-yawn colors. What kind of art goes with modern Jager spew? He missed the last bash with some lame excuse about being in Australia at the time and it wasn't justifiable to fly halfway around the world for one party.

Waffles - zero chance he will make the short trip south for The Bash. The party requires a certain amount of social interaction that might be a little out of his league. Uncontrollable drooling is definitely frowned upon and there will be a bus full of randy available women. Of course he could always be the "Player" yin to The Rooster's yang. The bar is also a little more comfortable than the sportsbook at the Venetian, so when he passes out this time he won't have a dent in his forehead.

Tripjax - during the last Bash he received the dreaded Drunk Lewey award. He took the standard Saturday night drunk one step further by getting wasted on Friday well before the sun went down. I have no idea if Trip is coming but if he brings his wife that doubles the chance that "Stalker Waffles" will show up.

CJ and G-Rob - Otis and BadBlood are making an appearance for the G-Vegas crew so why not the rest of them. As the sober luckbox, CJ would be the odds on favorite to win the Friday night poker tournament. He'd also be a great person to document the craziness while trying to explain to his new wife why he knows this bunch of chuckleheads. I'd almost pay for G-Rob to show up just for the different stories about what he does for a living. Caribbean club owner, firefighter, SWAT team member, professional blackjack player, news anchor. None of which are believable but he sells it well.

MiamiDon - poker, golf and booze. I'm having a heard time figuring out why he wouldn't be here. That gives so many opportunities for ridiculous prop bets that he could make his nut for the year in one weekend. He could even spend the weekend watching football at a reasonable time thanks to the timezone switch. Thank you very much "east coast bias". If Don shows up I'll be sure to find time to watch every game available.