Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm starting to get happy feet. I get this feeling every time I've been cooped up in one place for too long and I need to hop on a plane. I realize that I was just in Vegas two weeks ago but that never counts. It's probably from being stuck in the same seat with the same view for the last week. No pub, no Boat, no nothing.

In the middle of the day I find myself searching the travel sites, maybe a special deal will pop up that I just can't refuse. I've looked at flights to Oklahoma (AFTER the big weekend that I'm still cheesed I missed). I've checked rates to G-Vegas, California and even Amsterdam. I've considered finding a way to get to Texas to hang with the Fat Guy. Shiners on the Brazz, sounds like fun. Each time I get a new email/text from my Key West friend I'm halfway booked before I stop myself. It would be nice to relax with friends instead of staring out at the same old back ground.

With the Bash just two months away now, I know that's all just screwed up thinking. It would be completely irresponsible for me to pause everything in the middle of the planning for a little get-a-way.

But my friends shouldn't be surprised if they get an email about a drunk coming to town. You just never know.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where the Waffle meets Miami 

It's not real easy to come up with hangover rants when you haven't seen the inside of a bar in quite a while. Crazy drunken stories just don't pop up that often when the majority of your time is spent firmly seated in front of a laptop pounding away (at the keyboard you sick fooks). The dog certainly must be happy to have a constant companion but my liver is starting to feel neglected. If I keep up this pace I won't be able to resist the temptation to plow into the monster bottles of Soco sitting in the pantry, and nothing good will come from that.

I did manage to find my way into the Blogger Skillz game on Tuesday and the Mookie last evening. The Skillz game reminded me why I love Razz cash games but would rather shotgun clorox before playing another Razz tournament. All it takes is having your made hand chased down by a chucklehead who was drawing dead to runners, your stack is decimated and on death notice. In a cash game I could just tag that fish and reload while the lemur gave it all right back.

In the Mookie I was cruising along just fine down to the final two tables. Nothing spectacular until a couple double ups and winning a race. No real big deals until Waffles immediately to my right decided that T9o was worthy of an all-in button steal. After figuring his range was pretty much any two cards I called with AQ. I wouldn't be writing about his if the hand actually stood up.

So congrats to Waffles on his usual outstanding play late in a tournament.

Checking my hand history it seems I was confused. The donkish play wasn't from Waffles, but from he who should know better MiamiDon. The two are easily confused at the poker table. If the roles were reversed in the past I'm pretty sure Don would have "virtually" taken a drunken fist to my backdoor and used me as a meat puppet. Metaphorically speaking or course.

Feel free to come out tonight to the Riverchasers game for some pure fun. Head's Up Donkament, cheap and early.

Tournament: Riverchasers Heads Up Tourney
When: Thursday, July 17th 21:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE Heads Up format
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers


Until then, please go enjoy the "bio writeups" done by Julius_Goat for the first three of the players of the November Nine. Great stuff.

Dennis Phillips
Craig Marquis
Ylon Swartz


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

They're saying "Boo-urns" 

Good stuff last night during the Homerun Derby introductions. I didn't watch a second of the exhibition but it didn't take long for the IM windows to pop up to ask if I heard what happened. It seems there were plenty of Mets fans in attendance at Yankee Stadium who still haven't gotten over their team's 2007 epic collapse. Utley turns to Uggla and responds to the boos in a way that every Phillies fan can appreciate. Outstanding.

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The "November Nine" are set and we'll see how the plan to delay the final table til November pans out. Nobody of any interest to me made the final table and they're really going to have to do some work to keep people interested. I gave props to Dr. Pauly yesterday but there are a ton who put in a boat load of hours and deserve some credit. The fine folks at PokerNews had the thankless task of covering every event (too many of them to name each), Michalski eventually decided to show up and the Pokerati crew was top notch, Otis will always be the man, WickedChops did what they do best and I can't forget the poker playing cougar Michelle Lewis.

Cheers to all, now go enjoy some down time.


I'm quickly realizing this whole working from home thing has certain draw backs. Sure I enjoy not rushing out of the house on my way to the corporate grind and it's much easier to walk the 5 steps from the lazy boy to the back deck for a smoke break, no big security check points between the two. Gas is certainly cheaper when all I have to worry about is the methane from too much bacon.

God damn though, I can't stop eating. All the time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I was hit with a craving for sweets and the poor bag of Hersey's chocolate chips took the brunt of it. The grill has run out of propane once already after piling on various forms of cow flesh. All the weight I lost on my booze/nicotine/red bull/depression diet is going to come rushing back very soon unless I get myself into a proper routine.

For now I force myself to take a long walk with the dog in the afternoon to work off some of my gorging. In the opposite direction of the pub thank you very much. I spend the majority of my working time listening to music. God bless Arena Rock on cable for my background writing music, it helps me avoid blowing my time cleaning out my DVR recordings in the first week. Not quite as high brow as what Pauly or BG would have on but it works for me. No co-workers around unless you count Zeke who's only requirement is that I play fetch with him every once in a while.

I'm sure once every thing gets settled down I'll be solid.

Now if I can just avoid my pantry which is overstocked with Oreos, chips and a fully stocked bar.


Monday, July 14, 2008

All Hail the Doctor 

46 straight days the Good Doctor has made his way to the Amazon room in the Rio to report the sights and sounds from the WSoP. A few bumps and bruises plus the bird flu couldn't keep him away from his appointed position in media row. During my few days in Vegas last week I would see nothing but the top of his head as he pounded away at the keyboard.

7 days in Vegas is my max. IMy special circumstances, being a raging alcoholic, prevent me from even attempting longer stays. Hell, I was only there for a long weekend and managed to drive myself straight into the ground so damned fast that I still don't think I'm completely right in the head. Too many ways to put my body in situations that can only be countered by years of therapy and rehab. 7 days is definitely my cap.

Just trying to do 46 straight days would have me in the ground by week 2 which makes what Pauly has gone through a true marathon. At least some of Pokernews crew were given days off. Make sure you stop by his site and thank him for his efforts. Nobody else in their right mind would have been able to do it.


Nat Arem is back at it again and I find myself shaking my head at the masses who still insist on throwing their money on UB/AP after everything that has been proven. More shady things are coming out about Russ Hamilton and superuser accounts thanks to whistle blower posting information on a forum followed up by Nat's top notch investigating. I took a fun tongue-in-cheek shot at him earlier but that was taken the wrong way. The guy survived a night on the town with myself and Schaefer, that's enough testament for me. I have to say I'm a little disappointed no one has been able to nail down Hellmouth or Annie Duke on the subject other than Shecky's interview where Duke did nothing but goose step to the company line. Someone needs to get one of them in a room to really answer some questions.

Check out Nat's latest bit of sleuthing and decide for yourself, he's proven to be a guy that can get to the heart of things. I'm sure this isn't going away any time soon. Unless clueless poker players continue to turn a blind eye. Nothing good has come out of this since the beginning.
"I don’t know how those names are connected. But it showed that the registered address of at least some of the super user accounts belonged to Russ Hamilton, the former owner of UB.

I basically felt sick to my stomach. I talked to Russ on the phone a few times in the fall — brsavage got me in touch with him. We talked about how disgusting it was that this happened at AP."

Since the end of the BBT challenge I've been a little busy. New job details, quitting old mind numbing jobs, drinking myself into oblivion, etc. I've been neglecting my little baby blogger/Riverchasers Thursday night game. It's time to get some juice back and go hunting lemurs, I have a few special things set up for the next few weeks.

This weeks I decided to go with a head's up format. Read that again if you plan to play because I don't want any crap from people who register and didn't pay attention. This weeks Riverchaser Thursday night game is HEADS UP. I've been told that the set up will have chip counts resetting for each new match so no more goofed up stacks going against each other.

HEADS UP, did you get that waffles?

The next few weeks I'll try to shake things up (everyone likes added money tourney's, right?) and try to shake off the post-BBT blogger blues.

See you there Thursday.


No quite back to my NSFW posting duties but how about the 50 hottest girls dressed as Wonder Woman? I'm pretty sure they're all safe for work but some are definitely not "hottest". Thanks to Shumpy you'll be having many more links in the future.


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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Blog and The Bash 

I mentioned in my previous I mentioned that things might get a little weird Friday evening, unfortunately I did not have a camera to capture it all. One of the interesting quirks of my little suburbian paradise is the Colonial Theater just across the street from the pub. Back in the 50's they filmed a little B movie in town called The Blob where a bunch of screaming whackos come running out of that exact theater. They celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the movie this weekend and the freaks came out to play. Grown men and women walking around in 50's garb while children of all ages were sporting the latest in tin foil hat fashions.

Luckily I was protected from the majority of them by the bouncer at the door and drinking age laws. A few of them were of legally drinking age and made it through my defense but those were mostly harmless drunks. There were screwed up Blob-themed jello shots and some odd green concoctions that I wouldn't go near.

A few new bars have opened up in the area that are starting to pull in even more hard charging drinker, my little 'burb is becoming quite the barhopping destination. It won't be long before I'm completely surrounded by drinkers with too much money and too little self control. These are my people.

Back home where I belong.


This is a good a time as any to throw out all the details I have for the 2008 version of the Bash. Hopefully I can have another nice crew of drunken bloggers make an appearance for golf, poker and shenanigans.

The dates are Friday, September 26th through Sunday, September 28th. Most of the events will take place in the Phoenixville, PA area. Philadelphia International is the closest, most convenient airport for the out of state travelers and I'll have transportation to/from most of the destinations. I'm also working on hotel deals so you'll want to shoot me an email if you need that info.
The Bash (not at the Boathouse)
Saturday, September 27th
Tyler James Pub
212 Bridge St, Phoenixville PA 19460

Friday morning/afternoon - The First Annual Rooster Golf Invitational. 4 player scramble format at a local country club complete with hottie beer girls, prizes and the trophy presented by The Rooster himself. I'll definitely need an RSVP prior to that weekend but we still have some time. I can also help arrange teams for anyone coming in on their own.

Friday evening - The 2008 BoyGenius Poker Classic. Even though it seems the BoyGenius himself will be unable to attend we will continue the tradition by throwing a no-holds-barred charity rebuy tournament the Friday before The Bash. Expect large amounts of booze and fantastic food. You will need to contact me personally to get in on this game.

Saturday afternoon - Saturday afternoon mixed cash games became the tradition once bloggers began descending on my little shindig. NLHE, Stud, HORSE or Chinese poker games will be rolling all afternoon while we wait for the bar to get set up and the band rolls out their best sound checks.

Saturday evening - The Bash (not at the Boathouse). The Bash has received enough exposure from anyone who's made the trip. Too much booze. Too much degenerate irresponsible behavior to fit in this tiny corner of the internet. Bloggers will fall down, they will make fools of themselves, they will most definitely forget large chunks of the evening. It's a great way to hang out with old friends, new friends and have fun all in the name of charity.

Crystal Roxx is the band booked this year, the very same band who gave me the AlCantHang nickname over a decade ago. Here's your one chance to hear the ACHE song live and in person.

Sunday afternoon - For anyone still alive and not puking in an airport bathroom, Sunday is my birthday so I'll be back sitting at the pub watching the NFL Sunday ticket while sweating out every ounce of booze from the night before. I may have to start taking prop bets on who will still be breathing by Sunday morning.
That's everything I have for now. Always looking for suggestions and improvements. I can be contacted at AlCantHang@aol.com if you have any questions or would like to get yourself on the gold and/or poker list. I'm always surprised at the vast numbers of invisible internet friends who come from long distances just to drink themselves silly in the company of like minded degens.

Cheers, and start making those travel plans.