Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things are much too hectic around here for a proper post. I say that like I was really busy last night when the truth was I got a little lazy, then a little busy, then Shawshank Redemption came on and any chance for writing went right out of the window. Plus I'm very busy making plans which apparently means I'm missing out on something in life but what if it's life that I'm busy making plans for (don't end your sentences in prepositions). I hope my Vegas friends have some time in the near future to sit around a bar playing Video Poker and spot the hooker.

A quick heads up to BBT3 WSoP package winners, we're finalizing everything and you will be receiving an email from FTP. Same thing with the cash and jersey winners but you'll understand if my number one priority are the seats.

Good luck to everyone playing in the Bodog 18 player SnG for the Main Event seat this evening. Thanks to smokkee for setting every thing up in the BoDonkey.



Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's finally over 

Not too much to say about this weekend other than watching the Phillies pull away from the floundering Mets and a playing a little poker on Sunday. No real need to mention sitting in the ER waiting room until the wee hours of the morning on Saturday because that's even more boring than spending Saturday sitting on the lazyboy avoiding the 96 degree heat.

Congrats to everyone who won their way to the WSoP in the BBT3 Tournament of Champions and the 2k freeroll. OMGitsPokerFool and Loretta8 secured their Main Event seats with katiemother and oossuuu754 winning $2k WSoP packages during the ToC. There were some brutal suckouts at the final table with cmitch seeming to get the worst of it. lightning36 dodged a ton of bullets in the freeroll to win his $2k WSoP package. That's 6 preliminary seats and 2 Main Event seats given away courtesy of FTP. Thanks to them and everyone who participated. Below is the complete list of winners.

TuscaloosaJohn - Player of the Month for March - $2k WSoP Package
SirFWALGMan - Player of the Month for April - $2k WSoP Package
TuscaloosaJohn - Player of the Month for May - $2k WSoP Package
OMSitsPokerFool - Tournament of Champions - Main Event Seat Package
Loretta8 - Tournament of Champions - Main Event Seat Package
katiemother - Tournament of Champions - $2k WSoP Package
oossuuu754 - Tournament of Champions - $2k WSoP Package
lightning36 - BBT Freeroll - $2k WSoP Package

Congratulations to everyone again, feel free to stop by and wish them luck.


I spent Sunday playing two of the Mini World Series of Poker events on FTP and I was impressed. The amount of play in these low buyin events was impressive. Event #15 was a simple $10+1 tourney that had a $5,000 guarantee. A crazy 5120 players showed up with more than $10,000 going to first place. For a $10 event, that's pretty crazy. Of course I made it almost exactly 20 minutes before someone decided that J8 preflop was gold against my AA. The two jacks on the flop agreed with him.

Event #16, Limit Omaha/8, at least I made it halfway through the field at the second break before burning out. I was knocked out on the last hand before the break and at the exact same time a Dr. Pauly fan at my table asked me if I would sign his copy of the Paris Hilton Sex Tape. Not a great showing for me in either event.

I haven't really paid much attention to this series with the end of BBT taking most of my time. They seem to be pretty juicy with big fields and horrid players. If I actually had a decent tournament game I'd probably play a lot more of these but I'll definitely pick and chose some good ones from here on out.


Until I can finally get around to writing about my experiences amongst the great unwashed, also known as wet smelly Dave Matthews fans, my new friend pictured below humbly suggests you go read Dr. Pauly's WSoP blog and his new issue of Truckin' conveniently linked to down below. And I would surely love to post the complete version of this picture.

June 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 6

Welcome to the birthday issue of Truckin! We have now been around for six years.

1. Ikeaphobia by Paul McGuire
I kept imagining Swedish people in Sweden coming home from their Swedish jobs and sitting down on their Swedish couches and eating Swedish meals cooked in Swedish pans and served on Swedish plates... More

2. The Crucification of Kaminsky by Betty Underground
The diet pills made her skinny. Made her feel excepted in the land of the beautiful. The speed getting her through the days. Coke came at night, when she needed to escape her own mind. Her past... More

3. One Night Out, Part I by Sigge S. Amdal
I noticed that I wasn't alone in the alley, and I looked up quick enough to see a prostitute coughing up a recognizable white substance. She looked up and for a brief time our eyes met. Only one window apart earlier, but out here we were both equally being sick. It was a strange moment of solidarity... More

4. The Reason Why... by May B. Yesno
The place had a less than classy name, The Roamin Gardens, to say little of the fact the only garden about it were two fake, potted palm trees at the front door. A typical sleazy pick-up joint. One in which you feel like everything you touch you can pick-up most anything... More

5. Drafting Richard Petty by Drizz
Imagine starting every day with these heavy chains pinning you to Davy Jones' Locker, and having zero motivation to try to swim to the surface because those depths didn't provide any sunlight to reach... More

6. FLASHBACK - Fukuoka, Phishy City by Tenzin McGrupp
The workers are tiny Japanese girls who wear the most adorable white and red uniforms and lovely white gloves cover their tiny hands. They greet you with big smiles and sing a nice happy song to you as the customers pay... More