Thursday, June 05, 2008

A much needed break 

It's one of those odd things that began occurring to me right around the time cell phones became common place. A get a ton of unintended phone calls since my name appears near the top of most address books. I'll answer the phone only to hear muffled sounds through a random pants pocket or the occasion "blue" conversation. My friends have corrected this problem by adding ShitHead to the front my name. Now I get no more calls from them.

The latest accidental call came from an unexpected source. It was 10:30ET when my caller ID flashed Dr. Pauly's number. All I could hear through the call was tournament announcements over the loud speaker and the sounds of Pauly probably making yet another prop bet. Once I got his attention I was able to speak to the man himself for a few minutes in the middle of his crazy life. I'm really digging the 2008 WSoP Pauly-raw style, back to old school blogging.

He also cleared something up from my last post, he won't be disappearing for 2 months following the series. It's actually "only one month off then its off to Macau, China and then Borgata, Atlantic City". God bless him, not a chance in hell I could handle that schedule.


Post-BBT3 writeups seems to center around everyone being thankful that the long grind is over. But nothing comes free and easy. I have a different reason to be happy then the grinders. 56 times over the last 13 weeks I was forced out of bed early to grab tournament results from the night before and turn the leaderboard around quickly. That is a grind unto itself. It gets really tough when your primary form of entertainment is drinking yourself sloppy.

I'm sure I'll have more to say once we award the final 4 WSoP seats this weekend. Until then feel free to enter the "write yourself to Vegas" contest which has been extended a week. The deadline is now Thursday, June 12th. The page hasn't been updated with the info but consider the deadline extended.

How about a quick rundown of BBT3 numbers and information.

- TuscaloosaJohn destroyed the field in points, making the top 25% of the field in over half the events he entered. He also had two wins, 8 final tables and cashed in 12 of the 50 events he played. It wasn't a huge prize to win the leaderboard but the two separate $2k WSoP packages for the March and May Player of the Month awards should be just fine.

- Lucko has the honor of the most wins during BBT3 with three, one MATH and two Mookies. Probably the most feared player in the ToC for the players who have any sense.

- Loretta8 led the way for final tables, making 11 out of his 54 events entered.

- Waffles made the top 5 and earned some extra cash. I'm still sickened by this and might never get over it.

- 9 players had multiple wins in the 56 events. Lucko with 3 win. TuscaloosaJohn, Chippy McStacks, wwonka69, corron10, JD Schellnutt, surflexus, OMGitsPokerFool and wormmsu all with 2 wins.

- cmitch was the leading money winner ($1,963.38) up until the final event when Julius_Goat became the only player to go over the $2,000 prize mark ($2,708.06).

- We had 4,623 players sign up for events during BBT3. There were 455 individual players who signed up for at least one event. Over $75,000 was awarded to the prize pool.

- I'm still waiting for some enlightened soul to come up with a proper handicapping and odds sheet for the players in the Tournament of Champions.

Leaderboard prizes for a little extra scratch:

1st - $750 - TuscaloosaJohn
2nd - $600 - Lucko21
3rd - $500 - twoblackaces
4th - $400 - Loretta8
5th - $350 - SirWFALGMan

6th through 20th will receive custom FTP jerseys.

On a final note, I'm putting together a pretty god awful large "leaderboard" that I will post in the next few days. I combined the stats from all three BBT challenges and it's a monster. I'm constantly amazed at the crazy response we got from you, the players, from a silly idea born out of curiosity and a crap load of booze. Many thanks to all the players making these challenges a success as well as Hoy, Chad, Mookie and MiamiDon for allowing us to tag along on their blogger-hosted tournaments. Thanks to the guys I worked with at Full Tilt Poker for realizing the impact of poker bloggers and offering up some ridiculous prizes over the last 12 months. I'd also like to thank all my old-time blogger friends for all their support, playing time and pimpage. I couldn't have done it without you.

Also, I should mention the great job done by Smokkee these last few months with the BoDog WSoP giveaway series. He deserves a big thanks from everyone who participated. I wish I could have played in them but I was having enough insanity at the time. Well done sir.

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Tournament of Champions List


Monday, June 02, 2008

WSoP writing and the BBT3 ToC 

I've never been accused of being a real writer. Just some twit who throws down a few words and backs them up with scantily clad women, I'm an unapologetic hack. Even my usual banter has gone way down hill in the last few months through circumstances completely in my control but with no end in sight. Gone for now are the risque tales of debauchery stemming from irresponsible abuse of liquid courage and complete lack of control. I can't regale you with stories of falling down drunkenness, lude behavior, gambling degeneracy or dropping a week's salary on a single lapdance session.

I wish I could but those days are done for a little bit. Instead you are stuck with bland vanilla ramblings from a low end make believe writer who has posted nary a nipple in many weeks. I'm working on my internal/external issues, I hope to have to sorted out without the assistance of little men and a padded room.

Until then you have the gang of bloggers out in Vegas reporting on a little tournament known as the World Series of Poker. I'm happy that Dr. Pauly is back to blogging exclusively on his site where he can say any damned thing he wants, unfiltered Pauly is just about as good as it can get.

I'll be getting my WSoP information from the following sources along with the Good Doctor at Tao of Poker;

The all-star cast at PokerNews (far too many great bloggers to list)
PokerProf and FlipChip at LasVegasVegas
Jason "Spaceman" at his site plus Pokerlistings.com
Those whack-a-moles over at Pokerati.com.

I suspect Pauly's hit counts will go through the roof as he live blogs every day for the next 7 weeks. And then promptly disappears off the face of the earth for two months.

Good luck to all the bloggers covering the series, it takes more than I could ever give.


The Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 3 finished up with MiamiDon's Blogger Big Game on Sunday evening and the ToC field is set. I'll have more to post later about BBT3 but until then I'll give the information about the Tournament of Champions next Saturday.

I asked for a deep, slow structure for the TOC and I think they delivered. I hope the structure meets the approval of the TOC qualifiers and it should provide plenty of room to play for the big prizes. Congratulations to everyone who won earned a spot in the Tournament of Champions, it was a long tough battle. The up-to-date listed of qualifiers is here. I waiting to see some enterprising blogger to come up with a decent list of odds and some handicapping.

3,000 starting chips
12 minute levels
Starting at 15-30 and moving upward in very small increments

- 15-30
- 20-40
- 25-50
- 30-60
- 40-80
- break
- 50-100
- 120-240 +25 ante
- 150-300 +25 ante
- 200-400 +50 ante
- break
- etc

I'll have the final numbers up later today including posting the Player of the Month for May.

I'm in the process of pulling random stats from this challenge and the other two. Some incredible numbers that are sure to impress. I'll give you the big number early because it's all thanks to the players. With the 100+ players in the Mookie on Wednesday we officially went over the $150,000 prize pool mark for all three BBT challenges. That doesn't include any of the prizes offered up or even the bounties during the Skillz series. That's money that was straight from buy-ins and paid out to the top finishers of each tournament.

You guys are sick.

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