Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poker to Recover 

It was weird trying to explain to those people around me yesterday why some stupid soccer game played on the other side of the world had me in such a fit. The nosy old broad sitting next to me asked "How much did you lose?" after which I mentally punched her right in her holy of holies. How to explain to them that the team I've been supporting since I was small non-hippy looking sober child had just lost their best shot at the big prize at the hands of the Evil Red Douchebags?

Ronaldo heads ManUre on top (horrible defending), do a shot. Super Frankie Lampard brings us even, do a shot. Lampard and Drogba both find woodwork, shots squared. Tevez acts like a festering pussy then a Drogba red card, fuck just give me the damned bottle. Poor Garth, my fellow Chelsea supporter was unable to watch the match and my updates were coming much quicker than the Gamecast. Updating him during the shootout was heaven and hell. After Terry slipped up on his attempt I was bobbing for olives in a vat of Soco before it was over. I haven't dropped that many F-bombs since Tom Moynahan Bundchen Brady perfume modeled his way over the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

My cell phone started chirping like crazy and IM windows popped up out of nowhere. I think everyone was curious to see how a Philly sports fan was handling the aftermath of watching another one of his teams choke on the pipe. I was handling it quite well thank you very much Mr. Bartender.

Looks like I picked the wrong month to stop sniffing glue.


Time is running out on Battle of the Blogger Tournaments with only 5 more events after this evenings Riverchasers game. I'm sure these next two weeks will have a few posts about the length and size of this challenge and I can't wait for everyone's perspective. I've already been getting a good amount of feedback from all corners and I'll write up my thoughts as we finish up this last stretch.

I've decided to not run the last Riverchaser game of the challenge as Heads Up. Too crazy for the last small buyin tourney and there might be so many players that it would run well into Friday morning. I think we'll finish off with some PLO8 for a good time.

It's also time to start hitting up the Tier II token sats for Miami Don's Blogger Big Game on June 1st. That will be the final event of BBT3 and I expect a good amount of money to be on the line. The first Big Game of this challenge saw the biggest single blogger prize pool of over $7,000 and the defending champion is Big Mike.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I take complete responsibility for the Chelsea loss. My carryover sports jinx kicked in just as John Terry stepped up.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Meat Sweats Again 

The image on the right should give you just a little clue about how far behind I am on all things blogging world. How the hell am I supposed to catch up on 600+ posts? I have no clue whether I'm missing any crazy blogger drama or even if Waffles is off his meds again. I've heads down working during the day and BBT number crunching almost every night. No time to read, barely any time to write, just enough time to take years off my life with anti-social behavior.

I was able to take some personal time this weekend and head into center city for some fun times with friends. BoyGenius drove down from shittown to meet up with Kat (complete with Canadian contraband), Maudie and Gracie (sans sweet sweet Pablo). It wasn't the greatest weather this weekend but we managed some quality time at an old pub swilling drinks and making random dial-a-shot calls. That was followed up with a virtual meat orgy at Fogo de Chau's palace of animal flesh.

I'm looking forward to hearing the thoughts of the 4 rookies to their Brazilian steakhouse experience. Gracie the Vegetarian ate her year's worth of beef and lamb, Kat kept making sounds like Meg Ryan during the diner scene in When Harry Met Sally, Maudie stole legally purchased some of the cutlery and I've never seen the BoyGenius move so fast when the man in gauchos walked by with a sword full of lamb chops.

They were introduced to the terms meat orgy, meat coma, meat hangover but I neglected to mention the meat-induced nightmares some people experience. Rumor has it that Kat had a doozy. I look forward to the pictures they snapped. During pre-game boozing the cameras were flying around but they were lost amid the chaos of 15 cuts of meat during the meal.

Thanks go out to my friends who came in from throughout the country to check out the city and feast with us Saturday evening. I hope they got over the meat sweats before hitting the tables in AC on Sunday.


I popped in last night to check out some of the action during the Head's Up tourney setup by Loretta8. It started off with 40 players so there were a bunch of people getting a bye in the first round while the others played to get it down to a bracket-happy 32. That's where myself and others noted the odd part of the chip counts not resetting. People getting a bye in the first round were most likely going to find themselves up against a chip disadvantage at the start of play.

Knowing full well there were going to be posts about it in the morning I shot off an email to a few people at FTP to get answers about why it worked that way. Thought maybe it was a glitch since they just recently introduced the HU MTT's. It turns out that you have the option of having the chip stacks reset or have it run as it did last night.
We actually have two ways of handling byes in heads up MTT's, one where the chips carry forward and one where every round starts with equal stacks.... it is up to whoever is hosting the tournament to choose one method or the other.
He also pointed to a long ass forum thread about the subject but I can't be bothered to read it. Forum posters make bloggers look like Nobel Laureates.

I never even considered entering the game last night. Head's up tournaments are by far my least favorite poker variation unless I'm playing Riggstad, then HU SnG's are like hitting the ATM without the withdraw fees. My current list of games by popular choice:

- Full ring cash Omaha/8
- Full ring cash Razz
- ANY cash table with the World's Worst Poker Player
- Full ring cash NLHE
- 9-handed MTT's
- (IRS audit)
- (voluntary sobriety)
- (listening to anything Waffles has to say)
- (death)
- 6-max MTT's
- Head's Up MTT's

Since next week is the last Riverchasers game of the Battle of the Blogger Tournament challenge and it's the non-NLHE part of the schedule, maybe I'll throw a good old Head's Up MTT for your enjoyment. What say you, people of the BBT, is that a good or horrid idea?

That also means there are only 9 more events for you to get yourself into the Tournament of Champions. Things are getting tight and I expect the fields to grow even bigger for the final shots at the WSoP seats. And may I suggest that you do not miss the Skillz game tomorrow night because it is the most wonderful poker game ever. No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. God's little gift to 4 card bindo, pure sickness when Waffles does the all-in move with A2xx.

Tournament: MATH
Where/when: Full Tilt Poker, Monday 22:00ET
Game: NLHE 6-Max
Buyin: $24+2 or Tier I token
Password: hammer

Tournament: The BoDonkey
Where/when: BoDog Poker, Tuesday 21:05ET
Game: NLHE
Buyin: $10+1 (with T$ overlays)
Password: bodogblogger

Tournament: The Mookie
Where/when: Full Tilt, Wednesday 22:00et
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
Password: vegas1

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Tour
Where/when: Full Tilt, Thursday 21:00ET
Game: Bi-weely rotation of NLHE and non-HE games
Buyin: $10+1
Password: riverchasers