Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Just another lost weekend. Yawn. 

The long weekend that was planned full of Vegas debauchery turned out to be little more than the same routing with the addition of making plans for the future. There might have been some heavy duty drinking in there some place but it lacked the stench of desperation that accompanies most of my benders. Things are afoot here in my little neck of the woods but it make no sense bringing any of that up considering today's date.

The normal parts were there this weekend. I drank too much and paid the rent for several bartenders. I made an ass out of my self on the day I normally sit back and watch others do that. I think I also proposed to a random 21 year old Friday evening in a drunken attempt to tag anything with a pulse. Morals be damned.

At least there was hot apple crisp on a chilly Sunday afternoon. Bet ya that doesn't happen for you at your local drinking establishment.


As far as I'm concerned, this is still the greatest blogger April Fools Day post ever. From DoubleAs.


March is up for the BBT3 Challenge with TuscaloosaJohn coming from behind late to win the first $2,000 WSoP Bracelet Package from FTP. It came down to the wire with John taking over the lead from twoblackaces in the Big Game on Sunday. Tonight kicks off the second chance to win a $2k package from the month of April.

Congrats to fellow pub mate BigMike for taking down the Big Game on Sunday. I made the command decision very early that I was going no where near that game. The previous mention of apple crisp consuming was followed by multiple "shots" of Mind Erasers plus other concoctions. At one point in the afternoon I found my self sitting with a beer (Yuengling of course), a double Soco, two Red Bulls, a Mind Eraser and water (for shits and giggles). There was no chance I was going to be a functional human by the 9:30ET start time.

Turned out to be a good thing since BigMike's laptop froze 10 minutes into the game. Mine was hibernating on top of the cigarette machine doing nothing important other than waiting for emergency porn downloads. He logged on and began his dirty work while I supplied tequila and tanqueray to the locals. A few hours later and I noticed he was still using the old laptop and about to hit the final table. I wished him luck when I headed off to played cross-eyed pool with the only person in the place drunker than myself. When I returned to the bar, after not sinking a single ball in the three straight games, I noticed the laptop was closed.

"So howdya finiss up?" I slurred.

"Oh. I won. It was fun." he replied as if nothing important happened. I've seen him get more excited when somebody buys him a watered down drink. This was a near $1,500 score and a ToC seat.

This is where you insert all the necessary words to describe a fat hairy hippy man doing the world's most fucked up jig around the bar while Mike just sat there sipping on his Stoli Red Bull. I logged back on but nobody was around in the girly chat. So I sent mass stupid text messages at 1:30 in the friggin morning (my apologies to those who I awoke. Idiot Al time has a 6 hour difference).

So congrats again to BigMike for taking down the tournament. Couldn't happen to a better guy.


I wish I could end my post here with the fun times running around the bar until well after closing but Mike made an offhand comment that I didn't flash back to until Monday morning. Something about the railbirds on the final table and what a kind welcoming bunch of folks they were. Or the exact opposite.

Understand that BigMike is just about the most generous man you've ever met. His friends, family, even people that barely know him would tell you that much. As far as everyone else, he could barely care whether you live or breathe let alone what you think of his poker game. Poker is nothing but entertainment, the buyin is the cover charge. A friend who actually railed the final table said it got pretty brutal and I'm not really happy about that. Lucky for me he was playing from my laptop so I have the entire hand history which I'm not looking forward to reviewing the final table chatter.

Enjoy everything Full Tilt is giving us for the challenge, take advantage of the hard work done by the 5 of us running these events but take a moment to think about what you are about to chat on the rail. Consider whether what you are about to type is going to want to make me stomp some mudholes. There's most likely a very good reason you're on the rail and not still in the game.

"You're on my list!" is still one of the most idiotic things I've ever read in rail chat, it wasn't even amusing when Wesley Wheaton said it and he's a better blogger.


All that being said, it was a fantastic first month in the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments Challenge (don't forget the $2k freeroll, I'm not sure when they are shutting down registration). $32,605 in prize money including a blogger tourney record over $7k for the first Big Game. Over 1,700 players over 19 events with 300+ unique participants. Heck, even Waffles made a couple final table appearances. Sooooft.

Kicking off April with the Blogger Skill Series. One of my favorite games this evening in Limit Omaha/8 and I'm not sporting a hangover so I'll actually show up.

Good luck.

Tournament: Blogger Skills Series
Where/when: Full Tilt, Tuesday 21:30ET
Game: Rotation between non-NLHE games
Buyin: $12+1
Password: skillz