Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekend Games 

Don't ask me what happened last night when a bunch of over-drinking uninhibited happy scrappy group of blogger and Riverchaser players showed up at my local drinking hole. I cannot discuss anything until consulting with several people and my attorney.

Until then, here are the weekend games. Not completely sure of the Brit game time because of the goofed up time change, I think it kicks off at 5pm instead of 4pm for now.


Friday, March 14, 2008

The girls are coming to town 

14 hours at the pub on a Wednesday is not the most brilliant idea. Noon til the 2am ugly lights. So it's no surprise that I played like complete crap in the Mookie since I was already in hour 10 and no idea how many drinks. I don't even recall how I was bounced from the tournament but I'm sure it involved jacks and making a stupid play. I shut everything down and concentrated on what was really important.

Last night I took the reasonable course and played the Riverchasers game from the comfort of my lazyboy. It didn't really make much of a difference and I knew I was going to get hosed early. The first sign was getting getting an A-high flop for my AK, getting JJ to push in his stack only to have the board run out to a wheel on the river for a chop. The second time was getting all in with cmitch, my AK versus his AQ. The board two pairs for yet another chop. Do I still owe everyone a dollar for telling Bad Chop stories instead of Bad Beat stories?

This week I played all four BBT events and it was complete crap. I'm really playing like a steaming pile of Waffles, just can't get my head out of my ass. My chips are just sitting in front of me waiting for someone to come take them. I'll take this weekend to re-examine my game looking for big gaping holes. And if you believe that you have no idea who I am.

Kat, CK and Irish Jim will all be in the neighborhood so the only examining I will be doing is the bottom of an empty shot glass and the inside of my eyelids. I can't imagine how much drinking, whoring and pokering will go down but there's a good chance I'm finally going to making the long awaited trip to rehab when all is done. You may think I drink a lot on my cross country excursions but it gets a little more excessive when I'm sitting on my home turf walking distance to my own bed.

Needless to say I won't be playing in Kat's Donkament Rebuy tonight unless some bizarre prop bets surface while we drink the pub dry. Maybe tap the laptop into the big screen above the bar and play by committee.


Thanks to everyone who donated to the 3 Day Walk charity Wednesday evening. I had no idea Buddy and Sean were pimping it hard on the BuddyDank Radio (not real easy to listen to the station while sitting amongst the drunkards) and the numbers kept flying up. Over $1,600 in just a few hours is crazy and the girls were stunned. I tried to explain what kind of reaction to expect before I posted the link but it was still shocking.

I put the link up for Connie's page but there are 3 other girls on the team, they are each required to raise money. Walking 60 miles over 3 days seems like a bag full of crazy but it's for a great cause. I get cheesed off when I have to walk the half mile home. Now if I can just get some of you big bankrolled guys to kick in some cash instead of throwing it away on gutter shots and running spades.

I made promises to those who donated on Wednesday regarding free shots at the next Bash. That holds up for everyone who donates between now and September. I'll try to post details of the Bash this weekend for anyone planning to make the trip. The Bash weekend is September 26 and 27th in Phoenixville PA (puny Philly suburb full of bars and psychopaths). There will be a huge poker tournament held Friday evening at a secret location and then the big party Saturday afternoon until the sun comes up or the owner runs us out the door.

Donation page
Team donation page

Cheer and thanks again to everyone. Drink heavily, drink often.

Tournament: Blogger Donkament (aka REBUY madness!)
Where/when: Full Tilt, Friday 20:00ET
Game: NLHE Rebuy
Buyin: $1+$1 with rebuys and addon
Password: donkament


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

4am is for suckers and drunks 

It's been a long time since work forced me awake to start at 4am, I've been able to push those things off to minions and IT button maskers. I had an early exit from the Skill game and stayed away from the pub to insure I'd actually be able to perform my duties, something I made the mistake of not doing the last time. Being awake at that time is just fine if you are finishing up your night not starting your day (at least I had a little company).

The early morning did allow me to hit the pub at the butt crack of noon for some food, beer and a 'Cuse destroying performance by Villanova. I had some fun donking around the low limit SnG's with a friend at the bar and enjoyed the pleasure of not giving a dog fart about the game. As I write this I've been sitting in the same spot watching the same TV goingn on 9 hours and life is good. I am unencoumber by either responsbility or rational thought.

I'll sit here for a bunch more hours while I try to improve on my 5th place Mookie finish last week, praying to the gods of booze. Then I'll drag my weary ass home for a few hours of sleep before starting all over again in the morning.

See you at the Mookie.

Tournament: The Mookie
Where/when: Full Tilt, Wednesday 22:00et
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
Password: vegas1


And now for a chance for you chip slinging degenerates to put a little effort onto the positive side of the karmic ledger. A friend of hours has signed up to do the 3 Day Cancer Walk in Philadelphia this year. I'm sure there are quite a few players out there with some big game big blinds out there looking for a good home instead of that donkey's pocket after he crushes your soul with a one outter.

Being serious, it's a great cause that I know touches a lot of people I know. If you have a moment, click here and give whatever you can. If you don't have any money in your account, but plenty on FTP I'd be willing to do a swap. Your cash and I'll forward it to site with your name (and confirmation email).

Thanks for your time and give if you can. I'll remember it fondly when the time comes for us to get together for drinks again in the form of wee little shots of high octane liquid fun.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

10 Seconds to Love Post 

Title presented for my hair band brethren

I have no excuse for overplaying god damned fish hooks last night other than it might have had something to do with chugging three redbulls right before the game. I hate 6-max, I was exhausted, I was sober. Not the best frame of mind for me to be rolling into a tournament. It was only proper that columbo knocked me out with JJ for a little extra tweak to my nuts.

Congrats to Lucko for continuing his hot streak by picking up the MATH win and the BBT3 ToC seat. Also props to TuscaloosaJohn for almost going back to back in BBT events following his Riverchasers win last Thursday. The leaderboard is up to date and I will now go prepare for my 3:30am wake up call back to work.

I will be sleep walking my way through the Chad's Blogger Skill Series tonight, turns out it's yet another chance to play god damned mother effing anal crunching Pot Limit Omaha. If I make the first break, feel free to offer congratulations because it will have been nothing but blind luck. There is also the continuing BoDonkey series over on Bodog.

Good luck tonight.

Tournament: Blogger Skills Series
Where/when: Full Tilt, Tuesday 21:30ET
Game: Pot Limit Omaha
Buyin: $12+1
Password: skillz

Tournament: The BoDonkey
Where/when: BoDog Poker, Tuesday 21:05ET
Game: NLHE
Buyin: $10+1 (with T$ overlays)
Password: bodogblogger


Monday, March 10, 2008

While you were cleaning gutters or shoveling snow 

Low res cell phone picture. Meats on sticks.

"I have a meat hangover", early Saturday morning text from Landow. My response mentioned something about having meat sweats and some abnormal bowel activity. Such things will occur when you spend the previous evening celebrating our dominance of the food chain by eating all forms of dead animal flesh. Not even the odd winter hurricane was going to prevent us from our scheduled appointment at Fogo de Chao. 3 people dropped out because of the weather taking us to 13, but that just set up plenty of "Last Supper" jokes with BigMike sitting at the head of the table (I was conveniently seated by his right hand).

After we confirmed with the waiter that we were indeed ready to begin the feast, a dozen men in funky pants and large skewers of meats descended upon us. 15 different preparations with everything from our beloved friends the cow, the lamb, the pig and even a little wasted plate space on some chicken. Within 5 minutes my plate was so full that I was having issues remembering which cut was which. Thank god for those little men in gauchos to keep me up to date. They even made a passing attempt to add a little food to the table that never had a face. Polenta, potatoes and fried bananas (?) plus a salad bar looking out of place.

Our end of the table was moving through the wine bottles at a liberal pace probably causing the other end to wonder if a second mortgage would be required to cover the tab (one brave soul asked the waiter if the number "1750" next to the Chateau Lafitte was the year, just for Fuel). Once we were full of meat they brought out a real treat, the desert drink cart full of goodness. I couldn't begin to name everything the entertaining booze man brought for us but the tab probably doubled just from his visit. Scotch older (and smoother) than some of my friends, head blasting Grand Marnier 150 and BigMike with his Italian jet fuel. No one had the stones to order up the $750/ounce taste of Louis XIII Black Pearl.

Food coma quickly set in on the ride home but I don't think anyone has ever been arrested for driving under the influence of meat. Although I'm sure it could happen.

All hail Bacchus, our over-indulgent feast of meats and wines surely impressed.


Saturday was a bachelor party for another fallen friend. I had no idea what to expect because even the best strip clubs in Philly mostly suck. Landow and I made the best decision early. We pre-gamed at the pub for an hour of hardcore power drinking in preparation for what might occur.

Quick hits

Bad - the chauffeured party bus we hired was stuck because of the shitty weather.
Good - they replaced it with a monster tour bus that just happened to have sitting around. Big bus, 8 guys. No one thought to hire a girl or ten for the ride. Call it a push.

Good - the club was one of the rare few with a smoking exemption in Philly. Power drinking and chain smoking began in earnest because
Bad - who the holy hell takes a bachelor party to a NON-NUDE STRIP CLUB. I shit you not. It was like watching a damned bikini fashion show only with more tattoos and less class.

Good - Shadia, the lovely bartendress who spent the evening drinking shots with me. Before the end of the night at least half my drinks were comped and I had a couple hundred dollars worth of passes in my pocket. Not that I'll ever use them. She also took care of me by shooing away the bottom dwelling dancers leaving plenty of room for the top shelf talent to get to my wallet.
Bad - unfortunately there was a 9 to 1 skank to talent ratio.

Bad - at one point in the early morning hours I walked outside to make a drunken phone call and they wouldn't let me back in.
Good - one blink later and I found myself standing in a line at Tony Luke's ordering up a few cheesesteaks for the ride home. That part was a bit fuzzy until the next morning when I discovered half a steak sandwich in my coat pocket. Also a push.

Over all it was a fun night out with the boys even if it made me miss the grand times at Teasers in Key West. Booze, beer and broads are never a bad way to spend an evening.


Tonight we get back on the BBT3 hell ride to the World Series. I'll be back in the data gathering and crunching business with Monday's at the Hoy. No more oncall pager for this boy so I'll actually be playing and/or donating to whoever hits the lottery by getting seated at my table.

See you there.

Tournament: MATH
Where/when: Full Tilt Poker, Monday 22:00ET
Game: NLHE 6-Max
Buyin: $24+2 or Tier I token
Password: hammer